Generating Idea on book

This is one aspect of the writing process where many persons give up: they want to write a book but do not know exactly what to write about or how to generate content ideas for their book project, and so they give up.

As a writer, author, and writer’s coach, I have come to understand that the problem isn’t really about lack of ideas but the inability to identify the ideas staring at one’s face.

In this Content, I will show you briefly, four ways to generate content ideas for your book.


This is a valid way to generate ideas because you have experiences that can be woven into a message for your audience. There are certain lessons you learned from your experiences that be expressed through storytelling. In my last book for writers, I shared my writing experience. You can see that? If you look closely at your life, you will realise that you’ve got beautiful experiences that can be shared in a book for others to learn from.

Why allow your those pleasant and unpleasant experiences to wade off when you can inspire, motivate, educate, and enlighten others through that particular unique encounter you have had in the past?


This is another means of generating content ideas. You can visit your blog and if you don’t have one, you can visit your Facebook timeline and look out for contents you’ve created in the past and then develop them into a book.

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This is one reason why you should be committed to dishing out valuable information on your social media handles. I have had to visit my timeline several times in search of content for development. Of course, I got it.


One advice I often give to writers is that they should become readers. You can’t grow successfully in your writing journey if you’re not an avid reader. Reading exposes your mind to fresh ideas and inspiration that can steer the trajectory of your book project.

In my free ebook on reading, I shared few secrets on how to develop a healthy reading culture. One of which is self-discipline. This is important if you must be an avid reader.

As much as we are creators of content (writers) we must also become consumers (readers) of other people’s content. Look out for writers you admire and read their works. You can’t rely on just your knowledge and expect not to have writer’s block (If this is sounding strange, I will advise you to get my book, Hello Writer where I dealt with the subject).


This is one quick way to generate and boost the message in your book. We all have our areas of interest and can develop ideas from those specific areas. By interest, I mean those areas where we have a substantial amount of knowledge and are willing to teach others or pass that knowledge to someone else. One reason I always tell people to acquire knowledge that is based on their areas of interest.

Here you don’t struggle because it is something you are very much interested in and wish to see others do well in it as well. For example, I am one person who is actively engaged in personal development and recently, I built a video course on the subject without any stress. I visited my Facebook posts and started from there. Before I knew it, my course was ready for sales.

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Ask yourself, “what do I have interest/knowledge and would like to teach others?”. Then, start writing on it.

If you can start with these four foundational sources of content generation, then you will never be short of what you write on because you will be constantly faced with a variety of options to choose from. All you will need then is a little guide here and there from someone who has a track record of knowledge in the writing industry.

What then will be your excuse after I have exposed this valid points to you?

Make a firm decision to give the “book” in you a chance to find expression. Remember, if you don’t write that book, how do we read it and get blessed?

Therefore, quit the excuses and begin your book project journey.

Got value? Do let me know exactly what you will do with the knowledge gained from this content.

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