My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 26 💌

Many questions ran through Karen’s mind as soon as Derek left her.

Many thoughts, that she can’t even fathom. Many questions, that she can’t answer.

All she could conclude on was that she was a fool, a fool of love. She wanted to protect him but he kept hurting her without considering her feelings.

She doesn’t mind getting hurt as long as he is ok, but he…… rejected her pure love for him because of someone who is pretending to be her.

He never cared about her, he will never do. She knows all this, but she still can’t stop it. Even if he hurt her countless time, she can’t stop loving him.

Someone once said, the worst pain is to realize someone you like, doesn’t like you back. But maybe the person is wrong, the worst is when you can’t figure if the person you like, likes you or not.

One day, he is nice to her. The other he is a cold jerk, who doesn’t care about her at all.

He kept confusing her everytime, she doesn’t know what to do anymore. She really want to stop loving him, she want to stop falling for him but it not possible.

He is her prince charming, how could she forget him? If only her heart listens to her.

She move her feeble leg and head to her classroom. It got more worst when she saw Derek and fake Aileen acting like a lovely dove.


He was literally telling her to get lost, or making it obvious I don’t like you.

She doesn’t deserve this, she doesn’t deserve any of this.

She almost faint when he kissed Aileen but a strong hand supported her.

She looked up and it was Clark, “stop acting weak” He said and supported her to her seat. With his hand around her waist.

Derek almost stood up from his seat when he saw this, if it wasn’t for Aileen.

His face become all red seeing Clark holding Karen like that. He want to go and punch him, but he remembered he isn’t in that position anymore.

“Is there anything wrong?” Aileen asked with a smile. Actually she has been smiling since she saw what occurred between Derek and Karen. He told Karen, that he loves her but she still feel bad. If only he loves Aileen not Karen.

“What is it?” She asked again.

“Nothing” Derek lied and faced her. “Do you want to go on a date?” He asked.

“A date?”

“Yes” Derek answered while Aileen giggled.

“Sure, I will love to go on a date with you” She said excited.

Maybe Karen wasn’t a threat as she thought.

Clark kept looking at Karen, her face was all pale and she looked so haggard.

He knows it was all Derek’s fault, that son of a bitch. What does she likes in him? “Why can’t she give him a chance” He thought and hit the table scaring everyone.

“Why can’t you give Lydia a chance too” His inner mind said and he calm down.

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He has trying to avoid that question, but the urge to answer kept increasing.

To be sincere Lydia is a good person, she deserve to be happy but his heart only like one person.


Speaking of Lydia, it been a while since he saw her. Since yesterday, he wonder if everything is ok. If she is ok, he doesn’t know why but right now he is worried about her.

It sounds weird but he miss her.


“When you said date, I thought you mean going out” Aileen complained as she munch some popcorn inside her mouth, resting her head on Derek thighs, her gaze fixed on the television.

“You know I can’t be seen outside, not now” Derek said and Aileen scoffed.

“So, I was thinking maybe it is high time we stop hiding our relationship and go public” Derek suggested and Aileen raised her head from his legs and looked at him.

“You want to go public with me?”

“Yes, I have told my mom about it. She said I should ask for your opinion.”
“So what do you think? You want to go public with me?” He asked again and Aileen hugged him.

“Of course, I will. Thank you Derek, for making me happy” She said while Derek smiled and pulled away from the hug.

Then put her head on his thighs again, as they both watched the movie with total silence untill Aileen interrupted the moment.

“So I was thinking of going to see my dad tomorrow, I have obviously missed him” Aileen said and Derek facial expression changed to a sad one as he remembered that her father died.


“You must miss him badly?” Derek asked. “It been a year after all” He added and Aileen looked at him.

“What do you mean? It been few months since I saw him” Aileen uttered and Derek looked at her confused.

“What do you mean? Did you went to his buri……….” Suddenly his mind tell him not to say that word.

“Your father, did he not have an accident a year ago?” Derek asked while Aileen move away from him.

“My father, of course not. He is healthy and there have never been a record of him having an accident” Aileen answered while Derek stood up despair.

What is going on? The Karen he knew lost her father a year ago. How come she is claiming that he is alive?

“Honey, can I ask you a question? What kind of work does your father do?”

“What do you mean? He is the owner of a huge company” Aileen replied confused with Derek’s action

“Ah” Derek gasped shocked. Karen’s father that he knew was a lawyer along with her mother.

What is going on? Who is this Karen in front of him? Is she the same Karen from his childhood or is she ………… fake?


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