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Abeg App Reviews: Send & Receive Money in Nigeria

Abeg app review - download

Abeg app review - download

The Abeg app is designed to make sending and receiving money in Nigeria easier. It’s a fast, safe, and secure way to transfer money without having to visit an ATM or bank. You can also use Abeg when you need to buy something or pay for your bills. The app is available on Google Play and the iTunes store. There are some great features that make it different from many other apps on the market as well. For example, you can send cash to anyone with a phone number-even if they don’t have one of the compatible apps installed yet! You can also withdraw cash at any place in Nigeria where you see the Abeg app sign.

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Abeg is a money transfer app that makes sending and receiving money in Nigeria easy. The app has been around for about 4 years now and has grown to be one of the most popular apps in Nigeria. With Abeg, you can send and receive money from anyone in your contact list no matter which bank they use, avoid expensive cash transactions, and keep track of the balance on your Abeg wallet.


What is the Abeg app?

Abeg is an innovative Nigerian mobile money service that makes transferring money to or from your mobile account quick and easy. It enables you to send and receive money without having to visit an ATM or go through the cumbersome and cumbersome process of visiting a bank. How to use the Abeg app Register and Login to your Abeg account. – Copy the unique account number of your bank account (Check your manual if you don’t have one). – Enter the PIN of your phone to sign in into your account. – Enter the PIN of the number on your wallet, which is the phone you will use to send money. – Pay any amount to the wallet (remember to spend the money before the deadline). – Make your payment. The receiver will receive and be able to pay you back.

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How does it work?

With the app, you can use your debit cards and mobile payment solutions to send and receive money, and the payment options are a win-win for everyone. You can send money to and from any bank account, transfer money to and from bank accounts in Nigeria, pay bills with your debit cards and also pay other person’s bills. It is fast, safe, and easy Once you download the app, it automatically detects all of your bank accounts and mobile payment solutions and automatically links it to the app.


Send and receive money in Nigeria

Meet Abeg: Send & Receive Money in Nigeria on the go! Abeg is an easy to use app that allows you to send and receive money in Nigeria. It’s safe, fast, and secure so you can keep your money and your private information safe. You don’t even have to visit an ATM, and it’s really simple to use. It’s the most convenient way to transfer money without having to visit an ATM or bank. What is the Abeg app? The app’s name is based on the word “Abeg”, which means “send”. It’s basically a money transfer service that has some additional features. You can send cash to anyone with a phone number! That’s just one of the great things about it. It’s also a safer and more convenient way to transfer money.

Features that make it different

Affordable to use You can transfer money to over 500 currency using this app. Yes, that’s 5 times more currency than some of the other similar apps in the market. You can get a quick recharge of up to N30,000 from your nearby location. You can easily link your bank account or credit/debit card. No need to link to other accounts. It’s safer than using a traditional bank transfer service or bank card. Simple set up. No account opening. If you have a smartphone and you are looking for a simple, reliable and fast way to send money abroad, Abeg is the place to go. Here’s how it works Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll have access to your regular bank account. If you don’t have a bank account, you can create a virtual one. It’s a mobile number.

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How To Make Money With Abeg App

  • Download Abeg App on play store
  • Make sure you register
  • Fill the needed form
  • Fund your account with #100 naira
  • Tell a friend about the App, to download.
  • Send the money on your wallet to a friend #100 naira.
  • Abeg app will credit you #500 naira.



Send & Receive Money in Nigeria are applications that make it easier to transfer money to another person. The market is quite competitive and when you have more than a couple apps available for your money transfers, it can be difficult to choose. In this case, we decided to rate these apps according to their features and how well they work. Here is the list of the apps. You can download one, or all of them.