My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 13 💌

“Kar is short for Karen, and Kar is Karen Baker” Why did he never thought of that before.

But wait, this is weird. There is another Karen in both Karen and I dream school. Is it just coincidence or fate or rather is there more to it?

Why am i suddenly having weird thoughts?

“How is she?” Derek asked, confusion and surprise still visible on his face.

“She woke up, her friends came to took her and she has obviously gone home”The nurse answered.

“I see”

“Is everything ok? You looked disturbed” She questioned while Derek shook his head.

“Am ok” He said and left her office.

He went back to his class, his mind on the nurse words and what he just discovered.

There is another Karen, apart from his Karen and she attended the same school.

No matter how hard he think about it,he just finds it weird and it is becoming more weirder in his head.

“Derek” Aileen called in the class, she was the only one there.

“Hey” He said looking at her suspiciously.

“What is it” She asked and walked to him but he moved away.

She looked at him surprised, even what he did surprised him. Why did he moved away from her?

“Is something wrong?”

“Nope, I am not feeling fine” Derek lied and went to his seat to pick his bag.

“You aren’t feeling fine or you are avoiding me?” She questioned and Derek looked at her. He felt guilty when he saw her crying.

“I don’t understand what is going on lately, it is like you don’t want me around you anymore and that begins when you start this school. You are strange and weird, you make me feel less important” She shed fake tears, well not all she said were totally lies.


“Karen, it isn’t like that” Derek said and move closer to her, he holds her hands.

“Am not avoiding you, there are a lot of thing going on, am just trying to figure something out”

“What, what exactly are you trying to figure out? Look straight into my eyes and tell me you still love me” Aileen asked while Derek swallowed his saliva.

He knows he still love her, but lately there seems to be another person in his heart. He doesn’t know who and he isn’t ready to accept.

“I still love you Karen, I love you and will always do. You are my Angel” He assured and kissed her hand.

“Same here” Aileen smiled and hugged him.

Her plan is walking perfectly.

Derek patted her hair, he should just forget about the fact that there is another Karen in their dream school and focus on this Karen with him. After all, he can never love anyone like her.

Aileen pulled away from the hug and kissed Derek slightly then pulled away, she expected him to pull her closer and complete the kiss but he did nothing.

“We should get going” He said and went to carry his bag. Aileen balled her hand into a fist then sighed.

She decided to ignore it, “why is Jordan not in school today?” She asked trying to start a conversation.

“He got a call from home, his dad threatened him to get engaged to the girl he want her to or he will harm his mom” Derek answered heading out.

Aileen followed him behind, she suddenly stopped and a smile curved her lips.

“That is it, the only way Karen will let go of Derek. Its to threaten her with what she cares about” She thought and laughed.

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“What is funny?” Derek asked while she stopped.

“It is nothing, let’s go” She urged.

<<<<Beverly High School>>>>

Jordan sat down at the garden looking at the beautiful flowers but still sad and troubled.

Why did his mom marry a man like his father, why does he have to be his father?” He thought.

“Why?” He shout and someone screamed behind him.

He turned and saw Becca, his heart leaps in joy seeing her. She’s so beautiful and damn sexy too, but now it will be better if he get over the crush he is having on her if he doesn’t want to get her in trouble.

“Why did you yell like that?” She asked and sat beside him.

“No reason”

‘Why are you here?” He also asked. “To clear my head” She answered sincerely.

“Why? Did something happened?” Jordan asked worried.

Becca looked at him then looked away “I don’t think we are that close to tell each other things” She shut him down.

Jordan smiled at her words “But I want to get close to you, get you to like me but I think that is impossible now” He said sadly.

“Why?” Becca found herself asking. “Why is it impossible?”

“We aren’t close to tell each other things” Jordan replied, using her words against her.

Becca hissed at him and wanted to stand up but Jordan pulled her down, making her sit again. He moves his head close to her shoulder and rest on it.

“What are you doing?” She asked surprised trying to move his head.

“Please, just for few minutes”

“I just need someone to console me” He uttered while Becca bend her head a bit and looked at him.

He look sad and worried.


She wondered what is wrong with him? He isn’t as cheerful or playful as before.

She move her hand up, held back for a moment then placed it on Jordan brown hair then started patting it gently.

Her reaction makes Jordan heart flutters, he moved away from her shoulder then stared at her.

“What is it?” Becca asked anxiously about the way he is looking at her.

“Can I kiss you?” Jordan asked while Becca gulped down

“What are you talking about? Do you want to get kick like before?” She said and gulped down again, this time scared she might give in.

How could she resist his cute face?

“You must be crazy” Becca mumbled but didn’t take a step from where she was seating.

“I know, but I can’t stop myself. And this might be the last time”

“The last time, what does he mean?” Becca thought.

“So can I kiss you? Don’t worry I won’t kiss you without your permission” Jordan promise and Becca looked at him.

She wanted him to, she didn’t get to enjoy the other time. And also her lips is no longer a virgin, why will she hesitate?

“You…..” She stopped and bit her lips then closed her eyes.

Jordan moves his head closer understanding what it means.

He took in her lips and she responds to the kiss, he was suckling her lips while Becca moaned.

He placed his hands at the side of her cheeks, not breaking the kiss.

This might be the last time so he is going to enjoy it.


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