5 Important Skills Employers Value Most On Your Cv

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The skill section of your CV is your opportunity to highlight qualities and competencies that define you as a potential star candidate and employee

Actually, not only should they reflect on a particular section, but should be peppered throughout the document.

Every section should literally scream “I am what your organization need for this role” from the professional summary, to the hobby/interest sections

For instance, when you talk about your work experience as say, a customer care representative, you should describe your achievements in such a way that portrays that you had gained all the needed skills to excel at this current role, if you are employed. Skills such as communication, empathy, active listening, computer proficiency, etc

See, it is for these very reasons you cannot afford to hand over the writing of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to just any computer operator guy out there. Its either you learn how to do it yourself, or you hand it over to a professional

So, the skills on your CV are a combination of soft and hard skills

Hard skills are technical skills like MS office proficiency, programming languages such as HTML or CSS, while soft skills are transferable skills that are needed in every profession

Soft skills are usually, the most valued this days, but a balanced combination of both, makes a balanced employee

Here are five important soft skills that employers smile to see on your CV, and then you win yourself an interview

  • Communication Skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving and
  • Organizational skills

Now, you don’t just list out these skills when you actually are nothing of them.

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Soft skills, like hard skills can be developed or improved upon.

And Merely listing them without demonstrating them through your work experience won’t help either.

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