My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹
Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 3💌

(Derek White’s Mansion)

Mrs White put down her phone as soon as she delivered the message to her son about Jordan.

“What did Derek say?” Aileen asked while Mrs white turn to her.

“He doesn’t know you are here yet” Mrs White answered. She walked to the sofa in the living room and sat.

Aileen who was also standing, went beside her and took a seat.

“So what are we going to do? The moment he finds out am not his Karen then every………”

“Shush” Mrs white cut her off.

“That isn’t going to happen? So don’t be scared. And also I told you there is high possibility that the girl won’t attend the school”

“But you said it was her dream school” Aileen countered.

“Stop being stupid Aileen, it has been six years. They made that promise when they were young, am sure that girl knows better now. Derek is a celebrity, there is no way she will ever think of meeting him or even talking to him. She is just an ordinary girl, don’t bother yourself” Mrs white assured.

“Derek doesn’t remember her face, he doesn’t remember her face due to the accident, but he remembered everything about her and his feelings for her. So you can’t be sure, we shouldn’t have started this from the start, I told you I can win Derek’s heart without lying that I am one stupid Karen” Aileen said, rolled her eyes and crossed her legs.

“I told you not to worry, I will handle this. Just go to the school with Derek, so he won’t suspect a thing. And also don’t worry about a thing, you will forever be Derek’s angel. No matter what you are Karen.” Mrs White affirmed.


“That way your dad will be able to continue supporting Derek” She thought and smile devilishly.

<<<<<<<Beverly’s High School>>>>>>

“You????” Derek growled while Karen on top of Derek hiccuped.

She hiccuped repeatedly, her eyes fixed on Derek eyes and lips.

She doesn’t know what is wrong with her? But she doesn’t want to leave this position. She wants to stay like this forever till the end if possible.

On the other hand, Derek was boiling in rage. First, Jordan is coming and now he fell in public all because of one stupid girl.

There is no doubt that the students were taking his pictures, he is going to be on the headline today. He has always been on the headline but this time he is sure it will be different.

“What the hell are my stupid bouncers doing?” He thought and looked up. He saw they were trying to stop the students from taking his pictures.

Gosh, this is so embarrassing. His attention went back to the girl on top of him.

Is she not going to stand up from him?

“Are you not getting up?” He asked Karen, who is still startled at what happened.

“What?” She said blinking her eyes lashes.

Her reaction makes Derek heart skip a beat, she is gorgeous but not his problem.

She has over crossed her limitation.

“Stand up” He grinned. “Oh” She said and quickly stood up. She stretched her hand to help Derek up, but he ignored her and stood up himself.


One of the bouncers ran to him and cleaned his clothes.

“Why the hell did you bump into me, are you suffering from eye problem or are you just dumb He yelled at her, Karen flinched by his reaction.

Is this really Derek? The guy she is in love with? Her prince?

“Am sorry” She apologized.

“What? You are sorry because of you….” He lowered his voice while he noticed everyone was looking at them.

“Because of you, I….” He stopped and clenched his fist. “You know what, just get lost” he said and picked his phone to leave, but Karen held his shirt.

He turned and looked into her eye, saw hurt and pain in her eyes, for one reason. His heart hurts, he doesn’t know why, but he felt sad with the look on her face.

“Derek, it is me. It is me…..” She was interrupted by the school bell which means they should enter the class for lecture.

Derek removed her hand and left.

Everyone dispatched into their class including Karen, but her mind was on Derek.

Why is he acting that way to her? Does he really don’t remember her?

Derek slumped on his sofa as soon as he arrived home, he is all worn up. He miraculously escaped from the press waiting for him outside the school premises, only to find them in front of his house. Asking a stupid question, if it wasn’t for his bouncers then he won’t have escaped, he reluctantly brings his phone out from his pocket. He clicks on his browser and search Derek White.





Those were the headline he saw, “sh*t” He angrily throws his phone angrily away.

“First day at school indeed, first day at school sucks. Those stupid f**king idiot” He cussed and rake his hand around his hair.

His mind skip back to the girl earlier, he could still remember the pain in her eyes. She seems really hurt, is it because of him?

No matter how hard he tried to forget about it, he can’t. His heart still hurts every time he remembered the pain in her eyes.

She seems to want to tell him something, but she couldn’t.

“Sh×t” the more he thinks about her, the more his heart hurt more but this time his head also hurts.

“Ah” He winced trying to remember something. He close his eyes tight and all he sees was darkness, nothing seems to come into mind.

He opened his eyes and sighed. It was like his head and his heart is trying to make him remember something but what.

All in his mind right now is the girl he bumped into, or perhaps that is what his heart and his head want to remember.

“Don’t be ridiculous Derek, she is just a normal girl. You don’t even know her or anything, just one normal girl” He concluded.


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