My Prince Charming - Novel

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 11

Karen looked at her confused and perplexed.

Who is she? She just couldn’t fathom what she just said.

It doesn’t make any sense, she is a Karen Baker. Why is she imposing as her? Who the hell is she?

“Hi, am Karen Baker. Nice to meet you” Aileen smiled and length out her hand of a shake but Karen didn’t take it. Instead, she stared at her like she was a ghost. Derek also noticed.

“Are you alright Kar?” Derek asked. Doesn’t he not know? She is confused. She doesn’t understand what is going on.

“No, am not. Excuse me” Karen said and walked away.

“What is wrong with her?” Aileen asked Derek who was worried about Karen.

“I don’t know, let’s get going” Derek said a bit down and start walking away.

“What is wrong with him too?” Aileen said and groaned. She wanted to follow Derek but her eyes caught something.

“A purse.” She went to it and picked it, “it must have dropped from the gal earlier” She thought and opened it.

She gasped shocked when she saw her ID card, Karen Baker.

She dropped the purse, shocked. “Are you not coming?” Derek asked behind.

“Am coming” She answered, picked the purse and quickly went to him.

They got to the car, Jordan was in the front seat with the driver while Derek and Aileen were in the back seat.

Aileen couldn’t take her mind off the ID Card she saw.

Does that mean that girl is Karen? The real Karen. Then, she really did came to this school. Then she will must know am imposing to be her.

“Oh God” She uttered unknowingly. “What is it?” Derek asked and looked at her.

“Nothing” She answered nervous, her face and hands sweaty.

“There is something wrong, especially with the look on your face. Come on, tell me” Derek insisted while Aileen rolled her eyes.

“There is nothing” She affirmed. “You are lying. Come on, my angel. Tell me what is wrong, hmmm, my angel” Derek persuaded.

“What exactly is your problem? I told you that there is nothing wrong with me? Why are you so frustrating and irritating?” She yelled infuriated.

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She wasn’t angry at Derek but at herself. She is scared, this might be the end between Derek and I.

Her words hurts Derek, he can’t believe he said to her.

“Ok” Derek said and faced the other side.


They said nothing to each other till they got home.

“You are back” Derek’s mom said trying to hug Derek but he objected and went to his room.

“What happened?” She asked Jordan while he shrugged at her questions.

“Ok, go shower. Dinner will be ready soon” She smiled at Jordan.

“You are the best” Jordan compliment and went upstairs.

Aileen also wants to ignore Derek mom but she pulled her back.

“Did something happened between you and Derek? You are both down”

Aileen sighed “I saw her”

“Who?” Mrs White’s asked puzzled. “The real Karen Baker” She answered and Mrs White gasped.

“I saw her and she also knows that am imposing her, you said she won’t attend the school but she did. What are you going to do now? It will only takes a couple period of time before Derek knows. What are you going to do now?” She screamed ruffling her hair, like a crazy person.

“Shut it, this won’t help. I have this under control so don’t worry”

“I will make sure to deal with it, so you go inside and take a shower. Remember you are Karen Baker, Derek Angel.”

“Ok” She asked and Aileen nodded.

The Next Day

<<<<<Karen House>>>>>

It was weekend, so Karen was the only at home. Her mom has gone to work, she was seated on the sofa, looking like she had no life in her.

There is a girl imposing as her and she is close with Derek. She is his girlfriend, what exactly is going on? She is confused and haggard.

The bell rings, indicating there is someone at the door, she stood up, put on her slipper and went to the door.

She opened the door weakly, a lady was standing in front of her. She was dressed in expensive clothes and accessories, but that didn’t stop Karen from recognising her.


“Mrs White” She called happy and surprised. “Hello Karen, it been long. Can we talk?” She asked with a serious face.


Mrs White and Karen were seated at the table near the window of a cafe, Karen played with her fingers nervous.

She is nervous and happy, it been long since she saw her. She looked so beautiful just like always, Derek take his good look from his mom.

They were served a juice and a bottle of water. Mrs White took the bottle and gulped the water while Karen took a sip of her juice.

“You look beautiful, Mrs White” She compliment. “Thank you Karen, you also look beautiful. You have grown a lot, but your face hasn’t changed” She said while Karen face expression changed.

She remembered her but Derek can’t. “Really? Then why can’t Derek remember me?” She asked and Mrs White clamped her lips together.

She opened her bag and bring out Karen purse. “How did you get this?” Karen asked and touch her purse.

“Derek girlfriend found it” She answered, the purse dropped from Karen.

“You know about her, the girl imposing to be me?” Karen questioned unexpected.

She hopes Mrs White doesn’t, that way she will feel more better.

“Yes, I knew. Actually I was the one who brought the idea” She answered sincerely.

“What?” Tears trickled down Karen face. “Why are you telling me this?”

“One year ago, Derek had an accident. A big one, I almost lost him. I decided to keep from the press because I don’t like the idea of my son accident being known to the world.

“After two months, he finally wake up but couldn’t remembered any one face. he remembered the memory he had with everyone but not their face. He remembered you, the memory you guys shared but not your face. He kept asking for one thing, it was like he was going to die if he didn’t see that person, he didn’t even care about my pain, how I feel that my son couldn’t remember my face.”

“He didn’t care, all he cared about was seeing this person. Karen Baker, you. He wanted to see you, he said he will die if he didn’t. I couldn’t bring you there, no it wasn’t like I couldn’t, I didn’t want.


“Aileen father is rich and the sponsor of Derek. That is all because his daughter is deeply into him, I saw it as an opportunity. Opportunity to make Aileen dream comes true and Derek. So I lied, I lied Aileen was you. It was the only way to make sure that Aileen father continue to support Derek”

“I know, I shouldn’t have but”

“But what, how could you? How could you do? How could you lied to Derek? What? Because it was the only way for Aileen dad to continue supporting Derek. That is total bullshit, Derek deserves to know the truth. He deserves to know who I am, I waited so many years. I waited six years, your statement makes no sense” Karen yelled crying.

“I know, I know I shouldn’t have but Karen it was for Derek. I had to, without her dad. Derek is nothing, forget about his fans. Within a blink of eyes, that popularity could go down. I had to do it for Derek, I know how much you love Derek.”

“I know….”

“Stop, don’t give me that sh*t” Karen groaned angrily. “What? You didn’t do anything for Derek, you did it for yourself. I won’t allow you to sugar-coat me, you are here so I won’t tell Derek about it but that isn’t possible because if I leave here right now, am going to him” She said and stood up.

“Let Derek decide himself” Karen said and took her purse to leave.

“It was your fault” Mrs White words stopped her from taking a step.

“The reason why Derek had an accident was because of you” she said and Karen looked at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Derek had an accident because of you”


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