My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)

Chapter 4 💌

“No, she is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl” Derek concluded.

“Today was really stressful” he thought and rest his back on his sofa. He panicked when he heard some strange voice coming from the kitchen.

He lives alone with his mom since he came back and his mom isn’t around. His bouncers are outside, and they have no maid, so what could be the cause of the voice coming from the kitchen?

He stood up from his seat and bring the pillow on the sofa as a means of defense.

He head to the kitchen, he stopped when he was in front of the door, his hand went to the doorknob, he pressed it down opening the door slowly not to make a sound. But it was unsuccessful, “you are back” a voice said.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Both Derek and Jordan screamed. Derek stopped when he noticed it was Jordan that was in the kitchen.

“What the fuck, Jordan?” Derek asked opening the door widely.

Jordan gaze was fixed on the fallen cornflakes on the kitchen floor. “You made it fall” Jordan pouts.

“I wouldn’t have if you haven’t scared the sh*t out of me and also why the f**k did you shout?” Derek questioned, his eyebrows up.

“I shouted because you also did, I thought someone else entered” Jordan explained while Derek hissed annoyed by his words.

“You are such a fool” Derek said and went back to the living room, sat on the sofa.

Jordan smiled and followed him, “so how was your first day at school? Is it true that you got stalked?”

“The only stalker in my first life is you” Derek answered harshly.


“Awwn, am glad to be the only stalker” Jordan coed and sat on the couch.

“Why are you here anyway?” Derek asked looking at Jordan.

“What do you mean? Didn’t your mom tell you?” Jordan questioned back.

“She did told me you got yourself kick out, to attend my school. So I don’t get why you are here, perhaps don’t tell me it is what I am thinking?” Derek asked eyeing Jordan.

“Yup, it is what you are thinking. I am going to be living here” Jordan winced at him.

“What? Why? You could get a hotel or live in one of your dad house here so why here?” Derek stood up angrily.

“He kicked me out, my dad, he kicked me out” Jordan said while Derek mind soothes.

He knows Jordan and his dad never had a good relationship, it got worst when his father is trying to force him to get engaged. Even though Jordan has no girlfriend, he refused. He wants his father to stop ruling his life.

“Am sorry” Derek apologize. “Why? It is no one’s fault that I got kicked out, and am not sad. Am tired of living under him, I still have my mom. To make her feel calm, I decided to come stay at your place.”

“Just let me stay for a few days, that is all I ask for” Jordan pleads, Derek nods in agreement.

“Thank you” Jordan smiled.

Derek wondered how he is able to smile even in the worst situation, he hides his troubles in his smiles. Jordan and Derek has known each other for two years, they have been friends, but Jordan seems more obsessed with their friendship more than Derek. That is why Derek doesn’t want him near him, not that he doesn’t like him or take him as a friend but because he is obsessive about their relationship.


Jordan is the only child of the conglomerate family Pam. He is smart, intelligent and handsome, tall.

His dad will always say he got his good look and intelligent from him but his stupid and childish behavior from his mother. He hated his dad for the way he acts to both his mom and him.

He is the heir to his dad business, got kicked out because he didn’t want to get engaged.

“You could use the room next to mine” Derek said heading upstairs.

“How about we use the same room together?” Jordan offered.

“No way” Derek declined. “I don’t want you near my room” He said and went upstairs.

“Selfish punk” Jordan laughed.


Karen mom came late to pick her from school. “Am sorry I came late. Something came up at the office” Mrs Baker apologize, Karen said nothing and entered the car.

Her mom bit her lips at her strange attitude, she also entered the car and drove them home.

They got home after some minutes of driving, Karen still said nothing to her mom. No matter how hard her mom tried to start a conversation, she kept quiet.

“Will you like to eat something?” Her mom asked after they entered the house.

“Am not hungry” Karen said acting grumpy. “I won’t be coming out for dinner too, so don’t prepare my food. I just want to be alone”.

Miss baker gritted her teeth together, she had enough of her grumpy attitude.

“Ok, young lady. You might want to tell me what the hell is going on with you, why you are all moody?”


“I don’t want to talk about it, I want to be alone” Karen uttered and wanted to go to her room, but her mom held her back.

“Am not done talking to you” She pulled her to a chair, sat her down and took a seat beside her.

“What is going on? Did anything happen at school? Perhaps that jerk called Clark bullied you again?” Her mom asked, her face all red.

“It wasn’t Clark, he didn’t even come to school today” Karen answered sincerely.

“Really? Then why are you moody?”

“Because it hurts” Karen said while her mom looked at her confused.


“Everything, it hurts that he doesn’t remember me. It hurts that he told me to get lost. It hurt that he acts like am shit, I have loved him for a long time, I waited for him for six years but yet he doesn’t remember me.
No, I don’t know if he doesn’t remember me or he is ignoring me. But it hurts, I feel like I am going to die.”

“My heart is breaking, it feels like it going to explode from pain” She cries.

Her mom didn’t know who she is talking about, but she pulled her in for a hug, patting her back.

“It is ok, you are going to be fine. It is really ok”


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