My Prince Charming - Novel


👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)💞

Chapter 8

<Derek White’s Mansion>

Derek and Jordan arrived at home, all tired, they both frowned their face not smiling.

“Why the hell did you punch that guy? the press are all swaying around us because of you” Jordan complained.

“Well, I don’t regret doing it” Derek said bluntly and knitted his brows into a frown.

“Well, you should” Mrs White said and made her entrance into the living room.

“Mom, I didn’t know you were inside” Derek said surprised.

“Well, I just came back after taking care of the press outside. First Derek, what the hell were you thinking when you punched your fellow classmate? What if you get hurt or something. That is what I will say as your mother”

“So what will you say as my manager?” Derek asked.

“You are such a genius, you made the right choice defending that girl” His mom said and sat next to him, pulling him in for a hug.

“What?Why do you say so?” Derek questioned with curiousity.

“Have you checked the internet, every headline is about you” Mrs White answered bringing out her phone.

★Derek White’s, a real saviour. Saved a girl from the bullies.★

★Derek White isn’t only handsome but has a good heart.★

“Derek does know how to fight. Derek White says no to Bullying” His mom read out but Derek felt no happiness.

“It will be much better, if she is the one saying this” He murmured softly but sad

“What?” Both Jordan and Mrs White asked.


“Hmm, nothing” Derek lied and coughed.

“You really did well, how did you know helping that girl is going to be beneficial for you?” Mrs White questioned but Derek got no answer for that.

He helped her to make him feel better.

“I just know, I guess” He managed to say while his mom smiled.

“Am proud of you, you saved a girl from getting hurt but I didn’t send you to school to go fight, have friends and have fun”

“But he already has me as his friend” Jordan retorted making them all laugh.

“Am so happy, everything seems to be working out. Guess it wasn’t a bad idea, letting you go to yours and Karen dream school” His mom said that was when Derek realized his Karen, his angel.

He can’t believe he forgot about her, he didn’t call or text her. How could he forget about his angel so easily? What made him did? Of course, the girl at school.

All his mind was clouded because of her, because of her, he forgot about his angel.

Somehow, he feels like that girl (the real Karen) is more than what he thinks. Something keeps telling him, he has to get close to her, he has to know her better.

Did you hear from Karen, she is coming back tomorrow. It is so good to have her here” Mrs White sighed. Derek gulped frequently, there is this feeling he is having right now, and it is treacherous after what Karen has done for him but he doesn’t want her to come back.


He feels like if she does, then he might not have the chance to talk to the girl at school again.

“Ok” He stood up and left both Jordan and his mom.

Mrs White looked at the girl in the picture with Derek, “why does she seem so familiar?” She thought.

<<<<Beverly high school>>>>

Jordan was going to the library when he saw Becca coming, his eyes widened and he quickly went and hide somewhere.

“Why is he hiding?” He thought. It isn’t like he did anything wrong? She was the one that kicked him, he kicked his ball, he will never forgive her for that. But is that the only reason he is hiding? or because of his warm feeling toward her.

“Why are you hiding?” He heard a voice. He recognized that voice immediately he heard it, how could he forget?

He turned to her slowly.

“What did you mean by am hiding? Why will I hide from you?” He asked Becca.

“Well, you know” She said and looked at his manhood teasing him

“What? You pervert” Jordan yelled while Becca smiled.

“You are hiding from me because of the other time right?You were scared I’ll do it again?”

“What? I told you am not hiding from you” Jordan lied.

“I think it is the other way round, you are stalking me. Aren’t you?” Jordan changed the topic.

“What? Why will I do that? You aren’t my type?” She fanned herself, but Jordan felt hurt by her word.

“He isn’t her type, what the heck does she mean?

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“What is that supposed to mean?” Jordan asked looking serious.

“I don’t like guys like you, you aren’t my type. I hope you get that straight” She said about to leave but Jordan stops her.

“Should we make a bet?” Jordan said.


“Let’s make a bet, I will make you like me. If I do, if I move your heart in just one slight way. Then you will be mine”

“What?” Becca scoffed. “Fine, let’s make a deal. If you don’t win my heart, then you will be my slave till we finish high school” Becca added.

“Deal” Jordan said without thinking twice. Becca smiled mischievously at him.

“Am going to do everything to make sure, I win your heart. Starting now” Jordan said and pulled her close to him.

His hand wrapped around her waist, their head too close.


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