My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 2

Everything in Karen hands dropped, what does he mean? Who is she?

“What do you mean? It is….me” Karen stammered, she was filled with nervousity, anxiety. She was standing in front of Derek and hundred of student who were probably recording her.

It is awful, if Derek pretend like he doesn’t know her. No it doesn’t seem like he is pretending, it seems so real.

“Who?…..” Derek asked confused.

“Derek, it is me….. kar……”

“Oh, you must be one of my fan. If you want my autograph then you have to sign up like everyone. I don’t want them thinking I am discriminating I hope you understand” He interrupted and smiled revealing his white teeth.

“Wow” Karen uttered lost at the moment. “If you excuse me then” He said politely and left her presence.

All the students chased around Derek and his bouncers while Karen fell to the ground, both Lydia and Becca ran to her and help her up.

“What just…..happened?” Lydia spluttered. “Is he not the Derek you have been talking, you said you were friends. How come he acts like he doesn’t know, no it seems like he doesn’t know you” Lydia asked totally confused by the situation.

“Are you right?” Becca asked while Karen blinked in awe. She doesn’t understand what is going on, it is a different for Derek not to know her and to act like he doesn’t know but right now she can’t point out which one it is.

“Karen” Becca called. “Uhm” Karen answered and looked at her.

“Are you alright?” Becca repeated.

“Where is he?” Karen asked ignoring her friend question.

“Where is who?” Both Becca and Lydia asked.

“Derek, I think there is something wrong with his memory. Maybe he doesn’t remember my face, maybe my face has changed a lot” Karen speculated which makes Becca angry.

Becca let go of her, “is itn’t obvious. It isn’t like he doesn’t remember you, he chose to ignore you”

“I told you Derek isn’t that kind of person” Karen affirmed.

“Everyone change Kar, even Derek. And also he is a celebrity, he is popular and famous. There is no way he will ever talk to you again, you guys are now living in a different world. The fastest you accept, the better you feel” Becca said angrily and walked away.


“Becca” Lydia called, but she shows no response.

Karen couldn’t believe what happened, is Derek ignoring her because he is famous and rich now. Is Becca right? No matter how hard she thinks, she couldn’t find an answer.

But one thing is sure, she isn’t going to give up. She has loved him for more six years, she waited for him for six years. He is her prince charming, and she will do anything to talk to him again.

<<<<<<Beverly Principal office>>>>>>

Derek took a seat in front of Mr Eden the principal of Beverly high school. Mr Eden coughed trying to hide his discomfort with Derek bouncers.

“Mr Whites”

“Yes Sir” Derek answered in formal tone. “Am sure, you are well aware that you can’t bring your bouncers with you to school. It is unacceptable, it might distract other student from their studies” Mr Eden said and received a dangerous glare from one of Derek bouncers.

“Yes sir, am totally aware. They are just with me because today is my first day, I promised tomorrow I won’t come with them to the school premise. Am sorry for the disturbance” Derek apologize showing no disrespect.

“I see, Mr Whites. And how are you going to do with the reporters outside, they have been outside since you arrived. I fear they will be a disturbance to the other kid’s education” Mr Eden complained while Derek clenched his fist.

What do he wants him to do? It isn’t like he called the reporters here, it was supposed to be a secret that he is attending this school, but it was leaked from the school. Does he forget that he is a celebrity, of course reporters will be outside till he finished in this school? Derek thought perplexed.

He won’t have chosen this school if it wasn’t for Karen, he remembered he promised her that they will finish together here. He is only doing this because he wants to keep his promise with his angel. Even though she said it isn’t compulsory, Derek knows how much it seems to her then, to them both.

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It has always been our dream school, maybe not anymore.

He doesn’t know why, but Karen isn’t excited to come here. She kept postponing it, they were supposed to be here together, but she kept on postponing.

“Ok, I will see what I can do” Derek said and faked a smile.

“Thank you, Mr Whites. Am sure you already where your class is, you can excuse yourself now”

“Ok sir” Derek stood up and walked out of the principal office. One of his bouncers waited and gave Mr Eden a deadly look which almost make him peep.

“What? What?” He asked terrified, the bouncer said nothing and left.

“Ah” Mr Eden sighed but opened his mouth widely when he felt his pant wet. He is a strict man and well-disciplined out but deep down he is sacred cow.


Derek step out of the principal office and all eyes were on him, some were taking his pictures and all. He didn’t care, this is his daily life, and he loves it. Sometimes it could be lonely, and sometimes it is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Being an actor and a celebrity, he is quite popular, also a social influencer, with millions of followers. He loves his job but he loves Karen more.

Thinking she isn’t here with him makes him sad, it has always been their dreams to finish high school together in this school….. He has really missed her, even if she is coming back in a few days.

A day without her feels like a hundred of days, his angel. His phone rings distracting him from his thoughts.

It was his mom and also his manager. He smiled and picked the call “Hello mom” he said walking to his class with his bouncers behind him, some students were also following him, taking his picture.

“Son, how are you? Are you in school already? Are the reporters not disturbing you?” His mom Mrs White’s asked while Derek smiled.

“Mom, am not a baby. If you keep doing this, people might think am mama’s boy. You don’t want that to happen right?”


“Ok. I was just wondered about you, I won’t be able to see you for some hours, and you are in an unknown environment. As your mom and manager I should be worried? How is your first day at school?”

“I don’t, I haven’t start anything yet. And Karen is not also here, so I feel lonely, the students here won’t let me rest. They swayed over me” Derek complained like a baby.

“What do you expect, you are a celebrity? I told you in the first place that it was a bad idea, why will you do something you haven’t done for a long time? There are many celebrities that doesn’t study?” His mom blabbed.

“TSK, it isn’t a bad idea to study. And also I am doing this for Karen. It might also help in my next project, I also want to make friends, ordinary friends”

“But you have Jordan, is he not your friend?”

“Who, Jordan. That stalker, ah he is a pain in my a$$” Derek groaned, Mrs White’s laughed on the phone.

“Well, that will be a problem because right now he is on the way to your school”

“What? Why?”

“He got him got kick out from his school, and he is coming to yours. Good luck” His mom quickly said and hung up.

“Wait, mom” Derek yelled on the phone catching everyone attention. His eyes weren’t fixed on where he was going rather he was determined to call his mom back.

“Jordan can’t be coming to this place, that stalker” He thought and bumped into someone, It all seem so muddled up and unexpected that they had fallen to the ground.

He met her eyes and even startled to see her right on his chest.

Her dazzling eyes, but he couldn’t notice that as the only word that escaped his lips is…..



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