4 Ways To Protect Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked

Facebook Protection

How to protect your facebook Account

Welcome back guys, today I will show you how to protect your facebook account from being hack, securing your facebook account is important because of it value.

Facebook is social media platform, a great tool for sharing your ideas and getting your brand and products into the hands of new users around the world.

An incident happened to me recently, I was doing some offline chores around the house, playing a song from my phone, trying to vibe along at the moment.

Then, I got a notification on my phone which I checked immediately. Did I tell you I was expecting some cash for the bitcoin I sold earlier? Yes bitcoin, you heard me right.

Back to the notification, I discovered someone was trying to hack into my Facebook account, I smiled knowing fully well, that is impossible after some measures I have taken to protect it from scammers.

Once bitten, twice shy.

How will you feel, if after many years of building an online influence and a big brand online, only to lose it to people who are trying to make money online illegally

The way hackers are tirelessly working to destroy people social media accounts is alarming. Think of the damage it will cost you if they hacked your account, the brand, the name and the effect on you as a person

Below are some valuable tips in securing your Facebook account

1. Avoid using a password that can be guessed – Don’t use a password that can guess the head, use a mixture of numbers, symbols and alphabet. Almost 90% of hacking was due to a weak password.

2. Choose Facebook friends that you can trust and can contact in case you are logged out of your account – This simply works in a way whereby your Facebook friends will send you a special recovery code and a URL to re-access your Facebook account.

How can you enable this?
Go to settings> security and login> there you will see choose friends to contact if you get locked out > click on it and choose your Facebook friends that you can trust

3. 2Factor Authentication – This app is very useful and very effective. It prevents hackers from having access to your Facebook account, because it will request for another login code aside your password either through your device or email.

There are two (2) on how you can choose to receive the code, maybe through a text message in your phone number (registered on Facebook)

How can you enable this?
Go to setting> security and login > click on 2FA authentication> select use> select your preferred option either text message or through authentication app> then confirm the phone number or your authentication app depending on your choice

4. Another way to know is where you are logged in settings – This happens when your account has been logged in from a different device.

How do you enable this?
Go to setting> security and login> where you’re logged in > click on dots beside the device and select logout

Don’t risk your Facebook account being hacked. I hope you finds this information very useful thank you.

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