My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 16💌

“Becca! wait please listen to me” Jordan said following behind Becca.

“Don’t follow me, if you don’t want me to beat you to a pulp” Becca said but Jordan fastened his steps to her. He holds her hand and pinned her at the wall, not letting go of her hand.

“Let go of me immediately” Becca warned but Jordan took no heed.

“Am not joking”

“Listen to me…” Jordan yelled which scared Becca.
“Please, listen to me” he pleaded in a soft and calm tone.

“Ok, what is it? What do you want?” Becca said giving in.

“About what you saw in the morning…..”

“Oh, you mean how I saw your girlfriend kissing you. What? What about it?” Becca interrupted while Jordan released Becca and facepalm himself.

“It isn’t what you think?”

“Not what I think, I saw her kissing you. But you did nothing, and here you are telling me it isn’t what I think then what is it? What is it, if it isn’t what I think” Becca said with tears.

“Are you both not dating, is she not your girlfriend?” Becca asked and pushed Jordan a bit.

“Answer me, you jerk” She yelled but Jordan said nothing.

Actually, there is nothing to say. He can’t deny the fact that he is getting engaged to Laura.

“I know you are hurt, I know what I did really hurts but”

“Jordan” Laura called behind them. She has been watching the drama the whole time and she decided it was time to butt in.

“What are you doing here?” She asked and faked a smile.

“Who is she?” She asked but got no answer, Becca also looked at Jordan waiting for his answer.

“She is……” Jordan stuttered confused. He can’t say, she is the girl he likes, he knows that won’t end well for Becca and him

But his answer right now could either hurt Becca or bring them back together.


“She is the……. She is nobody” He answered and Becca’s jaw drop shocked.


“I see, let go. Show me the school, am not familiar with it yet” Laura said stretching her hand, happy about Jordan answer.

“Ok” Jordan took her hand and they start walking away from Becca.

Jordan didn’t look back because if he do, then it will hurt more seeing Becca crying, hearing her cries bring him more pains then he imagined.

Becca couldn’t help but to cry as Jordan walks away with the girl. His words hurt her badly, she is nobody.

She didn’t ask for this, he was the one who came into her life without a warning.

She didn’t know when and how but she likes him, she likes him so much that is why it hurts so much.

But she is nobody, he makes her fall for him but she is nobody.

She sniffed and cleaned her tears, she isn’t weak and it won’t end like this.

And if she likes something then she’ll make sure she gets it.

Jordan is her’s, was her’s in the first place. He made her fall for him so he should be ready to face the consequences.

The new girl should be ready to leave this school, because she is going to frustrate her till she leaves.

She isn’t call crazy for no reason.

<<<Back to Derek>>

“Stop, take your hands off me” Karen said and Derek smirked but replaced with a frown when Clark kissed Karen.

The kiss shocked everyone in the cafeteria making them gasp, except for Lydia who already knows about the kiss.

Karen quickly break free from the kiss and slap Clark recieving another gasp from the students.

“How dare….?” She didn’t finish her statement, when Derek suddenly jumps on Clark and he start punching him.

Clark also returned the favor and they started fighting, the students bring out their phone to record but the moment shortened when the principal came in with two security men who separated Derek and Clark from each other.


“Mr White and Mr Dween, follow me to my office right now” He ordered and both Clark and Derek looked at each other then followed him.

“Oh” The principal stopped and faced the students. “If any of the video gets out, then the school management will have to banish bringing phone to school” Mr Eden said and left with Derek and Clark.

“What?” The students muttered. Karen compressed her lips together nervous, what will the principal do to Derek?

“This is all that jerk fault, why did he kissed her?” Karen thought and her eyes met with Aileen who gave her a dangerous glare and left the cafeteria.

Lydia sighs with guilt, she shouldn’t have agreed to help Clark. It was totally a bad idea, what was she thinking? If Karen heard she knew about this, then she is in big mess.


Both Derek and Clark left the principal office, after been given a warning.

They stopped when they got outside of the principal office.

“Stay away from Karen, stop being obsessive over something that doesn’t belong to you” Clark warned making Derek scoffed.

“You too, stop being obsessive over her. She doesn’t like you either way”

“What? What exactly is your problem? You have a girlfriend, is she not enough for you? Or you are dog” Clark smirked and Derek holds his collar.

“Say that again, and I will make you regret it”

“Try, it won’t be like the last time” Clark groaned and Derek tightened his grip.

“Clark” Lydia called with Karen. Derek and Clark turned to them, and Derek letting go of his collar, and went to Karen’s side, took her hand and left with her.

He took her to the hall and let go of her hand.

He took a deep breath and let out.

“About what happened between Clark……”

“I don’t want to hear it” He cut her off. “Oh” Karen uttered and lower her head.


“About my offer the other time, have you thought about it?” Derek asked.

“What?” Karen replied looking at him. About you and I been friends”

“Ah that” Karen said playing with her fingers as awkwardness take over.

“What? You don’t want to be my friend. Then forget it” Derek feigned anger about to walk away but Karen hold his shirt.

“I will love to be your friend” Karen said and Derek smiled.

His smile makes her heart flutter, if only he knows that they were friends but not just any friends.

“But wait, why didn’t you tell me you are Karen?” Derek asked which make Karen eyes widened.

“How did you find out?” She asked thinking he remembers her now.

“Well, I figured it out from the nurse in school. Kar is short for Karen” He said that made Karen realized it wasn’t what she thought.

But it is ok, it is ok to start over from the beginning. Even if it is only becoming friends with him.

Derek moves closer to her and suddenly hugs her while Karen blushs.

She wasn’t expecting the hug.

“Is Clark your boyfriend” He asked admist the hug.

“No” Karen answered.

“Derek smiled, don’t let him ever kiss you again. As your friend, I don’t like it. But as…..” He stopped.

“But as???” Karen questioned.

“Don’t worry, it is nothing” He said and tightens
the hug. It is really nothing.

Aileen watched from the door as Derek hugged Karen. Her plan isn’t working, at this rate then she might lose Derek to her.

It is time to stop being good and show her true colours.

It is time to eliminate Karen.


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