How To Open A Fake Facebook Account – Complete Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Open Fake Facebook Account in 2 Minutes without Getting Blocked, Connect it to Gmail Account.

If you want to be a part of the world’s largest social network, Facebook, but can’t or won’t provide your real identity for whatever reason, there’s no need to worry. You can open a fake Facebook account and still enjoy all of the benefits of being on the site. It is important to always keep in mind that these accounts are not as secure as real accounts. You should never give out your personal information or share anything you don’t want seen by friends, family members, and potential employers on these sorts of accounts. However, if you’re just looking for a way to stay connected with friends and family without giving up your privacy, here is how you can create a fake Facebook account.

If you intend to illegally make money online and use Facebook as a vehicle, then one of the problems you will face is to prevent Facebook from blocking any fake accounts you create.

In fact, Facebook turned out to be the most popular social network. in modern world. Their registration procedure is very secure for a number of reasons. This means that you need an email address or mobile phone number to get an account online. I mean it was very easy not too long ago to create multiple Facebook accounts. That is, how do you create a fake Facebook account that bypasses all verification processes? Today’s article will explain everything you need to know about how to create a fake Facebook account without being blocked.

Create A Fake Facebook Account – Full Details

One of the goals of any online scammer trying to get customers through Facebook is to create a fake account on Facebook without getting banned.

The problem, however, is that once a fake account is opened, Facebook will immediately block it. So, how to create fake Facebook account without getting banned then this is what you should do.

Clear Cache And Update System

Remember that clearing your cache is another way to make your laptop or phone new to the Internet. Once you’ve cleared your cache, it looks like you’ve never visited a website before.

  1. Go to your browser settings.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Clear Browser Cache and Cookies.
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How to Clear your Browser Cache.

How To Clear Browser Cache

In case you don’t know how to clear your computer’s cache, here is a detailed tutorial that will show you how to clear your computer’s cache. After following the steps outlined in the guide, you can create another fake Facebook account.

Find a Good Name

In fact, Facebook blocks every fake account based on their name, which means they know it is a fake account, and as you know, when someone sends you friend requests, you will immediately know that the account is fake based on their name.

However, there are many sensible names that you can use to open a fake Facebook account that looks real.


Find an existing Facebook user from the countries you want to use and get their name. When you find that this name exists, it will be easy to copy the name as your own.

Create A Fake Account On Another Laptop Or Phone

Create a fake account on another laptop or phone

Fake Facebook Account

If you are blocked, it is very clear that Facebook has blacklisted your IP. This is what causes your profile account to get blocked every time you create another fake Facebook profile.

However, one of the smartest things to do is change. your laptop or phone, or use someone else’s laptop or phone to create another fake Facebook profile account. Using a different laptop or phone, make sure you follow all the tricks I listed above exactly.

Complete your Profile

One way to avoid getting blocked by them is to avoid the temptation of not filling out a fake Facebook profile when registering.

Remember that having a complete profile will make your customers trust you. Your clients will see you as a genuine person and want to do business with you.


Make sure that every part of the wrong profile is filled in well and correctly. That way, Facebook could consider your account to be active.

Make Sure You Order A Real Fake Picture

Remember, images speak of all accounts, which means your photos must be authentic. Get as many photos of the same person as possible and update your profile with new photos so others will believe you are real. If you are looking for where to get real fake photos, click here to find out more.

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You should go to Instagram and find beautiful pictures of young people, and then get the images you want to create your fake Facebook account.

Make sure you have 15-20 identical images. Then sometimes you can get more from the person you selected the image to after they upload a new image.

Don’t Add Friends Immediately

Please note that one of the reasons Facebook blocks a fake account after opening is because you add friends immediately after creating an account, so whenever you want to open a fake Facebook account without being blocked, you should seriously take this step. Always remember that one of the questions that Facebook often asks people to whom you send friend requests is, “Do you know this person? This means that as soon as the person presses the “NO” button.

Deny your friend request, your fake account Remember that Facebook knows that with just one fake account, anyone can spam confidential information.


I understand that after creating a fake Facebook account, you will want to add friends to help you achieve your goals. Remember, there is always a solution. Here’s what you can do.

Join The Facebook Group

Joining Facebook groups is one of the best ways to make friends who will eventually become your customers. You can do this if you know what type of client you are looking for; you can easily view them through Facebook groups. If you are looking for Facebook widows, you can find a Facebook widow group and participate in any group discussion. But if you’re looking for divorced people, there is also a divorce group on Facebook. Every time you join them, you should strive to contribute, ask questions, and be an active member of the group. Remember that by doing this, you can ask people if you can add them as friends. So, as soon as this happens, you will definitely get a positive response. Then you can add them together and use whatever strategy you intend to use. But whatever comes of it, be sure to let all Facebook users know before adding them.

How To Bypass Facebook Face Recognition

Whenever you create a fake Facebook account, Facebook will ask you for facial recognition, here’s what to do. This will help you if you used your real image in the first place when creating your Facebook account. your real face when creating an account, then you can easily verify your face during the verification process. However, if you’ve used someone else’s photo, perhaps a white person, when Facebook asks you to verify your account, you can try changing your picture, but make sure the account name stays the same. It will be very easy to verify this without blocking the fake account.

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Why Does Facebook Blocks Your Account

There are things to keep in mind so that you don’t get blocked by Facebook. Remember, knowing some of these reasons will help you in unethical platform searches.

Here are some reasons why Facebook blocked your fake account right after it was created.

  1. You opened an account with your Facebook profile and started using it right away.
  2. One of your clients told Facebook that you are a scammer.
  3. Others, like you (your competitor), will continue to send you friend requests.
  4. You keep sending friend requests to many people for a short time.
  5. Many people to whom you sent friend requests have marked you as spam.
  6. Facebook recorded a suspicious attempt to log into your profile.

What To Do If Your Facebook Account Is Always Locked

Many people have complained that after following all the tricks listed in this article, Facebook continues to block their fake accounts. You should be aware that Facebook has a way to track the IP addresses of users they use to create fake accounts through them, which means if your account was previously banned as a fake profile account, creating another account will still be the same. will be blocked. by them.

Here are the steps you need to take once if your IP is blacklisted on Facebook server. So remember, before using the aforementioned tricks on how to create a fake Facebook account without being blocked, remember to do the following things

  • You can hack someone’s verified Facebook account

Another option to get a fake account is to hack someone’s Facebook account. While not recommended, if you have things to do and need an account urgently, you can hack someone’s Facebook and get your job done.

  • You can buy a verified Facebook account

Please note that many people are willing to sell their old Facebook accounts because some people no longer use their Facebook accounts and want to sell.


Always try and buy a verified Facebook at least 3 years old.

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