My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)

Chapter 5 💌

“It is okay” Mrs Baker consoled, patting her back which make Karen cry more.

It really hurts that Derek doesn’t remember her and he told her to get lost.

She waited for six years, six years for him to come back but yet he doesn’t remember her or is he pretending not to know her.

She want to hate him, she want to forget him but that hurts more because she can’t.

She can’t hate or forget her prince charming.

She can’t do that even if she want to.


The next day

<<<<Beverly high school>>>>

“Bye mom” Karen said waving at her mom.

Her mom horn and left the school premises. She turn to the school building, holding her bag tight.

“You can do this, you can get over this Karen” She said to herself and start walking. She stopped when she saw her two friends Becca and Lydia going inside the school.

“Becca, Lydia” She called running to them. Becca wanted to go when she heard Karen voice but Lydia held her back.

“Hi guys” Karen said smiling. “Hi kar” Lydia replied but Becca said nothing.

Karen know she was still upset with her behaviour yesterday.

“Becca, are you not going to greet me back? Are you still angry at me?”

“I don’t have any reason to be angry at you, it is your life so you choose how you want to live it” Becca replied hoarsely.

“Becca” Lydia called. “It is ok Lydia, Becca is right. I acted stupid yesterday”

She faced Becca “You were right, Derek and I lives in a different world now. The sooner I accept, the better I feel, am sorry for my stupid acts yesterday” Karen said while Becca looked at her surprised.

“You are sure, no more acting stupid because of a guy?” Becca asked while Karen nod. Becca smiled and hugged her, “Gosh I missed you Karen, am sorry for being harsh” Becca apologized.

“It is ok, it isn’t your fault. It is going to be hard forgetting about Derek but am sure I will” Karen said.

“Speaking of the devil” Lydia said while they turned to Derek who entered the school premises driving his black sport car.

He step out of the car with Jordan, they were both dressed in expensive man wear.

“Wow, they look handsome” Lydia said dumbstruck.

The students started taking pictures of Derek and Jordan as they came out of the car.

“Who is that guy beside him?” Becca asked, not that she is interested in him.

Just curious.

“He is Jordan Pam, the only heir to the Pam business. He is freaky rich and Derek best friend” Lydia answered, her gaze fixed on both Derek and Jordan.

Karen felt some thumps in her throat, seeing Derek. She want to run into his arms and hugged him, tell him she waited for six years. How six years without him has been but she can’t.

She can’t even talk to Derek again, they live in a different world now.

“Gosh, am crushing on the Jordan guy” Lydia said while her two friends look at her.

“Don’t forget, it will only take two minutes before you found a new guy to crush on” Becca mocked and Karen laughed. Both mocking Lydia.

“Whatever” Lydia rolled her eyes dramatically.

“Are you ok?” Becca asked Karen.

“Why?” Karen replied back with a question.

“You know, Derek?”

“It is ok, let’s go inside” Karen suggested and faked a smile.

Both Becca and Lydia knows she isn’t ok, but since she doesn’t want to talk about, they have to stop asking.

“We are here for you” Becca whispered while Karen smiled.

Relieved but also troubled, She knows she won’t last long before she breaks down.

It was lunch time, everyone has gone to lunch except for Lydia, Karen, and some few students.

Karen couldn’t go to the cafeteria because all eyes were literally on her after yesterday incident, Lydia and Becca decided to skip lunch and keep her occupied.

Becca went to library to get their favourite book for them to read, while Lydia and Karen stayed in the class, await for Becca return.

“What is taking her time, lunch will soon end” Lydia complained.

“You know it is only one copy that it is in school, it must hard to find it. Am sure she will be back soon” Karen assured.

“You are always on her side” Lydia pouted playfully while Karen smiled but her smile fade away when Derek entered the class.

They were both in the same class, which is making things more hard for Karen. She couldn’t focus on today lecture, her mind were all on Derek.

Her heart hurt so much, he doesn’t remember or is he ignoring her?

Clark Dween entered with his goons, distracting Karen attention.

He went straight to her and use his hand to hit her table which makes Karen panicked.

Actually, it gathered everyone in the class attention. Some ignored it knowing, since it isn’t the first time Karen get bullied by Clark while some brings out their phone to record it.

Derek attention was also on Clark and Karen, he was curious why he slammed her table.

“What is it Clark? What do you want now?” Lydia asked but got shut down by Clark.

“Am not here for you Lydia, why don’t you mind your business?” He said while Lydia shut her mouth but she feel hurt with his words.

“Please Clark, not today” Karen begged. She doesn’t want Derek to see her get bullied, she doesn’t want to be weak in front of her prince charming.

And also Becca isn’t here to defend her, if Becca was here then Clark won’t have a chance to bully her.

“Why Kar, you aren’t happy that am here. Am actually disappointed in you, I didn’t come to school yesterday, you went and throw yourself to the new guy because he is a celebrity” Clark yelled, sadness and pain visible in his voice.

“Clark, just stop. Why are you always disturbing Karen? Do you like her or something” Lydia questioned while Clark look at her.

He wanted to answer her but he couldn’t. That question bring many doubt and many questions in his mind.

“Me? are you stupid or what? Why will I like her? There is nothing to like about any of you” Clark responded.

“Look Clark, please just stop. Am not in the mood” Karen said weakly and stood up.

She wanted to go out of the class, she hates being the centre of attention, and being frustrated.

She picked her phone and urged Lydia to let them go out of the classroom but Clark held her forcefully by her wrist.

“Am not done talking, we have a lot to talk about” He said trying to drag her out of the classroom, hurting Karen in the process.

“Let me go” Karen shouts.

“Shut up Kar” Clark ordered.

Karen bit her lips embarrassed, she doesn’t want Derek to see her like this. She looked at his seat but she couldn’t find Derek there.

“Where did he go?” She thought.

“Let her go” A voice said standing in front of Clark.

Karen looked up and saw Derek in front of them.

“Let her go, you bastard” He yelled, anger written on his face.

“Let her go this instantly bastard”


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