My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 23 💌

Jordan took Becca to a corner then let go of her hand, Becca felt sad as soon as he let go of her hand.

“Are you alright? Your hair, does it hurt?” Jordan asked patting her hair.

Becca swear she felt butterflies as he touched her, but decided to ignore it. She removed Jordan’s hand from her hair.

“I have something better to do, if you’ll excuse me” She said about to leave but Jordan wrapped his hands over her waist in a form of back hug, giving Becca gosebumps.

“Am sorry, it is all my fault. I was just scared, I was scared that if I chose you then I might lose my mom. I don’t know what to do, I was so scared so I decided to ignore my feelings for you. But now I don’t think I can do it anymore, I don’t think I can ignore you anymore.”
“Am scared if I keep ignoring them, I might break down. Am scared if I don’t embrace my feelings for you then I might completely lose you and then I might go crazy” Jordan confessed as his droplet of tear drops on Becca’s shoulder.

His words makes Becca’s heart beat fast, that she found herself crying.

He turned her to him “You like me too, don’t you?”

“What?” Becca stuttered and blinked her eyes, which makes Jordan smiled.

“I know, that you like me. It is obvious, if not then you won’t be on Laura’s toes” Jordan said and Becca blushed unable to say a word.

“Do you still remember our bet?” Jordan asked and that makes Becca blushed more.

“What about it?” She bit her lips shy and lower her head. She has never been the shy one but the feeling is new for her, he is her first love and his words makes her feel butterflies and that excite her.


“You are mine now” Jordan uttered looking at her lips. Becca raised her head surprised, not giving her a chance to digest his words, he kissed her.

Becca was shocked at first, the way he was kissing her is like he was devouring her lips, it was different from the two kisses with him. This was delicious and it seems dangerous. It was new for her, she doesn’t know how she will react, but she adjusted to the kiss. She responded back, giving him full access to her lips.

Let him devour on her lips as he want, after all, they both belong to each other.

No matter what happens, she isn’t letting him go.
“Well, it is because he is my friend” Karen said and both Clark and Derek looked at her surprised.

“Derek sighed, then what about me? What am I to you?” Derek asked weary not caring about the attention on them.

“I should be the one asking that, What am I to you? You didn’t even bothered visiting me in jail” She said as tons of emotions flow through her body.

Derek ruffled his hair disappointed in himself. “Then let talk outside, let settle it outside. Hmm” Derek plead but Clark interrupted again.

“She is going nowhere with you, don’t you get it?”

“Stay out of this” Derek shouts and people bring out their phone to record them.

“What will you do? If I don’t stay out of it” Clark challenged and received a punch from Derek.

“You bastard” Clark said and also punched Derek. Which resort into a fight.


Karen stood up and went in between them, she knows it will do Derek no good if the video get leak out.

“Stop” She yelled at the two of them and they did.

“Don’t you get tired of fighting” She yelled at Derek.

“And also are you not scared that people are recording” She said to Derek, which hurt Clark.

“Is Derek all she care about?” That thought disappeared from Clark mind when she hold his hand and took him out of the class.

“Derek was shocked seeing this, is she finally dating him?” Those thoughts were eating him up, that he might go crazy.

He raked his hand through his hair and pushed one of the chairs away, not caring about the students videoing him.

He angrily went out of the class, Lydia who was disheartened by the whole thing buried her head on the locker.

“Clark will never like her, he will never like her” She cries.

Aileen on the other hand was boiling in rage. Nothing is working her way, it seems she has to move more fast with her plan.

Karen took Clark to the nurse office and placed Clark on the bed, she didn’t see the nurse in her office. So she went to where the first aid kit was.

“Stay still” She said as she clean the blood on Clark lips.

“Ok, am sorry you have to see that”

“Don’t be, I should be the one sorry” Karen said and Clark wondered what she mean.


“Because of what am about to say, I know you like me but I don’t. Am grateful, you got me out but….. I can only see you as two things, a friend or my enemy. So you choose” Karen said and dropped the cotton in her hand.

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“I think you should apply the rest” She said about to leave, but Clark held her hand.

“Do you like him? Derek?” He asked and Karen turned to him.

“Yes, I won’t lie to you. I like him a lot, that I can’t like another guy”

Clark removed her hand in shock, does she have to say it to his face?

“I understand, but I won’t give up” He affirmed but Karen left without a word.

That hurts more, what exactly can he do to make her his?

Karen packed her book into her bag as it was time to go home. Becca and Lydia was already waiting for her outside.

She backed her bag and head outside, and encountered Derek at the door. She wanted to start a conversation but he walked out on her.

It hurts, but she won’t do anything. It is probably for the best, that she ignored him for now.

She smiled when she saw her friends waiting for her at the school gate, she wanted to move when she suddenly heard her friends calling her name, running to her.

She looked up and saw a flower vase heading to land on her head.

She fall to the ground when it finally…….


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