My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 14 💌

Becca smiled happily as she entered the class, she touched her lip and went to sit with her friends.

Lydia looked at her weirdly, “Why are you smiling like as if you won lottery?” Lydia asked while Becca cleared her throat and put on a pretension serious face.

“What do you mean? Am not smiling” Becca argued and bring out her note. Her mind skipped back to the incident between her and Jordan.

How gentle, soft, sweet and hot the kiss was. It was like she was in heaven, she wanted it to last longer than it did but unfortunately it didn’t.

She was sure she doesn’t like Jordan in a romantic way but with the kiss, there is a possibly it could go more than that.

She looked at Jordan whose gaze was fixed at the door, “awwn he is so handsome” She thought then looked at his lips.

She licked her lips in respond then blush, she didn’t regret it, allowing him to kiss her.

She want more, but Jordan words keep stopping her.

This will be the last time, what does he mean? He seems to have a lot on his mind.

His facial expression worst when a girl entered their class, dressed in a pink mini skirt, black tan top and a pink jacket, her hair was dyed in pink. Well, everything about her is all pink.

“Wow” Most guys in class mouthed which makes some girls jealous.


“Idiots” Jordan said under his breath.

“Even with her heavy make-up, it was obvious Becca was more prettier than her. Plastic b*tch” He hissed.

The new girl looking around the class like she was searching something untill her eyes finally found Jordan.

She smiled and went to Jordan, bend and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Jordan clenched his fist, he couldn’t do anything if he want no trouble.

He just stood still and allow her to enjoy the moment, she stopped when he show no response and went sit at his back.

Jordan eyes found Becca’s after the new girl left his front, he need no one to tell him. He just messed up, he could see disappointment, hatred and betrayal in her eyes.

Her eyes speaks of many emotions, cold and sad.

She stood up from her seat and went out of the class, he wanted to follow her but Laura, the new girl pulled his shirt.

“Where are you going?” She asked hold his shirt. “Sit, I like seeing your back” She grinned and he groaned and do as she ordered.

He can’t go against her or he will lose his mom.

It was a decision he never want but has to chose.

His unsure feelings for Becca or never seeing his mom again.

It is obvious, the decision he will make.

Karen made her way to her class when she was suddenly blocked by Aileen.

She bit her lips angry, “what do you want?” Karen asked showing her how angry she is.

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“I was expecting that, well am not here to apologize” Aileen said making Karen more angry.

“So? …”

“I want you to stay away from Derek” Aileen said with no remorse while Karen chuckled surprised.

“What, I actually thought you wanted to say something important. No, you should be begging me not to tell Derek but yet you are talking me shit”

“It is shit to you but it isn’t to me, I know you have heard from Mrs White, without me Derek is nothing. I know how much you like Derek so if you don’t want to be the end of him then let him go” Aileen threated.

“What? I have enough of your shit” Karen said about to leave but she blocked her again.

“You wants to be Derek angel right, then do it. Be his angel in secret, be his secret angel not his downfall. So think about it and also this will be the last time, I will ask you nicely. Next time, I won’t be this nice” She threatened and left.

Karen fell to her knees, how could she threatened her for what belongs to her.

Why is life so unfair?

“Why is fate cruel to her only?”


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