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UK Student VISA Without IELTS Complete Guideline


UK Student VISA without IELTS  Complete Guideline:

All the International Students and other Candidates want to study In the UK on  Student VISA. But the main Challenge is English Language Test. If you also facing this problem then just Read it all and Apply for UK Student VISA without IELTS and enroll for Undergraduate DegreesMaster Programs or PhD Degrees. If any want to get Fully Funded Scholarship and worry due to not have IELTS. Also Check: Charles Darwin University Scholarship 2022 In Australia Funded

I will tell you about the Student VISA that you apply for without IELTS. As you all know, since the new year 2021 has started. On the 1st of January, 2021 started the UK was allowed The student without IELTS can also Apply to Maximum universities that are taking admission without IELTS.

But they have an Internal Test of their own. if You give there an internal Test then they write down the qualification according to the test. The Internal Test is conducted by the University. The duration of this test is about is an hour or one and half hours you have to qualify.

When the university gives you an offer letter, in offer letter university fee and other requirements on it and you have to fulfill it all requirements. There is an un-conditional offer letter. on an unconditional offer letter basis The university takes the test from you.

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If you qualify, then you will issue a case letter in which your detail are written Name, Date of Birth, Passport number, the course you have applied The sponsor license number of the university or college is written after that the amount of the total fee you have paid how much fee balances It’s all written.

Also written on it that you have passed b1,b2 certificate of English, level of English you have cleared or IELTS five Point five or six bands you have obtained I also written on it. One of the biggest advantages is Whenever you apply for the UK. The UK government will not impose that it is not necessary for you to get IELTS certification they will see that University took the internal test on its basis they will clear you.

Required Documents for UK Student Visa:

The documents you required Passport, ID Card, Matric Intermediate, or your Bachelors’s or Master’s degrees. There are certificates that your Concern Board IBCC, HE Must be attested from the HEC and foreign office.

If you have deposited in your account then it must be 28 days hold if Sponsor is someone like your father, mother or wife your siblings, uncles, aunts, etc., then you have a relationship with him mean you have to prove them from FRC That you are actually a relative and at the same time you are one of them Will apply sponsorship. Sponsorship Declaration or Affidavit of Support Will apply. And in their bank account, you need the money. They must be the last twenty-eight days old.

  • Then you have one SOP You have to give a statement of purpose as to:
  • Why you are going?
  • How you are going and on which basis you have selected this university? and
  • In Which course is how much per pay and how long is the course you have?
  • When will you Comeback to your own Country after completing this Study?
  • So you need your community or your country or your relatives What good will it do the people or the people of the area?
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All this you have to show and Insha’Allah if you do like I explained and If everything is sorted out properly, you will have a visa There are many more chances.

If you do not understand something Here then Comment below and You can also ask by other platforms. My Team or I will try to answer you if I understand your question really need help.  Best if luck Students its a great chance for you to take UK Student Visa without IELTS.