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Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey Appoints Three Nigerians To lead Bitcoin Trust Fund


Three Nigerians and a South African have been selected to the board of the Bitcoin (BTrust) trust fund by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

He chose the three Nigerians from a pool of 7000 applicants for the positions.

Obi Nwosu, Ojoma Ochai, and Abubakar Nur Khalil are the three Nigerians, while Carla Kirk-Cohen is the South African.

Jack took to his Twitter handle to make the announcement.

The new board members, according to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, resulted via a rigorous process that motivated him.

He also stated that he hired them for a specific reason.

Jack selected the four to receive 500 Bitcoins donated by Dorsey and Jay-Z for Bitcoin development in Africa.

They would also be in charge of choosing who among the Nigerian and Indian applicants is deserving of assistance.

The Bitcoin (BTrust) trust fund:

After retiring as Twitter’s CEO in November 2021, the Twitter co-founder founded BTrust, a Bitcoin trust fund.

Dorsey introduced the BTrust in February, in cooperation with rapper Jay-Z.

In collaboration with American hip-hop musician Jay Z, he established the Bitcoin trust fund.

The trust fund will be used to fund development projects in Africa and India.

Dorsey and Jay Z had earlier stated that they will donate 500 BTC to establish a trust.

The endowment will be used to support bitcoin development, with an emphasis on teams based in Africa and India at first.

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According to Dorsey, they were chosen for their ability to be purposeful.

He said, “I’m so grateful for you all and so inspired.

“They’ll now work towards defining the operating principles as they think about how to best distribute the 500 bitcoin towards development efforts.

“A massive thank you to the working team that made this happen. 7,000 applications to these incredible four, all reviewed with purpose and rigor.”

Who Are the three board members in focus:


Abubakar Nur Khalil is a researcher and web builder based in Kaduna.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Recursive Capital, a firm that invests in the development of the web 3.0 ecosystem in Africa.

22-year-old Khalil is a Bitcoin Core Contributor on the African continent and started his contributions when he was 19.

Obi Nwosu leads commercial strategy and Coinfloor’s team of finance and cryptocurrency experts.

Previously, Obi was the Founder and CEO of Supalocal and held senior roles at ebookers.com and WeeWorld, overseeing the development of a virtual currency, used by 30 million users.

“Thanks, @jack and the team. Super excited to be a part of this vision, organisation, and mission and to finally be able to talk about it,” Nwosu said while reacting to his appointment.

On her part, Ojoma Ochai has demonstrated success in leading strategy, large scale programmes and change management, building strategic and operational partnerships, delivering digital transformation, championing and mainstreaming diversity and inclusion and leading globally dispersed teams.

She worked in and with partners and teams globally, particularly across Africa and the United Kingdom for a range of organisations like British Council, UNESCO, World Bank (Growth and Employment Programme), Africa Technology and Creative Group (ATCG), and various governments in Africa and beyond.