13 Tips for Academic Success in 2021


Competition 2021 Tips

Academics excellence should be the goal and quest of every students regardless of the field of studies. It is one things to desire it and it is another things to get the tips for the excellence. Below are some straight forward and easy to fathoms tips of excellence;

  1. Never miss your classes: A class is a formal organization where important subject are taught to student(s). whether or not the teacher is good, a student striving for excellence must always attend classes and pay good attention in class.
  1. Be eager to learn new things and new methods of solving problems: to attain excellence, a student must seek answer to questions on every subject he takes, even if the teacher does not mention it in class. One of the way to do this is to look at the course content and study it, practical problem or likely examination question on that subject. Many resources materials are available such as textbooks, handout, internet, YouTube etc
  1. Do your homework and assignments even when they are not checked by the teacher: a student who is aspiring for excellence must, apart from reading his subject to ensure that everything that has been taught his well understood, must also ensure that he/she is up too date in his/her homework and assignments.
  1. Ensure proper time management: Knowledge acquisition comes a little at time. Therefore, anyone seeking academic excellence must constantly, at every opportunity add to his knowledge and academic skills. Students must manage their time wisely by ensuring that their activities are geared toward adding to their knowledge at all time. For example, you can read your book even in the toilet. Always ensure you are doing something worthwhile.
  1. Carryout honest self-evaluation: Evaluate what you gained each day. Determine what you ought to do that were left undone and what you should not have done that you have engage.
  1. Cultivate healthy habits: these include eating healthy food, taking adequate rest, and keeping simple rules of hygiene. Always engage in activities that create sound mind
  1. When you can’t understand what you are reading anymore, take time off to rest.
  1. Be humble: No one knows everything. Do not pretend that you know what you do not know. Always be humble.
  1. Ask questions always and try to find correct answer to the question that comes to mind about your subject of interest.
  1. Never give up on difficult problems but keep working on them until you are able to solve the problems
  1. Never allow work to pile up (avoid procrastination)
  1. Share what you know with others
  1. Apply what you have read

I know that those above tips will surely help you. See you in the ladder of success don’t forget to share this post and comment below thank you. 

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