How To Withdraw Clients Or Someone Money Using Bvn, Account Number And Other Details – 2021

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A Step by Step Guide: How To Withdraw Clients Or Someone Money Using Bvn, Account Number And Other Details to Avoid it. 

Modified: September 01, 2021

In order to withdraw client’s money or someone else’s, you need to know the account number and other details of that person. Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a code which is used for online banking and it can be found in your bank statement. Usually, the first six digits are the account number and the other four digits are BVN. The remaining digits are known as the security code.

What is the bank verification number?

Generally, the security code or the BVN is used in online banking in order to connect you with a particular person, in order to deposit money to that person or withdraw money from their account, if there are problems in transferring money or if the account does not exist. For example, if a person opens an account online and you want to transfer money to the account, the security code is used to verify that the person who opened the account is the same person who has the account.

How to withdraw someone’s money

You can check the bank statement or a letter from the person that has withdrawn the money. There are several ways to check the details on your own. You need to find out the most secure website that the person has used to take out the money. Then, you need to make sure that the website has displayed the BVN or this person’s account number. The website should also have a user login section.

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Check the details on the login page and if everything is correct, you can go ahead and make the withdrawal.

The next step is to make sure that the account number, the BVN number and the rest of the information is correct.

You can also call the person and ask them to confirm the details. However, there are cases when the person gives the wrong details.


Here we leave a few tips on how hackers get BVN numbers from different bank account holders:


This is the method that hackers use to intelligently send messages to account holders, try to steal their information by posing as the account holder’s customer service agency, and finally always succeed in getting the information they need.


This method is a method that some hackers cleverly use to call bank account holders and claim they are the bank’s support team, then they try to get information from the account holder’s bank, and always 85 (85) percent end up successfully accepting bvn … the owner of the bank account.


This method is one that some hackers cleverly use to call bank account holders and claim they are their customer support from the bank, and then they try to get information. Information from bank account holders, and there is always eighty-five (85) percentage of successful bvn ending. the owner of the bank account.


This method is a very good method for those who have partners, relatives who only want to withdraw money from their bank account with bvn so they only have access to the victim’s mobile phone and dial this code >> * 565 * 0 # and then While you are calling and thinking, the victim’s BVN hits the victim’s phone, then copy the BVN and delete the message immediately, sending SMS notifications.

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How to withdraw client’s money

You will have to check with the client to know about his or her BVN and also its security code. On this part, it is always better if you have a document like signed bill of deposit or cheque from the customer which can be presented before the branch manager of the bank concerned. A BVN number will be generated for you and you will have to approach the Bank to ask for withdrawal of funds. Once you have the code of the client, you can take the money from his account. The procedure to withdraw money in a branch is not complicated. All you have to do is to check the website of the bank, generate a letter of demand with the required details and submit the same to the branch. You can also ask for the money through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


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