ROSA - Story



Meet Rose your typical ordinary girl with a sad life but won’t admit to it. She just thinks she is unfortunate and her life could have happened to anyone including her. Everyone around pity her but she doesn’t.

She is just Rose no surname, no mother, no father in fact no one at all. Her mother dropped her off at an boarding school Just six months old.

She left her with 20 Diamond stones to pay for her education all this years. She also left a Rose diamond stone which she would be given to when she turns 20 years old.

Amongst all this difficulties and problems in her life she has a friend called Eva, they are like sisters.

They are both unwanted by their families the only difference is that Eva knows her parents while Rose doesn’t.

They both have Eva’s grandfather who visit them on Holidays or occasionally on weekends.

What happens when both Eva and Rose fall in love with the same guy??

What happens when Eva becomes pregnant then dies leaving Rose with her baby??

But the important question is who is the guy?

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