My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 12 💌

The weekend was over, Becca and Lydia stayed with Karen throughout the weekend. They did all stuff of things to make her happy which seems to work till today.

Her face was all grumpy as her mom drove them to school, she wish to skip but she missed Derek.

After hearing that Derek had an accident because of her, it is like her feelings for him grew more strong. She is his weakness, he didn’t forget, he likes her too” Those thoughts warm her heart.

Then again, the person he likes is not her but the fake her. That makes her more sad, and Derek needs her. Without her then Derek career…..”

That thought troubled her, she didn’t want to be the source of Derek sadness but his happiness.

“We are here” Her mom announced and Becca and Lydia giggled.

“Finally” Lydia said and the three got down from the car. “See you girls later, no fighting” Mrs Baker said and they all nodded.

“Bye” Mrs Baker waved and exited the school premises.

“Are you alright?” Becca asked and holds Karen’s hand.

“Hmm, am fine thanks to you guys” She said and faked a smile. A deceptive smile to hide her sorrows.

“Ok” Becca replied back with a smile. Lydia also hold her hand and they all head to class. They entered the class and Karen let go of her friends hands when she saw Aileen resting her head on Derek shoulder.

Her heart hurts, even her head. She wanted to do something, go to Derek and tell him she is Karen Baker but she remembered Mrs White words.


Are you doing this for Derek or is it because of obsession and greed. That words bring so many doubt into her mind, she wanted to forget her words but she can’t. It keeps disturbing her, that she thinks she might go crazy.

“Should she just give up? Should she give up on him” She thought as tears threatened to fall.

“Karen” Becca called, pity shown in her Voice.

“Let’s go seat” Karen said and they went to the seat.

Aileen removed her head from Derek shoulder when she saw Karen, she didn’t pity her or feel bad. She wasn’t sure that she agreed to keep it a secret and Mrs White asked to try doing lovers stuff when she is there.

She hold Derek hands under the table but he removed his hand, she knows he is still angry because of what she said last week.

He is still angry but it is only for a matter of time. He can’t be angry at Karen for long, if only he knows that his angel isn’t her but she is near him.

If only he knows that Karen is the girl he has always loves.

Derek removed his hands from Aileen (fake Karen) he is still angry at her words. He knows he can’t get angry at her for too long but he still want to show he is angry.

“He turned his head away from her and his eyes meet Karen, she looked pale and feeble. Why? She seems to have something on her mind, she looked so troubled but more prettier” Derek thought and smiled.

He felt his heart flutter when she looked his way, he looked away shyly.

“What is wrong with him? Why did he look away? Derek you have been acting weird lately” He said to himself.


“Stop having stupid crazy thoughts, you have a girl” He continued.

He looked at her again but this time she wasn’t looking at him, her face went to being grumpy and sad.

Come to think of it, he has never seen her smile before. She always has one sad expression on her face. “if she looks this pretty when she is sad, will she be more pretty when she smiles” He said unknowingly.


“Who looks pretty when she smiles?” Aileen asked eyeing him.

“Ah, who else will it be if not for my angel” Derek lied but not totally a lie.

“Awwn, thank you” Aileen said and rest her head on his shoulder.

“Am sorry for what I said” Aileen apologize. “It is okay, you know I can’t stay angry with you for long. I love you that much” Derek said and kissed her forehead.

He didn’t care if someone took their pictures or not, he loves her so much. He has kept their relationship in the dark for long, maybe it is time to let the world knows who his girlfriend is, his angel.

Karen saw Derek kissed her imposter, her heart hurts more. He didn’t even care that they were in the class or people will see them.

He patted her hair after that, she feels jealous. She should be the one with Derek not her.

Tears fell her face, making her sight blurry. She look like she might faint any moment.

She cleaned her tears and stood up, “I need to go to the restroom” She said to her friends.

“Ok, let’s go together” Becca said but she shook her head. “It is ok,I will go alone” she rejected and Becca nod.


She reached the class entrance when her sight become more blurry, her legs feeble, it feels like she will collapse any moment.

“No, she is. Right now” She thought as a hand hold her because she could.

Actually, she felt two hands supporting her. She looked at them, Derek and Clark.

Her heart jumped in relief that Derek helped, but not welcoming to Clark.

“Are you right?” They both chorused then looked at each other.

“Let go of her” They both said.

“I caught her first, why don’t you let go off her?” Clark said.

“That isn’t true, I caught her first” Derek retorted while the whole class turned to them.

“Are they fighting for a girl?” Someone murmured. That words pissed Aileen off, Derek just left their seat for her.

“Let her go” Derek said not caring about the class attention on them.

“Why don’t you let her go, don’t you have a girlfriend? I saw you romancing the girl beside you, aren’t you ashamed? Your girlfriend is in the class and you are doing this with another girl” Clark smirked while Derek gulped down.

Karen knows what Derek is going to do, she’s probably going to choose his girlfriend.

“Derek” Aileen called.

Derek looked at Aileen then at Karen. Karen looks like she is dying soon, but his girlfriend.

What exactly should he do?


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