My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 22 💌

“You” Lydia said making Clark to opened his mouth widely, shocked by her statement.

He has always noticed she had a thing for him, but he never thought she confessed. Her statement makes him feel bad, he doesn’t know what to say in this situation.

There is only one person in his heart and that is Karen. He doesn’t think he can love anyone else.

“Lydia” He called.

“Why putting a serious face, it was a joke” Lydia lied and start walking.

She couldn’t bear to look at his face, she just wanted to let out her feelings.

“Ah, I see” Clark uttered, he knows it was a obvious lie but he didn’t want to take it far because he didn’t want her to feel awkward around him.
Karen took a deep breath in front of her class, she was nervous and scared to go inside. Not after what happened? She tried forgetting but she couldn’t.

She spend a night in a cell, framed and also Derek. She can never forget the look on his face.

She took another deep breath and entered the class, all eyes were literally on her, some were clapping, cheering for her, while some just did their thing. Seems, like the news spread across the class. She looked around and her eyes found Aileen who shot her glares.

It is so unfair, she get to be in a jail because they think she hurt her. But after knowing the truth, the police did nothing. She is just here, Karen thought of it. It is good to have be rich.


She smiled slightly at the students cheering her up and went to her seat.

“Are you ok?” Becca asked while Lydia hugged her. “Am fine, am totally fine” She said and smiled.

Her friends wanted to believe her words, so they went back to their seat.

Becca quickly excused herself for something urgent. Clark was looking at Karen from behind, a smile curved his lips but faded away when his eyes met with Lydia.

It was only for a sec, but he swear he saw jealousy and sadness in her eyes. He feel bad, he hoped he won’t be causing trouble between two friends but he doubt that. They looked like they loved each other and no one will come between them.

His thoughts was short-lived when Derek entered the class,

Derek scanned the whole class, looking for one thing, a person Karen. He approached her when he sighted her. “We need to talk” Derek said holding her hand.

“I don’t want to” Karen rejected but Derek doesn’t seem like he cares.

He knows he wronged her and he want to make things right.

“Please Kar, let talk” He plead with a puppy face Karen almost fall for if it wasn’t Clark interruption.

“She said she doesn’t want to talk with you”

“This is none of your business” Derek grinned angrily.

“Well, it is because he is my friend” Karen said and both Clark and Derek looked at her surprised.


Becca was coming back from the restroom, when she saw Laura with some girl smiling.


She hissed at her smile, she hated her. She seems all fake to her, and because of her. Jordan called her nobody, that still hurt her till now. Come to think of it, she hasn’t seen him around.

She really want to go to Laura and smacked her plastic face but she controlled herself. But inside she was praying Laura should look for her trouble and she did.

“Oh, look who is here? It is miss nobody” Laura and Becca smirked then turned to her.

The girls with Laura quickly come away, everyone in school how crazy Becca can be.

“What did you just say to me?” Becca asked feigning angry, but deep down she was happy.

“I called you nobody, or should I add this to the list. Boyfriend snatcher. You wanted Jordan but unfortunately he isn’t for you. He doesn’t go for cheap product line you” Laura obviously crossed the line. She was about to say another word, when Becca gave her a hard slap.

Her eyes bulged in surprise, she wasn’t expecting the slap.

“What…. ” She couldn’t complete her statement as she received another slap which made her bleed.

“You crazy bitch” Laura shouted and Becca grabbed her hair.

“Ah, let go of me” Laura screamed trying to push Becca away. Her hands also went to Becca hair and started pulling it, untill Jordan came and separated them.

“Jordan, thank God. You are here, you won’t believe that crazy girl slapped me twice” Laura explained to Jordan.

But he surprised her by holding Becca hand, “Call her a b***Ch and I will make you pay” Jordan threatened and Becca and Lydia looked at him astonished with his statement.

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”But she slapped me first” Laura protested while Becca sent her deadly glare.

Jordan turned to Becca and cupped her cheeks, “are you ok? Does it hurt?” He asked her worried. Becca gulped down repeatedly.

Why is he acting strange? What gotten into him?

“Your pretty face, your hair” He said patting her hair. He has decided, he is tired of hiding from his feelings. He tried avoiding her but he couldn’t, it makes him craves for her more.

“But am the one hurt” Laura yelled frustrated with what was going on.

Jordan faced her “You are lucky, I don’t hit girls but that have gotten to an extend. Touch my girl again, and I will ruin that plastic beauty of yours” Jordan warned making Laura welling up.

Becca smiled, she is totally enjoying this. His girl.

“The next you touch her, might the last you get to use your hand” He said, took Becca hand and left.

Leaving Laura in tears.


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