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Crashing or Texturing Difficulties in Microsoft Flight Simulator After installing the latest Nvidia GeForce drivers


Microsoft Flight Simulator is a top-of-the-line flight simulator computer game that works smoothly on Windows and is well-liked by players. It consistently delivers the most realistic graphics and breathtaking gameplay, however gamers are reporting issues with the game crashing or textures not loading properly. According to reports, upgrading Nvidia GeForce drivers causes Microsoft Flight Simulator to crash or have texture difficulties.

Now, if you’re a Microsoft Flight Simulator player who’s having the same problem, make sure to read the rest of this post to learn more about it. Apart from the crashing issue, it appears that numerous players are experiencing other technical issues such as the mouse cursor disappearing at random times, lagging, stuttering, black screen issues, and more. The texture not loading or fuzzy texture rendering issue is a regular occurrence.

Crashing or texturing difficulties in Microsoft Flight Simulator After installing the latest Nvidia GeForce drivers,

Microsoft Corporation and Asobo Studio are doing an excellent job with the Microsoft Flight Simulator title, releasing frequent patch updates to improve the gameplay and resolve faults or issues. However, it appears that the new version also introduces some unwelcome problems or glitches that players dislike. Meanwhile, graphics card manufacturers like as Nvidia and AMD must upgrade their drivers to boost gaming performance or add additional stability in order to keep up with the latest game update. This is sometimes only applicable to specific graphics cards.

However, it appears that a recent NVIDIA graphics driver upgrade is causing the Microsoft Flight Simulator game to crash for a large number of users during startup or shortly after loading the introductory screen. While some players appear to be able to enter into the game, the terrain textures do not appear to be clear enough (blue patches in the texture). Affected users are becoming increasingly upset as the game crashes to the desktop whenever an error occurs.

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It basically leaves people scratching their heads, trying to figure out what’s going on. As a result, the developers are finding it difficult to solve the problem sooner. Several reports, however, claim that the game crashing issue is tied to the NVIDIA GeForce Driver (497.09 MB) that was recently released.

Latest Nvidia driver. from MicrosoftFlightSim

Fortunately, the Microsoft Flight Simulator Support team was quick to reply to the crash problem. As a result, we may anticipate a quick settlement. However, no expected timetable for when the fix will be available has been provided. It’s best to wait for Microsoft or Nvidia to release an official patch fix in the coming weeks. Because there are currently no other options besides converting to DX12 or reverting to an older Nvidia GPU driver version.

We are aware that users with the latest Nvidia Geforce driver (497.09) may experience issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator in DirectX 11 mode.

Please see Nvidia’s 497.09 Feedback Thread for more information about the driver update:https://t.co/B9Ju5c5pLF

— MSFS Support (@MSFS_Support) December 3, 2021

One thing to note is that, according to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Support team, gamers are having troubles with the Microsoft Flight Simulator in DirectX 11 mode after installing the latest Nvidia GeForce Driver (497.09).

So, if your graphics card supports it, individuals who are experiencing this crashing issue can simply switch to DirectX 12. Otherwise, simply revert to an older version of the Nvidia GeForce drivers that worked before the update. Meanwhile, keep an eye on this article for updates or fixes as they become available.