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Business Student Can Do

Being a students does not make you enterprise handicap because there are many business opportunity you can embark on that can earn you a living and reduce the over dependence on parent for tuition fee, handout and pocket money while you are still a student.

You can be a student and you will be self employed. You may be thinking won’t it affect your academic pursuit? These article have provide you top 20 business ideas that students can embark on while in school.

Here are 20 business ideas for students either in the college, university, polytechnic or monotechnic and what have you. They are legal and easy to start. I will start with those that need clarification to those we are common with but we don’t know it is a business opportunity. They are

1. Sale of books, pens, markers and other classroom accessories

Believe you me that students can not do without those aforementioned things. So, selling those materials will give you a big opportunity both in lecture hall to the hostels. This is easy to start with just with N2000 naira, you can buy those items in small quantity from a wholesale at a cheaper rate and you retail it to the finer consumer at a moderate rate. This is a cool business to start with, the only stress is the stress of you carrying those load up and down, from hostel to lecture etc but trust me it will put smile on your face.

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2. Airtime (recharge Card) business

Another business ideas for students is the recharge card business which is very lucrative, you can do it in two ways either buying directly from the sub dealer or you become a sub dealer.

While as a sub-dealer, its less capital intensive. You can start up on a small scale and increase subsequently as time goes on or you start up on a large scale and go higher with time. All you have to do is to buy the pins at a subsidised or reduced price from an authorised dealer and print, then resell.
Things you need as a sub dealer includes;

** Android Phone or Computer
** Email address
** Printer or you can go to any cyber cafe for printing.
** The recharge card pins you are to print which you’ll have to order or buy from a main dealer. as a subdealer you don’t vend the pins your self… I will be the one to vend then send to your email address,
Everything is already arranged in sequential manner
Your name
Serial number
Reference number
Date and time.
Everything is already there you just print out! staple and sell.

3. Writing Assignment and Project work

Assignment and project are daily routine of students and most at times they need to surf the internet, you can be of help and making money by doing students assignment. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a printer.

4. Sell Compiled past questions

It may look crazy but is very lucrative. Students don’t need stress so they will like to know how questions are set in the school then compiling them and making it available for them is a business idea too

5. Type setting, printing and photocopy

Are you a computer literate? Do you have computer training skills? Before you start school? If yes, you can’t be lacking in school cause you are now in a good business environment where the business can boom. Students type all the time, they print all the time and making photocopy is not left out.


6. Photography

Either you are a professional or amateur, photography is always good business in the campus as a lot of events take place in the campus. If you can even make it a studio you are blessed already.

7. Manicure and Pedicure Service

A lot of female students fix their nails. You can offer a home or hostel nail fixing service business at a moderate price.

8. Barbing Salon business

This can be done in two ways either you get your materials and start the work or go to a close by barbing shop and start working with them.

9. Hair Making

Another great way to make money while in school is making of hair, whether you are a male or lady, as long as you are skilled in it, it can generate income for you.

10. Tailoring

If you can sew good quality clothes, then you can start your own tailoring business. You can generate load of incomes from this on campus, just get your sewing machine and create awareness through social media.

11. Sales of food items and Snacks

It is also a good business in campus especially the snacks cause many students are lazy to cook and so they prefer snacks.

12. Sale of Kerosene

Especially schools that does not allow the usage of gas, electricity for cooking, you can begin to sell kerosene to students using stove.

13. Event Planning

If you are good in decoration stuffs, you can venture into event planning as they are usually weekend it won’t affect your academic.

14. Sale of dressing

It will be more profitable if it is female dress as they are fashion conscious compare to their male counterparts.

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15. Sale of Artwork and Greetings Cards

Many students love beautification and you selling beautiful artworks is good business ideas coupled up with selling of greeting cards.

16. Baking

Baking is a very lucrative business in any school environment, because people love cakes, so if you are good at baking cake start immediately, you could even get a space within campus to showcase your pastries. You can bake birthday, wedding or anniversary cakes.

17. Blogging

This is a very good business for students to launch, and it is highly recommended for all students as it can expose them to knowledge of wide range of ideas and topics. You can make money with it by blogging about interesting topics and meet peoples need. All you need is a laptop(phone) and access to blogspot.

18. Outdoor Catering Services

If you have knowledge of catering, you can start the business on campus as there are a lot of occasion you can offer your service and get paid.

19. Popcorn Business

Popping corn is also a good business on campus as you can earn a lot of money from it. All you need is the knowledge of popping corn and get your accessories and start.

20. Social Life

You may be amazed right? When I mean social life I am pointing at two major occupation which are Disco Jockey (DJ) and Master of Ceremony (MC)
If you can do any of these Friday night is for you and others activities and you will be paid for your service.

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