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Common Mobile Phone Problems with Possible Solutions

Mobile Phone with Possible Solution

The goal of this article is to provide a possible solution to all identified problems that most mobile phone users, particularly those using Android phones, have encountered.
You may not need any of these tips right now, but keep them on hand in case you run into any of the issues discussed here.

Mobile Phone with Possible Solution

The following are some of the most common mobile phone problems and their potential solutions:

Google Playstore on your mobile phone Crash

In this situation, your phone will begin to fluctuate after you have launched the Google Play Store; you will not be able to download from the Google Play Store, and even if you do, you will not be able to install any apps you have downloaded.

The majority of the time, this was due to a corrupt cache.

Solution: Logon to setting,

• App

• Look for the All tab.

• Go to Google Play and clear the cache and data.

• Turn your phone off and on, or restart it if it has a restart option.

That concludes on your mobile phone playstore crash.

If Your Phone Is Getting Too Hot

After a period of operation, your phone may produce heat. This can happen in one of two ways: you’re using your phone while it’s charging, or you’re running a couple of apps whose operation is somehow larger than the operating system capability of your mobile phone.

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When your phone is charging, don’t use it. If this happens when you’re using your phone without charging anything, try forcing some apps to quit leaving the one you’re using and giving your phone a few minutes to rest.

If The Receiver Is Unable To Hear You.

If you phoned someone and they said they couldn’t hear you, there are two possibilities: either your phone’s mouthpiece is broken or the receiver’s earpiece is broken.

All you have to do to figure out what the problem is and dispel your concern is run a recoding test, which takes less than a minute.

Recording test: This is a test that is used to determine whether or not a phone mouthpiece is working.

This can be done by going to your phone’s menu and selecting the right option to start a recording. Make sure your recording length is at least 55 seconds, then save and play the voice note. If you can hear yourself, the problem is at the receiver end; if you can’t, the problem is with your phone’s mouth piece.

Solution: If you don’t know how to screw or unscrew, I strongly encourage you to take your phone to a phone technician.

Simply locate the location of your phone mouth piece if you have the preceding experience and a soldering iron and soldering lead. This is generally a small pore space beneath your phone > gently unscrew the phone > and go right to the spotted region > locate the mouth piece, which is normally spherical in shape with two connecting terminals > resell any disconnected terminals or both if you can’t find any> Cover your phone completely and carefully screw it back in place.
Repeat the recording test, and that’s all!

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IF Your Phone’s Battery is Draining Faster Than Usual

The majority of customers complain about their smartphone’s battery life, which is usually caused by the usage of many power-draining apps and some unsuitable settings on your device, such as brightness, resting period, and others.


When you’re not using an app, turn it off.

Reduce the brightness of your phone to less than 50%.

Enable the battery-saving mode by going to > Visit:

• Environments

• Find the battery saver and turn it on.

If you’re Experiencing Trouble Connecting.

Some users bemoan their device’s connectivity issues, such as difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular data.


Turn on airplane mode on your phone for at least 40 seconds, then turn it off and try the Respective connection again.

Restart your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device.

If your smartphone is taking too long to load,

This is the most typical problem with smart phones, particularly as they get older.

This happened as a result of having a lot of files on your phone and installing a lot of programs that drain your device RAM.


Delete all superfluous files and delete any apps that aren’t essential to your daily life.

Check the data on your smartphone and clean it up.

If the problem persists, consider resetting your device to its factory default settings.