My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 29 💌
Season 1 (Finale Chapter)

Aileen sat on the couch in the living, looking all groomy.

It was obvious because of what occured between her and Derek

She couldn’t go to school because of it, she doesn’t know what is going on with him. Why he acted weird yesterday.

“What the hell are you doing here?”
Mrs White asked surprised to see Aileen not in school.

Aileen didn’t answered which made Mrs White concludes that there was something wrong.

“What happened?” She asked and sat beside her.

“I don’t even know where to start from” Aileen said facing her with her legs on the couch.

“Why? Did something went wrong between you and Derek” Mrs White questioned.

“Yes, yesterday we were having a good time untill I mentioned about my dad….” Aileen took a pause and Mrs White eyes widened.

“Your dad? What did you tell him?” Mrs White asked scared.

“What is it?”

“Just answer” Mrs White snapped and Aileen looked at her strangely.

“I told him that am going to visit my dad” Aileen said like it was nothing but Mrs white struck up from her seat.

“Sh*t” She cussed and out her thumb inside her mouth, eating her nail.

“What is it?” Aileen asked and also stand up.

“Karen’s dad is dead, that was the cause of Derek’s accident” Mrs white lamented while Aileen gasped knowing what that means.

“That means Derek knows that am not the real Karen” Aileen said and slumped on the couch.


“I don’t think so, if he knows then I will also know but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know too. Am sure he will be suspicious of what you said. We need a plan, a plan so even if Derek knows then you guys won’t break up” Mrs White said and Aileen quickly stood up.

“So what is your plan?”

“Let see which one Derek will choose between his career and just an ordinary girl?” Mrs White said and smirked.

“Derek can never break up with Aileen, they need her so much. They need her father, he can’t break up with her” Mrs White thought affirmed.


Derek woke up and found himself in the nurse office, His head hurts, so as his body.

“What am I doing here?” He asked and look around then saw Karen, Jordan and Becca.

“You are awake” Karen said worried. She tried touching his head to feel his temperature but he moves his head away

“Get lost, I don’t want to see you” He said and Karen gulped down.

“I understand, just take care of yourself. I will come check on you again” Karen said and Derek hissed.

“Don’t come back, I don’t want to see your disgusting face” Derek said while Becca scoffed in annoyance.

“She doesn’t want to see your disgusting face too” Becca said, held Karen and left the room with her.

“What the hell is wrong with him?” She asked when they got outside.

“I hate him” Becca said but Karen didn’t reply. She looked at the door thinking about Derek.

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This might be the last time, she will ever show him affection.

This might the last time, she will show that she loves him. She had enough, it is time to move on from her long time love.

It is time to forget him, her prince charming. She has decided to bury all her feelings for him deep down her heart.

All their memories, everything.

“Why are you acting like a jerk?” Jordan asked.

“What do you mean? A jerk?” Derek said pissed by his words.

“Yes, it clearly that girl loves you. Why do you keep pushing her away when the feeling is mutual?” Jordan said almost yelling.

“The feeling isn’t mutual, I have nothing for her. The only person I love is Karen” He insisted and Jordan sighed frustrated.

He promised Becca not to tell but it is killing him, that his buddy is in the dark.

“Sh*t” He cussed. “Are you really sure that in your house is the real Karen? Think Derek, the girl you loved and told me about isn’t that girl at your house” Jordan said which got Derek confused.

“What do you mean?” Derek asked.

“I can’t say more than this but I hope you won’t find out before it is too late, no I pray it isn’t too late already” Jordan adviced and left.

Leaving Derek in a completely confused state.

What does he mean? If the Karen at house isn’t the real Karen, then who is she?

“Why is he trying to confused me?” Derek thought as his head hurt more.

His throat is dry, he stood up and went to the fridge in the nurse office.

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He opened it and bring out a bottle of water, as he was about to opened the bottle. His head hurt and that makes the bottle fall from his hand.

“Ah” He winced with his hand on his head. He closed his eyes and he saw something. No, he saw everything. His own memories appearing to him like a play, before he knew it he was already crying.

It hurts, not his head but his heart. Why now? Why does he have to remember now?

Her face, her lips, her smile and her hair, he remembered everything now.

Why did it take him a long time to remember, why did he forget in the first place?

The girl he loved, she was right in front of him but he didn’t know.

He never noticed, he was so dumb and stupid. He has hurt her countless times.

His angel, the only girl he ever loved. He remembered her clearly now.

Who she is. How he loved her so much. It must have been painful for her, he hate himself right now.

He forget her, how could he have done such?

How could he forget his Karen? How could he forget his angel.

Karen Baker.


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