My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 20 💌

Karen clamped my thighs tight in the interrogating room, her hands were all sweaty, her legs shaking, it was obvious she was scared but she calmed down a bit when her mom holds her hand.

“It is okay” She muttered while Karen smiled. Her mom promised to get her out today, Becca, Lydia and Clark. They will go to the hall and see if there is anything they can find.

She get to go home today, depends on her mom and friends including Clark.

Maybe it is time to let go of her hard feelings on him.

The officer in charge of interrogating Karen came in with some files and took a sit.

“Where do we start?” He whistled.

“Miss Baker, can you tell us the reason why you hurt your fellow classmate?” The detective asked and I feel a lump in my throat.

“What exactly are we doing here?” Becca asked impatiently as Clark and Lydia looked around the hall like they were searching for something.

“Evidence to prove Karen isn’t the culprit but Deretk girlfriend” Lydia answered while Becca scowled at their stupidity.

“Are you guys both dumb, if there is any evidence here then the police will have known. I don’t even know what am doing here with you guys, am going to that bitch and get her to confess to me. Even if I have to beat her” Becca said going out but Lydia stopped her.

“Don’t be stupid, it isn’t like she will confess….. If we search around here then who knows we might find som……..” Lydia couldn’t finish her statement before Becca cut her off.


“Find what exactly, is this fun to you guys. Playing detective while Karen is in jail”

“Calm down Becca, am also doing this for Karen. I want her out just as you do… Uhm, let just be patient” Lydia persuaded while Becca nods.

“Are you guys are done with whatever you are doing, then can you tell me the time Karen received the message from Derek” Clark said and Becca rolled her eyes.

She still dislikes him.

“Am not sure, it was a minute after we entered the class. If I guess right then that will be around 9 at most, why?” Becca answered while Clark smirked.

“Around 9, that is the same time our cleaner usually cleans the hall” Clark said while both Lydia and Becca gasped.

“Then does that means we have a witness?” Lydia asked excited.

“Am not sure but let find out” Clark replied.

In the Interrogation Room

“I already told you my daughter had nothing to do with what happened to the girl. She already told you what happened, the girl harmed herself.

“Am sorry ma, but how can someone harm herself? Does it make sense to you, and also your daughter said she received a message from Derek but it was shown he sent her no message and neither did her phone had the record of the message” The detective argued.

“We have witnesses that proved that she received the message” Mrs Baker gritted her teeth angrily at the annoying detective.

“Ah, I see. In my report here, your so witnesses are your daughter’s friend right?”


“Yes and so?”

“That means, they could have planned it together” The detective said while Mrs Baker exhaled deeply.

She knows his kind and she knows how to deal with them.

Karen looked at her mom and the detective as they argued. She was completely lost but she trust her mom, she will keep her promise.

“Then tell me detective, it was so suspicious that your officer came right after the incident. It was like they were already informed” Mrs Baker said while the detective cleared his throat.

“I have no idea what you are talking about, are you questioning us for doing our job?” The detective raised his brows.

“Am not sure, I just wondered if the police is involved. It will be bad if the police received a tip before the incident”

“Well, we didn’t” The detective said which is obviously a lie.

“One of his man suddenly came in, what is it?” He asked.

“The test for the DNA on the fingerprint on the knife is out” The officer said and gave him the report, which made the detective smiled happily.

“But the thing is there were two fingerprint” He said while the detective looked at him confused.

He opened the file and check it, he dropped it disappointed. Mrs Baker saw the expression on his face and picked the document and looked at it.

She smiled, “There are two fingerprint. One for my daughter and one for the culprit who is also the victim”

“Don’t say that yet, you don’t have proof” The detective affirmed while Mrs Baker chuckled but suddenly received a phone call.


“What?” She said during her conversation.

“Ok, please be quick. I will be expecting you” Mrs Baker hung up.

“What is it?” Karen asked worried. “I told you, I will get you out didn’t i” Mrs Baker said and hold her hand.

She faced the detective, “well we have proof and also a witness”
Aileen smiled brightly, enjoying the ice cream in her hand. But her source of happiness wasn’t only because of the ice cream but because of her plan which worked.

She didn’t regret hurting herself and putting the blame on Karen, because that is the only reason Derek is here pampering her like she is a baby. Those moments she couldn’t have with Derek as soon as she came here, are now what she is enjoying effortlessly.

Well, it wasn’t effort. She knew the price she paid to have his attention back. It still hurt but the joy of Derek being here surpassed the pain.

“Excuse me” Derek said, kissed her forehead and went to received a call outside.

She is glad everything is over, she finally has her man back.

Mrs White was wrong, she won’t regret it.

She smiled when Derek entered her room again, she waited for him to return the smile but he didn’t.

“Who are you?” He asked.


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