My Prince Charming

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Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞


My Prince Charming - Novel

Karen Baker popularly known in school as Kar, 17-year-old whose dream have always been about living happily with her long time crush and her best friend Derek White.

She and Derek has been friends since they were 7, and she has liked him since then. When they were 11, Derek left town to achieve his dream which is becoming an actor.

It was hard for Karen, but she has no choice than to let him go, five years past they kept contact, sending letters to each until Karen dad accident which eventually took his life.

For a whole year. Karen didn’t hear from Derek, her letters were sent back to her but yet she didn’t stop her feelings for him, it got stronger.

A year later, it was reported that Derek is going to be attending Karen school to finish his high school.

It was like a dream come true, she get to see her prince charming again. Her face hasn’t really change, so she was sure that he will recognize her, even if it will be hard to start from where he left.
But she is going to try.

Those were her thoughts, well until she finally meet her prince charming, and he said this to her “WHO ARE YOU?”

All Karen hope and excitement was shattered, who is she? She can’t figure if he doesn’t remember her or if he is ignoring her because he is now famous.

Is Derek really ignoring her, or he doesn’t remember his childhood bestie.

Or is there a secret behind it?

Well, find out in this interesting story.

Note; that this story don’t consist of any sexual activities.

Main characters:

  • Karen Baker
  • Derek Whites
  • Becca Foxx
  • Jordan Pam
  • Lydia Heater
  • Clark D ween
  • Aileen Hills


Karen placed a soft knock on her mom room, twitched her lips to a side anxiously waiting for her mom reply.
She knocked again, when she got no reply.

“Mom, I am going to be late. You promised you take me early, remember?” She asked, now placing hard knocks on her door.

“Mom” She yelled and her mom finally opened the door.
“Seriously honey?” Miss Baker her mother said in an offensive tone.

“What? You promised to take me to school but here we are. Am not halfway to school” Karen complained while her mom raised her hand in defeat.

“Ok, I go get my keys while you go wait for me at the car”

“Ok mom, be quick” Karen said and left her mom. She want to the dinning table where her bag was, picked her bag and left for the car.

It is the first day at school after a long break, she gets to see her friends, gist and have fun.

But most importantly, he is coming back today. After years, and he is going to be attending her school.

Who is he? It is Derek White, used to be her best friend but also her long time crush.


Her prince charming, the owner of her heart without knowing.

They used to be friends before Derek got the chance to achieve his dream, which is becoming an actor. He becomes quite popular, famous, that Karen knows it will a bit hard for things to go back to how it was, but she is going to try.

Even when he went to Hollywood, she still sent letter to him, which he replied telling her how much he missed her and love to see her again, but it all stopped a year ago.

Karen couldn’t hear from him, and her letters were sent back to her.

It was weird at first, but she just guessed he was too busy to reply and also last year was the worst year of her life.

Which she absolutely doesn’t want to think about? She can’t let anything ruin today for her, one thing is for sure, Derek will definitely remember her. Her body may have changed due to puberty but not her face, her face still remember the same, that cute face with some little fat.

There is no way he won’t remember her.

“Argh, where is the hell is mom?” She grunted angrily.

“Behind you” Her mom answered and pick her car key from her bag and unlock the car door.

“Took you long enough” Karen rolled her eyes rudely at her mom.

Miss Baker totally ignored her attitude, she knows she is only like that because she broke her promise.

“Can we go now?”

“Of course” Mrs Baker said and entered the car while Karen did the same.

“Put on your seatbelt” Her mom urged.

“Seriously mom” She asked totally pissed by her mom behavior.

“Seatbelt, young lady” Her mom said with a stern voice.
“Whatever” Karen said under her breath and did as her mom urged.

“Can we go now?” She asked.

“Of course darling” Mrs Baker smiled and start the car.


Karen and her mom arrived at the Beverly’s school premises, Karen gets down from her mom’s car and her mom also did the same.

“Call me when you are done in school, so I can come and picked you” Her mom ordered.

“Yes mom” She answered.

“Ok, see you” Mrs Baker said with a smile and entered her car, Karen waved at her as she drove off.

“Ah, finally” Karen sighed starring at her huge school building.

“It is good to be back, right?” Someone asked behind her.

“Ah” Karen shrieked terrified and turn to the person.

“Lydia, Becca” She called happily and hugged her two friends.

“I missed you guys” Karen said and pulled away.

“Same here, I was dying to come to school. My parents won’t allow me to go out to see you guys during the holiday. We spend most time on a picnic, it will have been fun if you guys were there” Lydia pouted while Becca and Karen smiled.

“It was the same here, I really missed you guys” Becca also said.

“Yea, so did you bring it?” Karen asked Becca, her eyes widened for her answer. She don’t want to hear that she forget.


“Hmm….” Becca paused. “I did, just as you requested, a chocolate flavor and a rose flower” Becca smiled while Karen sighed relieved.
Lydia looked at them like a lost bird, she doesn’t understand what they are talking about.

“Uhm, care to explain what you are talking about?” Lydia asked.

“Well, it is a cake and a rose flower to welcome back Karen prince charming”Becca divulged mocking Karen.

“Oh, that is right. He is coming back today, to our school” Lydia acknowledge as they start walking to their class.

“But wait Kar, what if he doesn’t remember you and even if he does. He mightn’t like the deal of you welcoming in front of the whole school. He is a celebrity, have millions of followers, you might be friends, but that was then” Lydia said, trying to convince Karen.
Karen also know that things might not go back to the way it was, but it won’t stop her. She isn’t going to stop her plans, which is welcoming him.

Even if he is a celebrity, one thing is for sure he will never ignore her. He isn’t that kind of person, and her face hasn’t changed for him not to recognize her.

“I don’t care, and Derek isn’t that kind of person. He is the sweetest person I had ever know” Karen replied in disagreement to what Lydia said.

“People change” Becca whispered which is pissing Karen off.

“Derek hasn’t, I know that for sure” she countered even with a little doubt.

“If you say so” Becca shrugged.

“Whatever, where is the cake and the rose?” She asked.

“It is with Bella, she is already in school” Becca answered referring to her twin sister.

Karen, Becca, Lydia has been friends since Derek left, so they knew everything about Karen relationship and Derek.

Even though they weren’t from the same parent, they act like sisters. Never keep a secret from each other, always make sure to be there for each other.

Becca Foxx is the prettiest among them, she has this oblong pretty face and a beautiful seductive eye. She always acts like she is the most mature among the three, she is the craziest among the three.

Touch her friends, and you become her enemy, she has a lot of admirer in school but always scared to come to her because they might get beaten up by her.

She is just too crazy.

Lydia Heater aka two minutes crusher also known as the drama queen, she is the innocent, emotional and the weak one among the three. She is smart even though she is naughty and playful. She is known as two minutes crusher in school because she falls for every handsome guy within two minutes.

She is pretty, kind and sweet.

Karen Baker, the school top student, very cute and pretty. She is most favored by her teachers and mostly bullied in school especially by the school annoying jerk Clark.

Unlike any girl her age, she has a huge body shape. She lost her dad due to a car accident a year ago.


She lives alone with her mom Mrs Baker, to her the only guy she will ever like is Derek.

He has her heart without even asking.

“He is here” Lydia screamed and rushed into the classroom, to where Becca and Karen is seated.

“Who?” Karen asked eager, hoping it is her prince charming.

“It is him, it is your prince charming. Derek White is here” She announced while everyone except Karen, Becca and Lydia rushed out to the celebrity.

“Karen couldn’t move from her seat, this is what she has been waiting but yet she is anxious.
“What are you waiting for, aren’t you going?” Becca

“Ok, first how do I look?” Karen asked.

“Perfect” Both Becca and Lydia chorused excited. They know she has been waiting for this opportunity for six years.

“Ok” She pulled her hand on her chest nervous.

She breathed in and out, repeat the process twice then finally composed herself.

She is so happy that he is back, but she is nervous, it has been six years and a lot has changed.

There is a huge different between them, he is an actor, a celebrity, and she is just…… her.

“You can do this Karen” Becca encouraged to bring her back from her thoughts.

“I know” She replied with a smile. “Where is the cake and the rose?” Karen asked looking around.

“Here” Lydia hand over the chocolate cake and the rose gently to her.

“Let’s go” Karen said and head outside with her friends.

They got outside and saw people gathered at a particular spot with no doubt, she knows that was where Derek was.

She sighed to Becca, and she nodded, there is no way she could get pass that crowd to give the cake and rose to Derek but with Becca help, it will be more possible.

Becca cleared the path for her, she took some step to Derek who was looking at her confused, to be precise all eyes were all on her

Some wonder what she is doing with the cake and the rose, some attention was all fixed on the celebrity.

Karen finally get to Derek, who was dressed in a designer clothes and some expensive boot, because of his bouncer Karen couldn’t get too closer to him.

But it was more than enough seeing, Derek in front of her is enough, her prince charming.

The owner of her heart.

Finally, after six years.

“Welcome back Derek, it been long. It is nice to see you again” Karen said smiling brightly at him.

“I have really missed you”

“Excuse me, but who are you?” He dropped the bomb while the cake and rose dropped from her hand shocked.


To be Continued – Tbc

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