My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 28💌
Semi – final

She didn’t know why but she didn’t respond back to the kiss, maybe it was because she wanted to forget about everything but she is sure even with the kiss, she feels nothing for Clark.

Even now, when she is kissing another person. Her mind is on Derek, the word Derek makes her realized what she has done.

She hurriedly pushed Clark away, they were both panting heavily trying to catch her breath. She looked around the class and everyone looking at them.

Her eyes found Derek and she gasped shocked, he looked at her with no emotion. She couldn’t figure what is going on with him, he move his mouth to say something but he stopped and left the class.

Karen ruffled her hair frustrated and followed him.

Clark who was just shocked as Karen was still trying to figure out what happened. Karen kissed him, is she falling for him?

He doubt it, but why did she kissed him back? He smiled when he remembered the kiss they shared, but the smile disappeared when he saw Lydia in tears.

He needs no one to tell him what he just did, he just hurt her.

“Lydia” He called trying to move closer to her but she ran away.

“Shit” He uttered and ran after her.

“Lydia, wait up” He said behind her. “Leave me be” She yelled walking away.

“Lydia, listen to me” He said and hold her hand when he reached her.

She felt a spark as he held her hand, she wasn’t the only one. Clark also felt it, which he considered strange.

What do you want?” Lydia asked. Am sorry” He apologize even if he had no idea what he is apologizing for.


“For what?” Lydia asked and Clark couldn’t say a word. “For kissing my friend in front of me, or because you feel bad since I confessed my feelings for you?” She asked and Clark let go of her hand slowly.

Lydia felt sad as he did that but she shove it off.

“Answer me” She yelled and Clark lower his head. “You know the worst part, I was hoping that for once. Even if it is once, you will look at me with love and passion like you do with Karen” She said crying.

“But you never will, all that matters to you is Karen after all. You don’t have to apologize, you did nothing wrong, I was the one who choose to love you” She said and left him.

Clark couldn’t believe she just said that, she loves him.

“She loves me” He repeated.
“What did you just say, your friend is Derek’s Karen” Jordan screamed after listening to Becca explanation.

Becca quickly covered his mouth to stop him from shouting.

“You are too loud” Becca cautioned and Jordan removed her hand.

“Why won’t I be?” He whispered. “Do you know what that girl means to Derek? Even when he didn’t know that she is his girl” Jordan whispered again and Becca sighed.

“How could she do this to him? How could she not tell him?” Jordan said angry.

“It isn’t her fault, Derek’s mom and his fake girlfriend threatened her” Becca defended but Jordan hissed in response.

“That doesn’t change anything, if she had trust Derek and told him then they wouldn’t be going through this”

“Trust me, she did it to protect him. And when you are telling about trust, I think you should talk to your friend about it. He didn’t trust her when that crazy girl framed her” Becca said totally pissed by Jordan words.


“Ok, what do we do now?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Becca raised her eyebrow.

“What else? We should be on our way to tell Derek” Jordan protested and stood up but Becca pull him back to his seat.

“We aren’t going to tell Derek, we are going to trust Karen’s decision”


“We keep this a secret no matter what” Becca insisted and Jordan sighed in defeat.

Becca rested her head on his shoulder, Jordan pat her hair slowly.

Even if Becca ask him to keep it a secret, he has another plan.


Karen followed Derek out of the class, she was able to catch up with him in the hall.

“Derek” She called and slowly approach him. “Whatever you saw in the class, isn’t what you think it is” She said and he turned to her with an angry face.

“Well, I saw you kissing a guy and it isn’t what I think” He scoffed.

“I didn’t mean to kiss him back, I don’t know what came over me. Maybe, it was because I was frustrated and depressed, I don’t know I just feel the urge to do so” Karen explained but that makes Derek more angry.

“Wow, so you felt the urge to kiss any guy you see. I didn’t know you were this bitchy” Derek uttered and Karen balled her hand into a fist.

He didn’t mean to say that, but he is so angry right now.

“You know, I thought you had something for me but I was wrong. You are just a pretender” Derek added making Karen more sad.


“You don’t deserve to say that, I do have something for you. Something huge, but you rejected me. You made me feel like trash, you made me like this” Karen said crying.

“Oh, now this is my fault. It is my fault that you kissed another guy” Derek snapped, his face all red.

“Yes, it is your fault. If it wasn’t for you then I won’t be in this situation. You are talking about me, how about you? You said you only love your girlfriend, then why are you jealous? Why are you acting like we are dating? Don’t you really feel anything for me? Don’t you?” Karen asked and Derek looked around then at her.

“You want my answer”


“I don’t feel anything for you, I can’t feel anything for someone like you” Derek said coldly, he didn’t mean anything for this but what she did hurt him and make him feel less important.

Karen looked at him shocked then compose herself and clean her tears.

“I see, I guess I have been wasting my time. Go to hell, Derek White” Karen said and turned to leave but stopped when she heard Derek crying in pain.

She looked back and she saw him on his kneel.

“Are you alright?” She asked and rushed him. “Ah” Derek winced as he saw another flashes of memory.

This time, he saw it clear. “Yo…..u, yo…..u” He uttered and fainted.


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