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How To Become A Yahoo Boy – Latest Formats 2022

Yahoo Boy - Tutorial

Yahoo Boy - Tutorial

Read Latest Yahoo Boy Formats, Steps on how to become a successful yahoo boy within 24 hours – you are welcome to Yahoo Boy Orientation & Download App, Pdf File Format’s, Website.

If you’re not a successful Yahoo boy or girl by now or working hard to be one, then you’re dulling yourself. You’re certain an extended thing. With the trail the country is taking, Yahoo yahoo is that the way forward. I bet that you simply accept as true with me. Are you not uninterested in searching.

Yahoo boy isn’t the one you would possibly have known (Yahoo search, email or account). In fact, what Yahoo boy means is sort of different and that i have promised to disclose or show everything to you.

Presently, Yahoo is that the lucrative hand working of the many guys. That is, if you’re a Yahoo boy, you’ll have a capability to try to to what a graduate (an academically learned person) can’t do albeit you’re not schooling.

Since the speed of unemployment has taken a high negative level in some countries within the globe, especially Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and et cetera, children have started adapting for surviving. Unhappily, most of them don’t earn their money during a legit way.

Yahoo boys use mobile or laptop to form money online from people that they are doing know or don’t. If you would like to be a Yahoo boys, you want to be smart and internet literate.

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Requirements And Tools to Become a Successful Yahoo Boy or Girl – 2022

To become a successful yahoo boy or girl you need to download or purchase some materials which will enable get access to what you are looking for “MONEY”. There are different tools which you need to get ready before getting started on: How to become a yahoo boy or girl. Many of my user do ask me: please can you help me get some of my app for free, yes there are free App you can use to startup a yahoo boy business.

• Laptop

Personal Computer - Laptop

Having a good laptop is the best device suitable to use when you want to become a successful Yahoo Boy or Yahoo Girl, the best reason why I choose to use laptop as Startup of becoming Yahoo boy or Yahoo girl is because it has a very high security by Creating “New User” and password it. Make sure your bactery is strong enough to startup Yahoo Boy , make sure your WiFi Connection is connected to internet.

If the laptop is not having WiFi or it not connecting purchase modern to start-up.


• Smartphone

Always get you mobile phone ready, with laptop you still need to get your smartphone because you need to stay active chatting with your client on Hangouts, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.. At least get a smartphone which GRAM is 2gb to 3gb and having enough space to store video, images and other documents but for safety I will advice you to always put your mobile phone on security to avoid user accessing your smartphone.

• Get VPN


Virtual Private Network – VPN is a strong application which change your location to other country which enable you hide your location and create security over your online affairs this APP also help you hide your IP address.

There are different VPN which you can download online and use but I will recommend you download the best VPN which will not give you headache.

The best VPN – top Yahoo Boys And Girls in Nigeria is ExpressVPN

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ExpressVPN hides your IP address and encrypts your network data so no one can see what you’re doing. One click, and you’re protected. No one will be able to catch you and that is guaranteed!

• Foreign Phone Number

Most interesting part is do you have a mobile phone number you want to use when chatting with you clients, if NO, then I will advice you to get a foreign number which you will be using so you won’t be caught.

What Do I Mean by: Get A Foreign Mobile Number?

When communicating with your clients, most of them are eagerly to check out your mobile phone number, Imagine you are using a +234 code your clients will know your real location despite you’re making use vpn.

• Internet Connection and Sufficient Data

Nothing come easy as you know, you need to buy data as you will be spending most of your time online. Before you think of buying data make sure you’re familiar with the best network provider that’s working perfectly in your location has the fastest 4G network Connection.

I will advice you to get a Sim card differently which you can use for mid-night subscription, most clients do stay active at night. Buy it and combine it with your normal purchased data.

• Secure A Location

Securing a good location make life more easier, to become a successful yahoo boy or yahoo girl you must learn to work in an environment where everything is moving fine with your Yahoo business, no avoid distraction. Suitable place are: bedroom, library, cyber cafe, etc.

Always work with a location where you know inspiration and idea will your, don’t allow people disturb you when chatting your clients.

• Grammarly

This help you checking you check your words before sending it to clients, this grammarly app both work on Laptop And Smartphone, but it’s advisable you install it on your PC – Laptop.


In this situation, your written grammar must be perfect all because you’re claiming to be an individual that resides in US or Uk. Hence, your grammar must be perfect including your spelling check. Are you bothered? You don’t got to be bothered because Grammarly app will do this for you. As you’re typing, it fine-tuned your grammar and it really makes your client feel that you simply are from the US or any related country you mentioned.

• Learn How to write or construct good English

Learning Good English - Construction
Learn How to Speak Good English And Write It – Notepad

Being a successful Yahoo boy or girl within the 21st century requires that you simply have good communication skill. you want to be ready to communicate in simple and proper English with potential clients. If you lose guard and dish out the incorrect English structure, you’ll never succeed. it’s necessary to be ready to have an honest command of English. Know when to use big or simple words appropriately. Read why using big words cause you to sound foolish. you’ve got to understand the way to hold meaningful conversations and not chat with abbreviations.

If you attended a Grammar school and not confident about your command of English. You don’t need to panic. i will be able to offer you recommendations on how you’ll improve your English skill and be a wordsmith to convince your clients.

  • Get Dairy book
  • Always Read Good
  • Google – Misspelling words

That’s about requirements and materials to startup how to become a successful Yahoo boy or girl.

Disclaimer: Regardless of this post, Yabastories DOES NOT support internet fraud (otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo). This Content was written purely for the basis of driving traffic to this website because a lot of Nigerians search Google for this information.


Four (4) Skills to Become a Successful Yahoo boy – Be Guided

Not everybody can be a yahoo boy or yahoo girls without you moving smart, before you think of becoming a successful yahoo boy, there are some certain skills that you need to have before you become a successful yahoo boy, These skills are what exactly will make your job easier for you. The skills are;

• Ability to think Fast

As I said earlier there are different formats you can use it’s left for you to select the best suitable for you, we have formats like the dating format, military format, 419 scamming format, is something that should be able to do without requesting for help. When you discover that your client is not falling for an existing format, you have to conjure something else to make them do what you want them to do, very Simple.


• Smooth Talker

As a yahoo boy, your job is to create castles within the air for your client. you want to be ready to make them feel on top of the planet . If let’s say I see a lady who sincerely needs love, it’s up to me to position myself as a devotee boy.

Smooth talk is not all about talking, make sure you’re always active to keep your clients entertain by chatting with her so you guys can get a strong relationship between you and you clients.

You will need to smooth-talk her into believing that you simply have such a lot about like to offer. When she finally falls for you, then you’ll strike immediately.

• Get information easily (Social Engineering)

If you are going to do the “wire wire scam format”, then you should know how to get people’s information from them.

Social engineering is all about getting information from people, even when they don’t want to give you the information.

• You must be believable (Trust) 

Making people believe or trust you are one of the things you must learn if you are looking for how to be a successful yahoo boy.


Two people can send me the same information, but I can choose one person over the other because of the way the information was presented. The way you present your information is very important to your Yahoo Boy business.

If you don’t make people believe you, you’d never become a successful yahoo bot. That is just the simple fact.

Best Formats For Yahoo Boys And Yahoo Girls – 1st (latest updates 2022)

Wow, it’s wonderful you reading from top reaching this point, as a Yahoo boy or girl you need formats which means how something Operates, i.e after reading all formats below you will know how they operate. There are lots of formats I will showing you guys, all you need to do follow it step by step.

NOTE: The formats of Yahoo boy are very important to know and they are explained below:

  • They don’t have pity heart and what they focus mostly is that the hard – earned of another person
  • Yahoo boy does expensive things quite a legitimate business owner. Presently, Yahoo guys in Nigeria are dressing an upscale wears, riding an upscale cars quite business man. That is, if you’re seeing the guy with behaviours above, meaning he’s a Yahoo boy.
  • You cannot easily know the sort of person they’re like their tribe or gender. this is often thanks to the very fact of their capability to forget fraudulent documents or anything.
  • Some of them use fake pictures to scam an equivalent sex. for instance , man can use forge software to vary his voice and structure thereto of woman so as to scam another man. during this format, everything that a Yahoo boy need are going to be provided by an innocent man like transportation money to for visiting.
  • Another format of Yahoo boy is by contacting people and telling them their checking account details like what proportion is their account balance, the quantity they withdrew within the last time, their date of birth. If Yahoo boy has said the above things to some people correctly, now, people will now be asked to call out their open-end credit details for upgrading thereby withdrawing all the cash .
  • Yahoo boy can use many formats to scam people. If you would like to be a Yahoo boy, many things should be in your head. Another Yahoo boy format is by promising candidate to send them examination answers into candidate’s computer while an exam is ongoing.
  • One of the formats or characteristics of Yahoo boy is that when they need scammed an individual , they need started using the cash aimlessly. In fact, most of them cannot do an accountability of the cash.

All Formats For Yahoo Boys And Girls – 2nd (latest updates 2022)

  • you bought robbed and don’t know where you’re and your mastercard and other important stuff are missing so you would like assistance immediately.
  • The doctor must perform an urgent surgery on you; however, you don’t have enough money to deposit for the hospital bills and as a results of that, you’re in need of urgent assistance from him or her as soon as possible. In fact, your life depends thereon .
  • Buy email address in bulk of plenty of people foreign and native , and send them emails telling them they’ve won the lottery, a jackpot or anything which will get their attention. This Yahoo Boy format works because citizenry naturally have a greed problem (you for instance ☺) which will potentially easily put them in your net.
  • Here, you’ll attempt to get your potential Maga to reveal certain details about their ATM card, and with such details it’s easy to wire their money from their account to your own account once you skills to (don’t inquire from me . I’m not a Yahoo Boy ?).
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However please note, this particular format is for the professionals only. The likelihood of getting caught is much way above the other format mentioned above (but it’s also the one with the foremost earnings).

Yahoo boy websites
Talking about the websites yahoo boys use to try to to business, we all know that dating social sites are probably the foremost famous of all of them . you’ve got Tinder beginning as possibly the foremost popular of the bunch.

Others include Twitter, 2go (oh yes! Back in 2011, I had a couple of girls attempt to scam me of airtime over there ?), Facebook (that’s why Nigerians are checking out the way to do yahoo on facebook. Because it works.) and lastly, Instagram.

Another wonderful option is to urge your own Yahoo boy website from where you’ll work from. you’ll even set it up to seem sort of a foreign website so it’s not evident it had been made by a Nigerian.

To get your own Yahoo boy website from Bluehost for 60% off (limited offer) use this link. (hurry and obtain your own Yahoo boy website by hosting using that link before the worth doubles by this month end)

That is what i exploit for this site myself so i like to recommend it 100%.

Yahoo boys Telegram Channel
There’s just one Telegram Channel for Yahoo boys i can recommend for you and it’s geared towards teaching all Yahoo aspirants the way to make money online the LEGAL way.

Follow Us: Telegram Channel @YabaTutor

Get Orientation From Us: How to become a Yahoo boy 2022 Trick

Lottery Format’s

This is one of the most common tricks used by the guys at Yahoo to rob greedy people. Over the years, this trick seems to have been wildly successful due to people’s greed.

Some Yahoo guys understand that they can get the attention of greedy people by luring people with unusual opportunities like jackpots, lotteries and other tantalizing tricks. So these Yahoo guys buy tons of email addresses at home and abroad and email people saying they’ve become winners of a lottery, often a lottery they never signed up for.

Robbery Format’s

This is a popular format in which the guys at Yahoo trick their “vampires” into believing they’re trapped due to a robbery. For this trick, Yahoo Boys make up lies (like saying they can’t find their credit card or they’ve lost some important items) that will make it look like they really need help. support of “maga”.

Surgery Format’s

This method necessitates deceiving your “maga” with a phony surgery. A yahoo youngster uses this approach to make his fraud victim believe he is in serious health trouble and doesn’t have enough money to pay for the surgery his doctor has prescribed.

Disadvantage Of Becoming a Yahoo boy or Girl

The Yahoo boy business is the most trending hustle for Nigerian and across which has really made life easy according to Yahoo Boys or Girls. There’s an advantage and disadvantage of How to become a yahoo boy – 2022.

  • EFCC and other anti-crime agencies are constantly on the hunt for the Yahoo
  •  Boys Police Harassment – Due to the ostentatious lifestyle of the Yahoo boys, the Nigerian police are suspicious of them and tend to torture them often often
  • Yahoo boys hardly live in peace – Most Yahoo boys in Nigeria do not enjoy the joy of living in peace in a particular residence. They move too often for fear of being caught.
  • Some boys at Yahoo have trouble living with their families. choose to live in a hotel


In conclusion there are legit way online which you can make MONEY online rather than engaging yourself in Yahoo Boy Or Girl.

Good Luck!