My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 21 💌

“Who are you?” Derek asked while Aileen looked at him perplexed.

“What do you mean?”

“Who are you?” He yelled making Aileen flinched. What does he mean? has he finally find out that she isn’t Karen. But from who? She knows that Karen will never tell on her, because she wants to protect Derek.

She is sure of that, but Derek is asking her who she is and she can’t figure out what he means.

“Derek, it is me Karen” She said playing pretense.

“No, you aren’t. If you are, then you will never do something like that” Derek said, obviously angry and hurt.

On the other hand, Aileen is confused. She can’t figure what he mean, does he knows something? Her heart is no longer where it should be, it is right at her throat.

“Who really did this to you?” Derek asked and Aileen finally realised what he mean but still scared. What will he do if he find out that she hurt herself and put it on Karen. No, he has already find out.

“Derek, I can explain” Aileen persuade and stood up.

“Explain, who really did this to you? Tell me it is all lies, tell me you didn’t do this to yourself” Derek said almost like a plead.

“I have my reason, so please listen to me” Aileen persuade and tears fell down from Derek face.

Right now, he can’t explain what he is feeling. He isn’t angry because he was fooled by her, and that she hurt herself but what makes him sad was the way he looked at the other Karen. Will she ever forgive him.

“Why? Why the hell did you do something like that?” Derek yelled with his so much anger. Aileen almost fainted hearing his shout. He never raised his voice on her like that before but it was all his fault to begin with.


“Because I didn’t want to lose you”


“You were with a new girl, you actd like she is the first girl you will ever meet. You act like I was nothing, you laughed with her, you hugged her, and even smiled brightly because of her. You only do that with me but now it is hard to see your face and it is all because of her” Aileen answered with no regret or remorse.

She won’t have done it, if she was going to regret it.

“What? You mean you hurt yourself to have my attention. Right now, being with you scare me than loosing you” Derek uttered and Aileen felt her heart ache.

What does he mean?

“The Karen I knew and loved will never do it, when did you change, why did I never noticed? You were right, I admit I have something for that girl but you are the one I love, I ignored my feelings for her because I still want to be with you, with my angel. But I was wrong, my angel is no longer here. All I see now is a crazy, attention seeker and also……” He stopped and bit his lips sorely.

“I think we should take a break, I need some space to breath not with you, from you” Derek said and left.

Aileen fell to her knees, did he just break up with her? After everything, Mrs White was right. She chase Derek away with her own hand, but it is not over.

It is all because of that stupid Karen, she is going to make her feel the pain she did but in a big way. She will feel the pain but won’t be alive to tell the tales.


“Thank you Kids, so much. Without your help, we won’t be able to get Karen out” Mrs Baker expressed her gratitude after the police released Karen due to insufficient evidence.


“It is nothing, we are glad we could help. But if it wasn’t for Clark, then we will still be in the dark” Lydia said while Becca nods.

“Thank you Clark, am really grateful” Mrs Baker said to Clark and he smiled.

“It was enough, I was really scared of that girl. How can she hurt herself and put the blame on someone innocent. We were really lucky that the cleaner witnessed the whole incident” Clark uttered.

“From the look of things, am sure the police are involved somehow. I really want to investigate the matter, but I can’t. Am just glad, I could get my daughter out. I will leave you guys to talk” Mrs Baker said and went to her car.

“Thank you so much, am really grateful”

“It is nothing, am so glad that we could help” Becca smiled.

“Am sure the news will have reach Derek by now, am even scared what if that crazy bitch harmed him. But I will be happy if she does” Becca said and Lydia pinched her. What?”

Clark looked at Karen who seems unhappy at the mention of Derek, he clenched his fist together but control his anger.

It is ok, at least he knows he is a step ahead.

“You should go, your mom is probably waiting” Lydia cautioned and Karen nod.

“Bye guys, thank you Clark” Karen waved at them and went to her mom.

The three watched as her mom drove her off.

“Ah, today was a long day. I should go get some rest, see you guys tomorrow. And Clark my eyes are on you” Becca said walking away.

“Bye” Lydia said and cleared her throat now she was left alone with Clark.

“We are going the same way right?” Clark said and Lydia nodded shyly, unable to say a word.


They both started trekking down the road, side by side.

Lydia steal some glances of Clark, Clark could also noticed, but he didn’t want to stop her. It was uncertain feeling, but he likes how they are together like this.

He definitely doesn’t have any romantic feelings toward Lydia, he is sure of his feelings for Karen but he wants to get closer to Lydia.

The cold breezes hit Lydia making her shivers, Clark saw this and gave his jacket to her.

“You don’t have to” Lydia tried opposing but Clark stopped her.

“Just take it” Clark said and another silence struck them.

“So? Have you been thinking about my offer? To teach me how to win Karen’s heart” Clark asked and faced Lydia.

Lydia also looked at him but lower her eyes, because she was shy.

“I don’t think you need it, you are already doing good without a teacher” Lydia said and started walking.

“But still……”

“Believe me, you are close at winning Karen’s heart than any guy. You help her in the hard time when her crush wasn’t there for her, there is no way she won’t consider you” Lydia said and faked a smile. That is just the obvious truth, and that truth makes her sad.

Clark felt happy by her word but at the same time sad, even with her words she still want her to teach him.

“What about you? Is there any guy you want to win his heart?” He asked and Lydia stopped and looked at him.

“Yes, there is one” Lydia said seriously. “Who?” Clark asked.



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