My Prince Charming - Novel

👼🏻His secret Angel🌹

Written By Oladapo Ajayi Yemisi (Author Ariana)

Chapter 9 (A long chapter)

Jordan wrapped his hand around her waist, their head too close. He brought his lips closer and kissed her.

Becca eyes widened surprised by the kiss, her hand and her legs stiffen. He kissed her, he kissed her.

Jordan tightened the lips, sucking her lips. He knew Becca wasn’t responding to the kiss, but he isn’t letting go, he doesn’t want it to come to an end.

She tastes delicious, it was fucking sweet. No, she is sweeter than a sweet.

“He is never letting go of that lips” He thought, till he was pushed away and received a hard punch on his left cheek.

The kiss was sweet, but the punch is more painful. Damn, is she really a girl?

“What the fxck?” He asked and face her, placing his hand on his cheek.

If he had know then he won’t have talk, she gave him another punch. More painful than the first.

“You son of a b**ch, how could you? How you could?” Becca said almost crying.

“What? It isn’t like it is the first time you got kissed before” Jordan said and Becca hiccuped.

He looked at her weirdly and move closer to her.

His frown turned to a smirk “That was your first, right?”

“WH….at?” Becca stammered.

Her secret is out, she is always acting tough and all that. But she has never been this close to a guy, they all fear her.

But a guy she had no feelings for, and she is sure he has no feelings for her took her first kiss.

It is so painful that she wants to cry.

“That was your first, wasn’t it?” He asked eyeing her.

“My first kiss, what do you mean? Am famous among guys” She demurred fanning herself.

Jordan smiled at her cuteness, she is really cute and pretty.

How come she has it all.

“I know you are lying, just admit it. So how was it?”

“How was what?”

“The kiss, it was sweet right?” Jordan teased making Becca more angry.

“Tell me how this taste” She said and kicked his balls,,, again.

“Shit” Jordan said and moved away from her due to the pain, his hand went to his manhood, his face all red.

“I guess, that taste good” Becca smirked and left.

“That bastard” She screamed after leaving Jordan.

She tightened her hands together, she will pay him back.

She remembered Jordan words “it was sweet right?”

“Fool, I didn’t even get the chance to enjoy it” She smiled and went to her class.

Derek arrived late to school, due to the interview about yesterday incident. It was so tiring.


But he is already used to it, after all that is the life he chose.

He was asked many questions about his closeness with the victim.

That is the question he can’t answer himself. Who is she? He doesn’t have that answer, but something keeps telling him that he knows her.

“Speaking of her” He thought and looked at her seat. He hasn’t seen her since he came to school.

Did she not come? Or is she sick?

He remembered her words. The person who hurt me the most is you.

That word keeps bothering him.

How? What has he done to her? No matter how hard he racks his head, he can’t figure out how he has offended her in any way.

“Is that just an excuse not to say thank you?” He thought.

“But she doesn’t seem like she is that kind of person” His inner mind objected.

Ah, whatever. He doesn’t care, he has a girlfriend, his angel, Karen baker.

“That is all that matters” He tried convincing his self but from the look on his face it isn’t working.

Why is she not in class? He needs to talk to her? Her word is killing him, he is dying to know what she meant.

Jordan that isn’t here is also not helping the situation.

He stood up and went to Karen seat, Lydia was the only one there.

“Hey” He said to Lydia.

“Hi” Lydia replied stunned by his presence. “The girl that seats with you, where is she?” He asked, his hands inside his pockets, with a cold look making him more handsome.

“Wow” Lydia uttered drooling. If it wasn’t that Karen likes him then she will have taken her chance, at least that will help her to forget her one-sided love.


Hearing that name makes his head hurts, it sounds so familiar.

“I guess that is her” He replied, not sure.

“Oh, she is in the hall”

“Hall, what is she doing there?” Derek asked. “Avoiding you” Lydia answered bluntly.

She closed her mouth after realizing what she has done, Karen is trying to avoid him, and she just told him where she was.

“What?” Derek scoffed. He groaned and left Lydia.

“You this stupid gal” Lydia mouthed slapping her mouth.


Derek went out of the class to find Karen in the hall, why is she trying to avoid him? What exactly is her deal?

He stopped at the entrance, after hearing some cries. The only one in the hall is Karen, is she crying? What happened to her?

He entered and went to her, she didn’t notice anyone was behind her. She was seated on a chair in the hall.


He was certain that she is the one crying after getting close to her. Why is she crying? Did someone hurt her again?

Her words ring back “The one that hurt me the most is you” His heart hurts, he doesn’t know what to do or how to help her, even when he isn’t the one in pain, tears fell off his face, he is feeling her pain too

There is more to this girl, there is more to her, and he can’t figure it out, but it isn’t too late. He can start now, he can start figuring it out.

He raised his hand and placed it on her hair, he consequently patted her hair.

Karen flinched by the touch on her hair, she looked back and her eyes meet Derek’s.

He was still patting her hair. But his eyes didn’t leave hers.

They kept looking at each other like that for a long time, they didn’t even noticed it was time to go home.

Derek’s phone interrupted the whole thing, he moved his hand from Karen head and picked the phone.

He hissed irritated when he saw who was calling. JORDAN.

He didn’t pick the call but instead put his phone on silent and shuffle it inside his pocket.

“Are you alright?” He asked Karen. He went on and sat beside her.

“Why are you here? I don’t want any more rumors to spread about my relationship with you. A stalker and a bully victim.

“I don’t want people to misunderstand our relationship, we don’t even know each other” Karen said sorely.

“You are right, we don’t know each other, but we could. We could start from somewhere” Derek said and Karen looked at him.

“What do you mean?”

“I want to be your friend, I want to get to know you more.”

“Let’s be friends” He said and stretched his hand for a handshake.

Karen couldn’t believe her ear, she waited for six years and this is all that is happening.

She wants to be more than his friend, she doesn’t want to be his friend anymore. She wants them to be together, she wants to be the reason he is happy but….. it is all impossible.

Does he not remember her, or he is doing this purposely or or maybe he lost his memory like Lydia said.


“Yes, friends” Derek replied with a beautiful smile. He is curious to know her, he is dying to know her, everything about her.

“Can I think about it?” Karen said while Derek bit his lips a bit disappointed.

“Sure, why not?”

“I think we should get going” Karen uttered and stood up.

“Yea” Derek scratches his head and followed Karen out.

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They were both silent as they walked, many thoughts in their head.

Karen was thinking about their childhood, those promise he made to her. It made her more sad, six years and this is what happens. She was lost in her thought that she didn’t notice her sneakers lace were untied.

She steps on it and almost slip, if it wasn’t for Derek who caught her.

His hands around her waist, her breast rest on his chest, and their face were close enough for a kiss.

Karen blinked her eyelashes, not helping the case. Derek’s heart fluttered, she is beautiful” He thought.

More beautiful than your girlfriend” He thought in his mind.

Karen swallowed her saliva, there is this hot intense between them.

Derek bring his head close, more close and closer. It was like a force is pulling him to kiss her.

His head rings when he heard a voice.

“Derek” Aileen called in front of them, they both looked at her shocked.

Karen wondered who she was, but from the look on Derek face it was certain he knows her.

He quickly left go of Karen and went to Aileen (Fake Karen).

“What the hell are you doing here? You didn’t tell me you were coming” Derek questioned nervously and anxious.

Karen looked at them curious, there was care and love shown in Derek face and voice.

“It was our dream school, do I have to tell you I am coming? Jordan called you, but you didn’t pick it. I was just talking a walk around the school” She answered then look at Karen.

“Who is she? Why were you with her? You guys were to close, are you cheating on me?”

What? Did she just ask if he is cheating on her? Is she his girlfriend? No, if Derek had a girlfriend then the news will carry it.

Karen thought, trying to convince herself not to think the wrong way.

“What do you mean?” Derek coughed. “She is just a friend of mine, why will I do such?”

“Really? Then introduce us” Aileen beamed, like she didn’t know Karen is here.

“That is right, Karl, meet my girlfriend Karen baker. Karen, meet my friend Kar” Derek introduced while Karen chuckled confused.

“Karen baker? His girlfriend? The only Karen baker Derek knows is her, then who the hell is she?

“Hello, am Karen baker” Aileen said and smiled.

Karen looks at her confused and puzzled.

Who the hell is she?


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