My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 27 💌

“What is going on?” Derek thought as he left Aileen. How come Karen father is alive? That isn’t possible. He remembered his memory clearly right, does he really remember his memory clearly.

One year ago, he was on his way to console Karen for her loss, then.

“Argh” He fell on his knees with his hand on his head, wincing in pain.

He saw something, but it wasn’t clear to him, it was unclear and brief, but he knows that memory.

It hurts more when he tried to figure which memory it is, it hurt so much. It feels like his head is on fire, his heart also hurt.

He wanted to remember the flashes of memory he just had, he knows the memory, but he isn’t sure of it. “Derek” Jordan called behind him and Derek stood up. Luckily the pain has stopped.

“What is wrong?” Jordan asked eyeing him. “Nothing” Derek lied.

“Are you sure?”

“Yea, are you coming back from your girlfriend place?” Derek asked and Jordan smiled.

“Yes, I must say I really like her a lot. I don’t think I can do without her” Jordan uttered and Derek smiled but the smile fade away when he remembered another memory.

A memory of his young self and young Karen, he couldn’t see her face clearly, but he remembered his word.

“I like you, a lot”

“Ah” He winced again and fall to his kneel. This time, the pain was worse than the first. “What is going on Derek? Are you ok?” Jordan asked worried.

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“Let me go call your mom or your bodyguard” Jordan said heading out, but Derek held him back.

“Don’t, am fine” He said and stand up, his face all sweaty.

“Are you sure? Don’t you think we should go to the hospital, it may be the effect of the incident before” Jordan stated, but Derek shook his head.

“It isn’t, don’t worry. Am fine” Derek insisted and left for his room.

Jordan looked at Derek as he went to his room, he doesn’t know maybe he should go to his mom and take to the hospital or listen to Derek.

But all he knows is that he is worried about him, so much.
Aileen was puzzled when Derek left her, she didn’t know the reason he left her, the date was going all fine till he asked about her dad.

Or did she do something wrong? Of course not. Then what the hell is wrong with Derek? He just left her without a word.

It is strange and weird, her instinct kept telling her something is about to happen. Something bad.


Becca and Jordan were seated in a bench in the school garden, their hands intertwined together as they both stared at the flower in front of them.

“It is beautiful” Becca uttered while Jordan looked at her face.

“Not as beautiful as you” He said and Becca face turned red.

“Thank you” She said and kissed his cheek. She noticed the look on his face, he wasn’t really happy.

“What is wrong?” She questioned. “What do you mean?” Jordan said trying to ignore her question.

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“Don’t do that Jordan, I don’t like when you keep secrets from me. It makes me less important, tell me what is going on” Becca pouts and Jordan couldn’t help but to give in.

“It is Derek, he is going through a lot, and I am sad cos I can’t help him. I want to, but he won’t let him” Jordan explained while Becca hissed displeased.

“I think he deserved it” Becca said bluntly. “What do you mean?”

“Look, no offense but am no fan of your friend. He is total a$$hole, I don’t why you care so much about her. Both you and Karen, I can’t believe she wasted six years waiting for that jerk” Becca bluffed out before she could even control herself.

She bit her lips when she realized what she has done. “Which Karen are you talking?” Jordan asked and Becca bit her lips harder.

“Becca, answer me. You know something that I don’t, so you better you start talking especially if it is about Derek”

Karen was lost in thought, buried her face in the locker, crying. She didn’t even notice there was someone in front of her.

The pain of loving someone and not loved, the pain of not remembered by the person you love, but you remember everything about the person.

Those pain is eating her up, bring nothing but sadness and pain into her heart.

She looked so wrecked, her face all swollen due to the tears.

She shouldn’t have fall in love, she shouldn’t have fall for him.

Then and now, she shouldn’t have met him then she won’t be in this much pain.


“Why are you sobbing?” She heard a thick Voice and raised her head.

She saw Clark in front of her and sighed. “Just leave me, I will like to be alone” She said, but he held her hand and pulled her up.

“Why do you have to cry because of him” He asked angry.

“What the hell are you….?” Karen was cut off with a kiss.

He kissed her again not caring if they were in the class, Karen didn’t know why, but she found herself deepening the kiss.

She responded back to the kiss.


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