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Fully Funded ANSO Scholarships 2022 In China For International Students


Fully Funded ANSO Scholarships 2022 in China For International Students:

Fully Funded ANSO Scholarships 2022 in China is Open for all International applicants who wish to Pursue higher education abroad. Applications are accepted from the whole world for  Fully Funded Scholarships who want to continue Master Degrees and Ph.D. Degree Programmes.UCAS Provide  All the Fields of study and Majors to the candidates who are studying under this Scholarship. It contains 2 programs: a master’s program and a Ph.D. program. Every year, up to 200 students and 300 Ph.D. students from everywhere the world will be sponsored to learn at CAS.No Application Fee Will Be Required for this  Organisation for International Students. Also Check: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2022 In Switzerland



The Chinese Government has announced 20,000 Scholarships to China in 2022 this year. ANSO Scholarship is one of the most prestigious Scholarships in China for International Students.ANSO Scholarship takes place in one of the Top Two Universities of China which is China (USTC), the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) or Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) institutions around China.ANSO aims to improve regional and global capacity in science and technology, human health and well-being, and further encouragement, and to promote S&T partnerships and communications. China Scholarships are world-renowned and very important among students in developing countries, and this is why students in these countries would like to apply for scholarships from China or the Chinese government.

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The ANSO  is a worldwide non Administrative Scientific Association, established in 2018 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and 36 other scientific foundations and global organizations.ANSO Scholarship was established to improve regional and global capacity and technology, human health and wellness, as well as promote broad S&T cooperation and communication. According to the ANSO Strategic Plan, the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents (later called the ANSO Scholarship) introduced the training and investment of young scientists from all over the world.Never miss out on this Opportunity to Study with this Scholarship. Detailed information about ANSO is provided below:

Complete Overview of Fully Funded ANSO Scholarships 2022 in China:

  • Offered Degrees: Master & PhD
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
  • Organization Name: Alliance big International Science Organisation
  • Host Country: China
  • Application Last Date: 31st March 2022


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Scholarship Support:

The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents 2022 in China for Foregin Candidates is a Full Free scholarship that will cover all the necessary expenses at all levels. Details are provided below:

  • Complete Tuition Fees.
  • Application Fee Waiver.

Monthly Stipend:

  • Master Degrees:3000 RMB / month
  • Ph.D. Degree:6000 or 7000 RMB / month (depending on whether you have passed the USTC / UCAS graduate exam).
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Assistance from Home Countries to China (One for One Trip). Applicants in China at the time of application will not be eligible for this grant.

List of Subjects/Academic Fields offered by ANSO Organisation:

Schools and Departments of USTS:

  • Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Engineering Science
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Management
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Public Affairs
  • Software Engineering
  • NSRL
  • HFNL-Microscal
  • IMR
  • Department of Applied Chemistry
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Chemical Physics
  • Department of Materials Sciences and Eng…
  • Department of Polymer Science and Engine…
  • Chemical Experimental Teaching Center
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Schools and Colleges of UCAS:

  • School of computer science and technology
  • School of cyber security
  • School of electronic, electrical and communication engineering
  • School of microelectronics
  • School of economics and management
  • School of public policy and management
  • School of intellectual property
  • School of Humanities
  • School of marxism studies
  • School of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Arts center
  • Department of foreign languages
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Teaching and Research Institutes
  • School of mathematical sciences
  • School of physical sciences
  • School of nuclear sciences and technology
  • School of astronomy and space sciences
  • School of engineering sciences
  • School of artificial intelligence
  • School of chemical sciences
  • School of chemical engineering
  • College of material sciences and optoelectronics technology
  • School of optoelectronics
  • School of nanoscience and technology
  • School of future technology
  • College of earth and planetary sciences
  • College of resources and environment
  • College of life sciences
  • College of advanced agricultural sciences
  • Savaid medical school
  • Department of psychology
  • Sino-Danish college
  • International college
  • Kavli Institute for theoretical sciences
  • Beijing Institute of nano-energy and nano-systems
  • environmental material and pollution control technology
  • Continuing education school

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Application Requirements:

Applicants who want to  study in China at USTC or UCAS for the fully-funded ANSO Scholarship 2022 must have  the following qualifications;

  • Do not be Chinese (International Students).
  • For a Master’s Degree, students must have a bachelor’s degree or diploma and must be born after 1 January 1992.
  • For a Ph.D. Degree, Students must have a Master’s Degree and also have to be born after 1 January 1987.
  • Among the conditions for the admission of USTC / UCAS international students.
  • Be physically and mentally healthy.
  • Have leadership skills, management, and volunteer work.
  • Must have strong research skills or research interests.
  • Prove of English or Chinese Language.
  • He may not take other assignments during his studies.
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Necessary Documents:

  • Copy of
  • Detailed Academic Resume
  • Academics Certificates Certified copies of Bachelor/Master Degree or Transcript)
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Research Proposal.
  • Physical Examination Form.Download 
  • Proof of English proficiency Letter.
  • Copies of Awards, Honours, Publications, and If Any).

Application Last Date:

The deadline to apply for ANSO Scholarship China to USTC and UCAS is 31 March 2022.


Guidelines How to Submit Application for Fully Funded ANSO Scholarships 2022 in China:

Eligible and interested applicants are encouraged to apply for a Scholarship in China at USTC University and UCAS University in accordance with the eligibility criteria;


  • Check the above eligibility criteria first, before starting your application.


  • There is no need to contact any professors to be eligible for this ANSO 2022 scholarship this year.
  • Applicants can apply without consulting a professor or letter of acceptance at UCAS and USTC University.
  • But when applicants are encouraged to approach any professor to make their applications stronger.


  • Prepare Your Request (Documents Required).


  • Applicants must apply and submit your online application to the university you want and are interested in and select an ANSO Scholarship for Young Talent in the Scholarship of Funding category. The portals will be open from November 15.

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Official  ANSO Scholarship Website