My Prince Charming - Novel

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)

Chapter 11

“Derek had an accident because of you” Mrs White repeated.

“I don’t understand, what does Derek accident has to do with me?” Karen asked.

“Sit down if you want to” She said and Karen complied.

“What does Derek accident has to do with me?” Karen questioned impatiently.

“For the past six year, you weren’t the only that waited. Derek too, everyday was hell for him. Acting, people criticising him, but because of your letter, he was able to overcome and become better but you also become his weakness.”

“If he didn’t hear from you for a day or hour, he gets worked up and worried. Then, you didn’t send him letters for a month, two months passed. He couldn’t help it, he sent someone to investigate about it. That was when he found out, your dad died” Mrs White paused, tears trickling Karen eyes.

“He couldn’t bear it, he knows that you are in pain and he wasn’t there for you. He couldn’t bear it, so that night….. he went out. I tried stopping him, I tried but” She stopped and sniffed.

“He didn’t listen to me and” Mrs White closed her eyes tightly trying to control her tears. “He had an accident, he had an accident because he wanted to be there for you”

Karen break out into tears, she never knew about this. She didn’t know and she thought he was avoiding her or ignoring her but it was because of her. It was because of her.

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Mrs White holds her hand “Please Karen, do this for Derek. You know how much he loves acting and all, he needs Aileen” Mrs White persuaded but Karen removed her hand.

“You aren’t doing this for Derek but yourself, you are right. It is my fault, that is why am going to stick by Derek side” Karen said not convinced.

“You are also doing this for yourself not for Derek, think about it. You and Derek are in a different world even if he knows you are Karen. It won’t change anything, but you don’t want to give up. What? You waited six years, so what? You could have fallen in love with another guy but instead you decided to keep on waiting you kept waiting for Derek. Was it love or obsession? Or greed?”


“I waited for Derek for six years, and that was because I like him sincerely” Karen gritted, obviously angry at Mrs white with her words.

“Then Karen, please do this for Derek. If you like him as you claimed, let him go now. If you really like him, then you will do this without objection” Mrs White said and stood up.

She picked her bag and left the cafe.

Karen was dumbstrucked by her words, but it created doubts in her heart. Is it obsession or love? Or rather greed?


“Seriously, Mrs White said that to you?” Lydia asked surprised after Karen narrated everything to them.

They were in her room, seated on her bed.


“Yea, like seriously am confused and scared”

“Why? Nothing she said is true. What kind of girl would wait for a guy for six years if not because of love? If I were there then I will give her a piece of what she deserves, she is just a piece of shit not a mother” Becca dropped her piece.

“Well, she isn’t totally wrong” Lydia opposed while Becca shot her dangerous glares.

“I mean, Derek and Karen lives in a different world now. There is a huge difference between a celebrity and an ordinary girl” Lydia said.

“So, there is no huge different between the girl imposing to be Karen and Derek?” Becca questioned and knitted her eye brow.

“Well, she is rich” Lydia shrugged. “Seriously, Lydia” Becca rolled her eye at Lydia, pissed with her words.

“Stop guys, I called you to console me not to fight.”

“We are sorry” Both Becca and Lydia chorused. “And also Lydia isn’t wrong, both me and Derek live in a different world but am sure I like him sincerely. I didn’t wait for him because of obsession or greed, I did it because I like him” Karen said, she doesn’t want to believe what Mrs White said.

“Ok, am sorry” Lydia apologized feeling guilty.

“It is ok, am ok”

It is hard for Karen, she thought about what Mrs White said. If she really likes Derek, or was it obsession or greed.

Those words kept bothering her, should she give Derek up after waiting for him after six years.

It is a decision, a hard decision to make but whatever decision she makes. Is she ready to face the risk and the consequence?



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