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How to Contact Contact Union Bank Customer Care Service Online

Union Bank Of Nigeria

Union Bank Of Nigeria

Welcome to Union Bank Customer Care Service Support – Online, if you have any issues which require the help of customer care service of union bank, today I will show you how to solve them, In this article, read steps on how to contact union bank: • Email Address, • Live Chat With Mobile Phone/Computer, • Official WhatsApp Chat, • Telephone Call, • Twitter Handle, • Facebook Handle And The Nearest Branches. 

Union Bank is a commercial bank in  Nigeria with lot of customer, it is rated among Top 10 banks In Nigeria. It’s headquarters is located in Lagos state, Nigeria and Currently, it’s got more than 600 branches across Nigeria with lot of staff and employee of 5,000 people.

Union Bank has organized these representatives in an arranged way. I.e, their representatives are sorted so that each one can’t neglect to do what he/she was being employed for, below are what union bank clients/customer are saying:

Author moses: what I love about Union Bank is they do help their Customer to solve problem both Online and Offline.

Kalayiro: I have not encounter problem with union bank, they are always rendering service and support.

Joy: Union Bank Of Nigeria – UBN responds to customers’ questions more faster than any other bank in Nigeria. In fact, its tagline is your simpler and smarter bank.

More of reviews are posted online on social media which you will love to open an account with Union Bank Of Nigeria – UBN, Without waisting times let dive into How to contact union bank online.

How To Contact Union Bank Customer Care Online

Do you want to contact Union Bank Of Nigeria – UBN for any information, enquirers or you are facing issue on your Bank Account which you want them to solve it, below are seven (7) medium through which Union Bank Customer Care can be contacted:

1. Email Address

The best reliable way you can contact customer care representative of Union Bank is through E-mail Address by sending an email message to UBN Team, On the email address message support you send your problem or enquiry in text format, which you disclose in the mail will be solved for you satisfactory.

The Official E-mail Address of Union Bank Of Nigeria :- customerservice@unionbankng.com, send a mail and get quick reply from Union Bank.

2. Live Chat With Mobile/Computer

Live Chat is a message Support On Union Bank Website Which Allow User Chat Direct with Union Bank Customer Care Representative, you can either chat with you Mobile Phone or Personal Computer – PC, It’s interesting when chatting with Union Customer Service through Live chat, they reply fast as possible to make sure things are solved.

How to Chat with Union Bank Of Nigeria Customer Care Service Online?

Below are steps which you can chat direct with union bank.

  • Visit the Union Bank of Nigeria Official website using this link: www.unionbankng.com, allow the webpage to open successfully.
  • Click on “chat icon” at the right side located at the bottom of the page as shown on the image below.

Union Bank Customer Care

  • After Clicking “Chat Button” Choose from the drop down the reason why you’re contacting the customer care of Union Bank (i.e, do you want to make enquiry, request, complaint or feedback). Now After Choosing Reason why you want to contact them, enter your:

• Name

• Account number

• Email address then

• Your question or anything and finally click on submit tab.

Or click here to start live chat with Union Bank Customer Care Online.

3. Official WhatsApp Chat

You can message union bank through WhatsApp with you mobile phone or personal computer anywhere you are around the world, you’ll get reply very fast from union bank customer care.

Union Bank is 24hours Active On WhatsApp, if you regular make use of WhatsApp then I will advice you to message their Customer Care Service via WhatsApp.

Union Bank WhatsApp Number is 09070070001, You can Send Message and discuss you problem, make enquiry from Customer Care via WhatsApp.

NOTE: Any message you want to send to them make sure you include your Account Number in order to help you easily and response quick to you message.

4. Telephone Number

Contact Union Bank Customer Care Service Support via Telephone Call, do you want to know the official telephone number of Union Bank of Nigeria?

Union Bank is a commercial and private company, Make Call With Telephone number of Union Bank is 9 (nine) digit in number and it is 012716816.

How to call Customer Care: Dial 012716816, choose an option to speak with an available Customer Care. When an Customer Care receive your call, tell him/her your problem.

5. Twitter Handle

You can contact Union Bank Of Nigeria via Twitter Handle using the username: UnionBank_ng. After you open your Twitter Handle, Search UNION BANK on twitter and follow or message the profile use this link: UNIONBANK_NG.

NOTE: Any message you want to send to them make sure you include your Account Number in order to help you easily and response quick to you message.

6. Facebook Handle

Union Bank Of Nigeria also have Facebook page which user follow, get updates and message. You can reach out to Union Bank Customer Care Using the link: Union Bank – Facebook Page.

It’s advisable to follow Union Bank On Facebook to receive latest news that can help you.

7. Nearest Branches

Finding Union Bank Of Nigeria nearest branch seems stressful and difficult below I will guide you on how you can locate top 10 active branches which near your location, you can dial *826*19# with your registered telephone number.

You can follow the link, click here to know the address of Union Bank branch within your locality.

The End.