My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 18 💌

Karen ran to the hall as soon as she saw Derek’s message, leaping in joy.

She wondered why he called her here, she got to the hall but saw no traces of Derek.

she knitted her brow in confusion. “Where is he?”

“Looking for someone?” Aileen asked behind her, Karen turned to her.

“What are you doing here?” She asked not pleased to see her.

“What else? In case, you are expecting Derek to be here he isn’t going to come here, I was the one that sent you the message through his phone”

Karen has already suspected that so it didn’t surprise her that much. What she wants to know is why she is here.

“Why am I here?”

“You know, I was going to take it easy with you from the start. Derek can’t remember your face and he took me as you, I was going to do that but yesterday changed it all. Even though he didn’t remember you, his heart does. He never smiled like that with me, he was smiling so happily yesterday but he never did with me”

“I thought pretending to be you is going to make him mine but I was wrong, I need you out of Derek’s life. You are my only problem and I found a perfect way to eliminate you not only in Derek’s life but everyone” Aileen blabbed and bring out a small knife from her pocket.

“What are you trying to do?” Karen asked scared as she moves back.

“Don’t worry, am not going to use this on you” Aileen said and Karen stopped.

“This is for me” Aileen said and cut her arm. She winced as blood came out.

It all hurt but she doesn’t care, as long as she gets to have Derek. She will die to be with him.


Karen quickly ran to her “What the fvck are you doing?” She asked but Aileen smiled.

“Protecting my relationship with Derek” She said and cut her palm while Karen screamed.

She made sure it wasn’t that deep, she gave the knife which was already stained with blood to Karen who was in shocked.

“You my dear is in trouble” Aileen said and pretended like she collapsed.

“What is wrong? What is going on?” Karen said, trying to figure out the whole situation but she couldn’t.

Suddenly Derek came with the principal and two officers behind. They all saw Karen with the knife and Aileen on the floor.

Derek gasped and ran to Aileen. “Karen(Aileen)” He called but got no reply.

“What is going on here?” The principal asked. “I ….don’t… know” Karen stuttered still shocked.

The two officers came to Karen and bring out their handcuffs. “Miss Karen, you are under arrest for attempting to murder Miss Baker” They said and handcuffed her.

“What? I didn’t do anything. I really didn’t do anything, I did nothing” She said but the officer took no heed.

“Derek” Karen called and Derek looked up and gave a cold hateful glare.

At the moment, Karen understood what Aileen did. She framed her, in order to make everyone hate her most especially Derek.

This was all her plan and she fall right into it.

“You pretender, stop lying and just wake up. Wake up, you b**Ch” Karen screamed and was dragged out by the officers.

Aileen opened one eye and smirked when she saw how Karen was dragged out.

Plan successful.

“It is Karen, Kar….. she…… stabbed….. someone”

“What? What do you mean by Karen stabbed someone?”

“I don’t know, she stabbed… she cut her wrist…..” Lydia stammered in confusion.


“Lydia, get yourself together. Take a deep breath” She said and both her and Lydia did. Jordan smiled at her action, she look so cute but he is more curious about what her friend want to say.

“So what happened?” Becca asked.

“Karen, I saw the police taking her to their car. I found out from the principal, that she hurt someone”


“Her wrist and her hand, from what I heard that person is Derek’s girlfriend” Lydia said, finally composing herself.

“What?” Both Jordan and Becca said. Jordan quickly left them and went to find Derek.

“Why will Karen hurt Derek girlfriend? It makes no sense?” Becca lamanted dazed by Lydia’s statement.

“I don’t know, it makes no sense at all. Karen isn’t like that, Karen will never do such thing. I hate to admit but she is the most kindhearted girl I have ever known. Even when she knows someone was imposing to be her, she never told Derek” Lydia said and Becca opened her mouth widely like she figured something out.


“What?” Lydia asked.

“I think I have an idea what is going on, if am right then it was a setup.”

Karen sat on the cold floor in her cell, where they kept her.

It been hours since she has been here, no matter what she said. They won’t believe her, the police officer interrogating her even said she should admit to her charges if she wants to be free but she knows better.

Her mother is a lawyer, so she knows how it goes.

But her mind was more occupied on Derek, the way he looked at her. It wasn’t a friendly look at all, it was one of hatred, disappointment and disgust.

The way he look at her scared and hurt her, does he even trust her? She knows that Aileen is important to him because he think she is her but still….. She is hurt.


It hurt to know he doesn’t believe her, he doesn’t have to speak before she knows. His look says it all.

“Karen” She heard a familiar voice. She looked up and it was her mom with her two friends, she smiled happily and went to them.

“Mom” She called as tears trickled down her eyes. Her mom holds her hand through the space from the steel door.

“It is ok, I know you didn’t do it. I believe you” Her mom said and Karen looked at her surprised.

“You do?”

“Yes” Her mom and her friends said while she sighed in relief.

“If you do, then why didn’t he? Why do the police officers doubt me?”

“That because they don’t know the kind of person you are, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Not only from your looks but your heart, you will never harm a ant talkless of a human” Her mom said with tears and hold her hands tighter.

“Honey, can you tell me what happened?” Mrs Baker asked and Karen explained everything to them.

“That b**Ch” Becca cussed

“But it makes no sense, why does she hates you to the extent that she’ll do that to herself?” Mrs Baker asked, Becca wanted to talk but Karen shut her up.

“It is nothing, I guess she is just a psycho” Karen lied, knowing what her mom will do if she knows.

Even if Derek doesn’t trust her, she’ll still want to protect him.


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