5 Things You Should Never do as a YouTube Videos Re-creator


5 Things You Should Never do as a YouTube Videos Re-creator

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Most beginners on YouTube without proper guidance and coaching, find it difficult to make it rain on their channels, and because of that the resort to doing a lot of things to grow their channels and start making money as well on YouTube, which most times fires back at them. So let’s take a look at my five things you should never do as a YouTube (ghost publisher) videos re-creator.

1. Do Not Pay for Subscribers, views or watch time Boost: It’s crazy that some people once the start creating videos on YouTube, they cannot work for organic subscribers they go ahead to paying a lot of money to some crazy people to give them subscribers, views and watch time, which most times they end of getting scammed.


Paying for subscribers and others is a waste of money because what only have are numbers on your channel assuming you paid N50k to someone for 1k Subs, all through your channels lifetime you’ll only have 1k subs, with no views coming from those subscribers, is it not crazy? I mean what’s the essence of having a thousand subscribers and you don’t even get up to five views when you upload new videos and those five subscribers are coming from you viewing your own videos. And as time goes on, those subscribers will start disappearing one by one.
I tried this while starting out it is not working so DON’T DO IT

2. Do Not Post your Channels link on comment sections of YouTube videos: Please don’t try this at all, YouTube’s policy is against spam.

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Please don’t try this because YouTube Algorithms is monitoring your activities and they will terminate your channel Asap once it finds out. This is what made YouTube to terminate my second YouTube Channel, back then.


3. Do Not Pay Influencers for Adverts: Focus on building your audience by yourself, i.e. let them discover your videos and subscribe to your channel by themselves. Not only that you’ll pay BIG MONEY for those adverts, sometimes you’ll end up not getting the results you want. I have tried this, it does not work.

4. Don’t post any NSFW’s on your channel: Please avoid any s*x (pornographic videos, Twerk, kiss etc), Violence (fights, bl**ds infarct anything that looks like violence) Abuse, you know those kinds of videos. Videos that it is not everyone will be pleased to watch them.

5. Do not Upload/post Copyrighted works: Since you don’t know the ultimate ways to go around copyrighted videos, please avoid them, all they will do to you is to get you copyright strikes, community strikes, Videos block and lot’s more.

That is it for today! do you have questions please drop it bellow.

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Written by: Okafor Perer

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