My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 17 💌

“Are you ok?” Lydia asked, after seeing the look on his face after Derek took Karen away.

“Am not, but am not worried. I have a great teacher who will teach me how to win a girl heart” Clark said and faked a smile.

“That won’t be possible anymore” Lydia replied and Clark looked at her.

“What? Why?”

“I can’t do this, I shouldn’t have agreed to do it in the first place. I feel disgusted at myself, it feels like am betraying my friend and I don’t want that”

“No, you aren’t. Do you really think Derek deserve Karen? If she ends up with him, believe me it won’t end up anywhere good” Clark uttered trying to persuade Lydia.

“At least, she will happy and be with the one she loves. You are right, Kar doesn’t deserve Derek but neither does she deserve you. You’ve also hurt her countless times remember, but that isn’t the only reason am doing this. I want to stop lying to myself about my feelings, so I can’t help you. Am sorry Clark” Lydia said and left.

The last word got Clark confused, what does she mean? Is there more to it?

Karen giggled happily, looking at the mirror. She was satisfied with the look on her face, the little make up that brighten up her face.

She couldn’t help but to smile not only because of her beautiful face but because of the reason she intends to look pretty.

Derek, yesterday’s hug enlightened some spark in her. It gave her hope, hope that Derek might remember her face but he is ready to start something with her, just like they did when they were young.

The hug really changed things between them, Derek had to collect her number and called three times last night. Claiming he wants to check on his new friend, the word new friend made Karen a little bit depressed.


But she has decided to accept her fate.

“Karen, are you not done?” Mrs Baker asked knocking her door.

“Coming mom” She answered, carried her bag and went to the door.

She opened the door and locked eyes with her mom, “why are you putting on make-up?” Her mom questioned eyeing her.

“Ah, tha…..t” Karen stammered ruffling her hair. Just decided to put it on” Karen said while her mom smiled.

“If you say so” She said. “What? Let’s go” Karen said and her mom nod. They both head to the car, got inside and drove to school.

Karen waved at her mom as she got out off the car, she looked around the school parking lot hoping to see Derek’s car but she didn’t

“Guess, he isn’t here yet” She mouthed disappointed.

Karen” Lydia called behind with Becca. Karen smiled “and ran to them.

“How are you guys doing?” Karen said with a smile.

“Good” Lydia answered but Becca didn’t say anything.

“What is wrong with her?” Karen asked Lydia noticing Becca’s mood.

“She got an heartbreak from her first love” Lydia answered and both her and Karen laughed which made Becca gave them a dangerous glares which made them stop.

“Who is the lucky guy?”

“You know, the rich boy. Jordan Pam, Derek’s friend” Lydia answered.

“What?!!!” Karen yelled surprised.

She looked at Becca doubting Lydia words. “Is it really true?” She faced Becca.


“Wow, I never know Becca had an eye for big things” Karen mocked.

“Do you want to get a beating from me?” Becca threatened and they all laughed.

“But wait, am I the only one that noticed Karen looks more prettier than usual” Becca uttered eyeing Karen.

“Did you perhaps put on make-up?”

“What…. do you….mean? This has always been my usual look” Karen retorted which makes Becca and Lydia scoffed.

“You put it on because of Derek, didn’t you?” Lydia questioned.

“No, I didn’t. Whatever, think of it as you want” Karen said and start walking away.

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“Wait for us” The girls shout and ran behind her.

They got to their class and Karen suddenly received a message from Derek.

*Met me in the hall* He texted and Karen smiled.

“Excuse me girls” She said and give them her bag, making her way to the hall.


It been almost an hour since Karen excused herself, but she isn’t back yet. Lydia went to find her because lecture will soon start and the teacher is quite strict. Becca was the only one in the seat, she was starring at the window bored.

There is something for her to do, and she didn’t want to look at the other side because she is avoiding Jordan.

Where the hell did they went to?” She thought and stood up.

She head out of the class making sure not to make contact with Jordan.

Someone suddenly bumped into her making her fall. She raised her head up and saw the person who bumped into her.

Laura who was smirking.

She rised to her feet and dusted her dress, saying nothing to her even though she knows it was intentional.

“Are you not going to apologize?” Laura asked and Becca turned to her

“For what?”

“You bumped into me” Laura gritted and Becca sighed.

“I didn’t, am trying my best to not fight you even though you bumped into me. So please, just ignore me” Becca pleaded about to leave but Laura last words stopped her.

“Why, because you are nobody” Laura smirked, it was obvious that she was looking for trouble.

“What did you just say?

“I said you are nobody, isn’t that what my boyfriend called you?” Calling Jordan her boyfriend ignited some rage inside Becca.

“Repeat that word again, and I swear I will ruin that plastic beauty of your’s”

“You crazy bitch” Laura said and yanked Becca’s hair. I will show you how crazy I am” Becca said and also hold Laura’s hair pulling.

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“Let me go” Laura yelled. ” Never” Becca said pulling her hair harder.

The shout brought the attention of the class and the next class.

They all went out to see what was going on, including Jordan. His jaw dropped when he saw Becca and Laura fighting, even though they were both pulling each other, it was obvious Becca has the upper hand.

That makes Jordan happy somehow but if someone didn’t come in between them. Then Laura will have no hair left, and the students here doesn’t seems like they are going to stop the fight.

Jordan went further and came in between them, he carried Becca away from Laura. And stopped Laura when she wanted to take advantage of the situation.

“Let me down now” Becca said trying to pull Jordan away but he didn’t stop till he took her out of there.

He dropped her down when they were a little distant away from the fight scene.

“What was that?”

“What was what? Why? you aren’t happy that I had a fight with your girlfriend?”

“Becca, that isn’t the case”

“Then what? How could you call me a nobody?” Becca said crying.

“Gosh” Jordan thought. He messed up, he shouldn’t have called her that. It hurts him too, and now he know Becca will never forgive him, he will never forgive himself.

“Becca” Lydia called behind them with tears.

Becca went to Lydia side, surprised to see her friend in tears.

“What happened? where is Karen?”

“Becca, what should we do?” Lydia said crying more.

“What? What happened?” Becca asked worried, Jordan stayed at Becca’s side curious to know what happened.

“It is Karen, Kar….. she…… stabbed….. someone”



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