My Prince Charming - Novel

My Prince Charming🤴🏼

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)

Chapter 7 💌

Becca and Lydia went to Karen after Derek left.

“What did he say?” Lydia asked.

“I don’t know, am confused. moments ago, he acts like he remembers me, then later he acts like am a total stranger. I don’t understand what is wrong, I waited for six year, six years of loving him even without seeing him. I waited but he doesn’t even….” Karen breaks out crying while both Becca and Lydia hugged her.

“Don’t cry Kar, you never know maybe he doesn’t remember you. Maybe he had an accident or something” Lydia assumed and pulls away from the hug.

Karen and Becca looked at her with a dangerous glares. “If he had an accident, then it will be all over the news” Becca rolled her eyes at Lydia statement.

“I don’t know what to do, I really like him a lot” Karen cried, Becca hugged her tight and pat her hair.

“You know what, let go and have something delicious. Let just enjoy ourselves and forget about our sorrows” Lydia suggested.

“I support Lydia on that, let’s go eat something delicious” Becca said.

“No, I don’t want to. Am not in the mood” Karen rejected, still sober.

“Crying won’t do you any good, let just go eat hmm” Becca said and Karen finally agreed.


“Let me get your bag and we’ll go” Lydia said and went to get Karen bag.

Unknown to the girls, Clark was outside, beside the door listening to their conversation.

He clenched his fist tightly after listening to their conversation.

“Derek White’s” He growled.


It has been a few days, a few days since the incident with Derek and Clark. It been few days but it was just another day of unhappiness for Karen, Derek matter is really getting her, she waited so long for him, for her prince charming.


But he doesn’t remember her, it hurts so much. No matter how hard, she tried to compose herself, she couldn’t. The pain won’t stop hurting her, she can’t forget nor hate him.

She has no choice but to continue getting hurt. Did she do something wrong? Or maybe it isn’t the Derek she knew.

It doesn’t make sense the way he is acting towards her.

She entered the class, and went to her seat. Becca and Lydia weren’t in the class, Derek also.

Only few students were in the class, she picked her earphone and put it on. Started listening to a slow sad song, when she sudden felt something wet on her, she removed her earphones.

She saw Clark and his gang at her back, laughing at her.

They poured a bottle of water on her hair.

“Oh poor Karen is all wet, oh she looks like she is going to cry anytime soon” Clark mocked.

Karen clenched her hand into a fist, she wanted to do something, say something but she can’t.

“What exactly have I done to deserve this from you?”

“That is a question I also ask myself, why exactly do I like bullying you so much” Clark whispered into her ears.

Karen looked away and saw Derek, he looked angry, so angry but doesn’t look like he is going to interfere.

“It been few days since he started learning how to fight, how can he go up against that built jerk?” Derek thought.

Right now, he hate himself. He can’t do nothing.


Clark looked at the direction, Karen was looking and saw Derek. He smirked “Are you going to ask the celebrity to save you, oh seems like he won’t be able to save you because he doesn’t know how to fight” He said aloud and his friends laughed.

“What? famous boy. Do you want to defend her and fight me” Clark asked Derek who was obviously boiling in rage with his words.

He breathed in and control his anger, he ignored clark and went to his seat.

“Oh, looks like he won’t save you this time. He is such a coward, isn’t he?” Clark said to Karen.

“Please, just leave. I don’t want trouble”

“Trouble, well you are with the troublemaker. And also what are you going to do if I don’t leave? Are you going to call your coward celebrity to save you again? You know, he can’t save you from me because he is a coward and mama’s boy” Clark laughed and unexpectedly received a punch from Derek.

Everyone gasped, it was unexpected. No one was expecting this, the celebrity punched the bully. Some students brings out their phone and start recording.

He keep on punching him till Clark starts bleeding. “Stay away from her, or you’ll regret it” Derek uttered, hold Karen hands and left the class.

Clark friends went to him, to help him up but he pushed them away.

His rage knows no limit, “Derek White The battle’s just been drawn between us”

“Whether I get the girl or you” Clark groaned.

Derek took Karen to the school garden without saying anything to her, neither did Karen.

She was too shocked to say anything, she didn’t know what to say.


Why did he help her again?

Derek stopped in the middle of garden and faced Karen.


“What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you allowing them to bully you? Are you weak that you can’t fight for yourself, even if you can’t stand on your own then you should report to the authority. Can’t you do that much?” Derek yelled at Karen.

He doesn’t know why he is pissed, but he is really pissed, big time.

Droplet of tears fall from Karen face, every words is hurting her.

“This isn’t the time to cry” Derek said frustrated. “Stop acting stupid and do something, I won’t always be there to stand up for you. Stop being foolish” He stated.

“Do you know me? Do you know anything about me? What? You won’t be able to stand for me” Karen chuckled.

“Did I ever ask you to stand for me? Why did you keep doing unnecessarily things for me? Why do you keep hurting me?”

“You are talking about being hurt by others, when you are the one hurting me more”

“Every word of yours, every action of yours hurts me more than them bullying me. I hope you never talk to me again” Karen said and walked away.

Derek looked at her dumbstruck.

Her words bothers him, what does she mean by he is hurting her?

To be Continued – TBC

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