How To Start Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria


Do you want to start your own Cooking Gas Supply Business In Nigeria and you don’t know how to? Today on this page I’ll be talking on how to start gas business in Nigeria and all you need to keep it running successfully both in rural and Urban environments.

Gas business in nigeria


Business Idea: How to Start Cooking Gas Supply Business in Nigeria

It is no longer news that advance in technology always make life easier, better and bring about new business ideas that are profitable to the entrepreneur that concur to such a new move. The use of firewood, charcoal, kerosene and diesel in cooking is gradually become labor of the ancient. The cooking gas is gaining ground and becoming a popular fuel for cooking due to the fact that gas is cheaper and cooks meal faster. With this fact, even rural areas have started succumbing to the ideas of using gas which make it supply marketable and profit maximizing.
Gas business is very profitable and you don’t need much to start the business, anyone one from any walk of life can embark on this business plan.

The profitability of this business can not be exaggerated because those gas companies, suppliers and retailers are making a lot of cool money from thus business and I know you don’t want to be left out. With the profitability therefore, you may want to start thus business but you are still asking questions like ‘ how can you start? What do you need to have before starting? ‘. Don’t panic, the answer to it all are here even the scripture says: who will want to build a tower and will not first sit down and count the cost? We are going to cover all that you need to know to start this business.

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CAPITAL (start up capital)

For any business idea to become a reality, the capital will be a determinant. For a cooking gas supply business in Nigeria, according to experts and those already in the business, with #300, 000 – 500000, you can setup the business for a medium size and with these money you can get more than 15 to 20 cylinders, get a shop and also buy necessary product needed for the supply. Although money for rent varies from location depending on the high brow of that area.

LOCATION: Accessibility to Consumers

Your business should be located where you know that you have a high numbers of consumers and the location should be also accessible to your consumers. Like in my place (Otite, Okehi LGA, Kogi state) the cooking gas business in that place ( Yas Gas) make the students of FCE, Okene as his target consumers, so he locate it close to the school environment where he can get a good market target and this man is doing well because most of the students prefer using gas to kerosene. You too can make a market research and get a good market size to locate your business.

LOCATION: Proximity to Gas Supply Plant

Mind you, you are a retailer when it comes to gas business strategy and you need a wholesale: from the gas supply Station. Your proximity (closeness) to a cooking gas plant or station will ease and save money for transportation.


Their are some rudiments you must know before starting the business like you need to learn how to refill cylinder, transfer and change valves. These you can either learn from experienced retailers or depot for a period of about 6 months. You may choose to learn from those roadside retailers if you are smart enough.

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After considering the above factors and you are ready enough you can now start the marketing process by having a good marketing strategies then buy those materials needed for the success of the business like;
• gas cylinder (preferably, 12. 5 kg about 15-20)

  • long hose
  • regulator/gas corks
  • industrial scale

There are others things you can also consider as you start the business such as;

The Potential Risks In Cooking Gas Supply business and Precaution

No business without it setback and risk and the cooking gas business is not exclusive. The paramount risk is fire explosion which is due to the high inflammable nature of liquefied gas. To curtail this you should have a fire extinguisher in case of emergency and also check for leakage of cylinder constantly.
You can also experience the risk of government regulation, like increasing the price.

Consider Sales of Associate Accessories

To make your business unique especially in a competitive environment, you can add the sales of gas cylinder, burners, hoses, regulators etc

Consider Home Deliveries Service

Everyone like comfort, to give them the comfort and save them the stress of coming to shops to refill their gas cylinders, you can decide to be doing home Deliveries at higher cost.

Trustworthy and Faithfulness

I deliberately include this because this is the place where many business failed and collapsed, when you are not trustworthy with the scales and weigh you use, it will make you to loss customers. Weigh the price given to you don’t be after much gain through cheating.

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Starting a cooking gas supply business has it peculiar challenges but with determination, diligent and discipline, putting the interest of the customers as the priority, it can make the business grow to give you the real income you desire.

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