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Learn Android Application Development


A beginner course on Android Application development

Table of Contents

What you’ll Learn

Have a good overview of the Java programming language


Install Android Studio and setup the environment


Debug an Android Application


Create a signed APK file to submit to the Google Play Store


Use Explicit and Implicit Intents


Make use of Fragments


Create a Custom List View


Create the Android Actionbar


Create a custom Toast


Use Shared Preferences, Files and SQLite


Use the AsyncTask class


Handle Android 6 Permissions


Save data in an online database (MBAAS – Backendless) and do User management



  • No prior knowledge required. Some programming background would be beneficial.
  • PC or Mac that can run Android Studio and the Android Virtual Device.



Android accounts for approximately 85% of all devices sold today (2017 Q1). It only makes sense for you to be developing applications for the Android platform.

I will take you through the basics of Android Application development, and introduce some more complex features as well. This includes the following:

  • An extensive look at the Java programming language
  • Introduction to Android, installing Android Studio.
  • Create your first Android Application, learn to debug the application and learn how to create a signed APK that you can submit to the play store.
  • Working with implicit and explicit intents
  • Detailed example of how to work with Fragments
  • Learn some customizations like a custom ListView, Toast, TextView and ActionBar
  • Learn how to save data to the phone in the form of SharedPreferences, Files and SQLite
  • Learn how to implement Android 6 Permissions
  • Read data from a RSS feed and sending SMSes programmatically
  • Learn how to save data online and do user management with Backendless (MBAAS)
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By completing this course, you will have more than just basic knowledge of Android Application Development.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Android students that want to learn how to program for the Android Mobile platform