My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 24 💌

Karen closed her eyes tight, expecting the flower vase to land on her head. but she got nothing. She did crash on the floor but with something heavy on her.

She wondered if the flower vase become heavy all for a sudden, or if the flower vase can breathe now.

Those were her sudden thought.

Untill, she heard someone asking her if she is ok, the voice was so familiar that she recognised it instantly.

She opened her eyes and saw Derek on top of her.

“Derek?” She called shocked.

“Are you ok?” He asked again.

“Yes” Karen answer still shocked and Derek smiled relieved.

“That is good” He said and collapsed on her.

“Derek!!” Karen called and touch his head. That was when she noticed he was bleeding.

“Derek!!!!” She shrieked, trying to lift Derek from his top but he is too strong for her.

“Someone please” She called the attention of the students who were standing there, recording them.

Becca and Lydia came to her attention and pulled Derek off her.

They tried carrying him but they couldn’t, he was too heavy for them. Jordan came to their aid, took Derek from their arm.

He backed him to the nurse room. Becca followed him, while Karen stood still with Lydia. She was crying heavily, she doesn’t know what to do.

“It is ok Kar” Lydia consoled.
“No” Karen protested. “It isn’t ok, he is like that because of me” She cries and Lydia hugged her.


“Don’t say so, right now he needs you right beside him hmm” Lydia convinced pulling Karen away and hold her hand.

“Ok” Karen nod and they start walking to the nurse office when Aileen suddenly attacked Karen.

“This is all your fault, you are the reason he is like this” She yelled pulling her clothes.

“Why can’t you just leave our life? We were happy when before we know you. Why can’t you just leave? If you really love him then please give up on him” Aileen said but Lydia pushed her away from Karen.

“It isn’t her fault, she never asked him to protect her or risk his life. He did willingly, so stop putting the blame on her” Lydia uttered and left with Karen.

Aileen fell to the ground crying, what has she done? Her target was Karen but in the end she hurt the guy she loves.

What has she done?


“How is he doing?” Jordan asked the nurse worried.

Who did this to Derek? No, the target wasn’t Derek but Becca’s friend.
He knows for a fact that the flower vase wouldn’t have fall without the intervention of someone.

And, definitely he will surely finds whoever did this.

“He is going to be fine, thankfully he didn’t bleed much” The nurse said and Jordan sighed while Becca held his hand.

“Let him rest” The nurse adviced and left. Jordan looked at Derek who is placed on the bed, with his head bandaged.

“He is going to be ok” Becca assured. I hope so”


Minute later Lydia entered with Karen, Karen almost collapsed when she saw Derek unconscious but was supported by Lydia.

“How is he doing?” She asked. “The nurse said, he will be fine” Becca explained and Karen sniffs trying to control her tears but she couldn’t.

She eventually break down into tears, Becca signalled to Jordan and Lydia. And they left the nurse office and went outside the door.

“What is the relationship between Derek and that girl?” Jordan asked Becca but Lydia replied.

“She is his Secret Angel” Lydia answered.
Karen was left alone with Derek, baffled with so many thoughts.

Aileen words and how Derek ended up like this, maybe it is all her fault like Aileen said.

Maybe if she hasn’t meet Derek again, then things won’t be like this. Maybe he won’t be like this, it is all her fault that he is here.

She hate herself right now, maybe she is just bad luck. She doesn’t deserve anything good in her life.

“Ah” She heard Derek winced.

She looked at him and see his eyes opened. Are you awake?”

“I….” Derek tried saying but couldn’t utter a word.

“Should I get you water?” She asked and stood up. She was stopped by Derek who held her hand, then sat on the bed, wrapped his hand around her waist then rest his head on her tummy.

Karen tried moving away but he tight his grip.

“Don’t move, let just stay like this” Derek said and Karen heart melt.

She felt so many butterflies excitement. His words makes her so happy till she remembered Aileen word.

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If she is going to stay like this with him then she has to know about his feelings.

“Do you like me?” She asked and Derek grip loosen in surprise.

“I…. I” He stuttered. “Answer me, do you like me?” She asked and Derek completely removed his grip. That makes Karen sad, it hurts that she could feel her heart tearing down.

“I…. I…. don’t know” Derek finally answered.

“Then I see no reason, why we should remain like that? I will go call the nurse to check on you” Karen uttered and left Derek.


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