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Secretary Kim – Chapter One | Written by Uche Lawrence


👠💻 Secretary
Kim 💎👑
Written by Uche Lawrence✍️

Chapter One

Kimberly got up from the bed and quickly walked to the bathroom like a zombie.
She is going for an interview and she had woke up so late that her heart was beating fast.

“Oh Lord, I pray they aren’t through with the interview yet. I promise to go to church on Sunday, If you just let me get the job. I can’t believe the devil woke me up at this time.” She mumbled as she took off her clothes to take her bath.

After bathing, she wore her new ivory dress with a black tiny belt. She did a light makeup and let down her brown hair before grabbing her shoes and bag.

She left the house without wearing her shoes but slippers. Once she get there, she’d behave well.

“Why’s no cab coming?” She groaned as she walked down the road in a hurry praying for a cab to come her way.

Her interview was 8:00am but she woke up at 9:12am.
A car speedily passed her side and since it’s raining season, her area will always be muddy.
The car splashed mud on her ivory dress which made Kimberly blink thrice. That was unexpected.

“What the f*ck!” She gasped and stared at her dress, the mud before moving her gaze to car that had stopped and was reversing back to where she stood.

Kim waited for the driver to come out but it would seems like eternity waiting for that person to come out.
She decided to pay the driver a quick visit.
“Are you among the dark angels the devil sent to spoil my day and interview?” She asked driver who seems to care less.
“Answer me!” Kimberly yelled.
She knew she was running out of time but she needed to put this guy in his place.

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She opened the car door and tapped the man fiercely.
“What are you going to say about this?” She pointed to the dress he ruined.
“I have a very important interview to go and I’m late already but you decided to ruin everything for me. You won’t even say anything. Are you dumb?” She asked amused and angry at the same time that he’s quiet and won’t move and inch from the driver’s seat.

He finally moved his head amd faced her.
“You should be happy I reversed back.” He finally spoke.

Kimberly laughed sarcastically and said, “Of course! I should be happy that you reversed. That’s nonsense. You should be apologizing to me and not telling me rubbish! Argh! I can’t believe I’m having a conversation with you when I’m at the verge of losing a job.”

“What if I don’t? I won’t even apologize.” The man answered coldly.
Kimberly shook her head and removed the handkerchief in his breast pocket and cleaned her dress with it.

The stain was still there but it was better than before.

“That’s your reward for not going to apologize. That’s small. Don’t let me see you again, you won’t like me.” She said sternly and walked away. Her shoes dangled as she walked away.

She finally saw a cab and boarded it. Kimberly still had to go for the interview, she really need to get there to see for herself if the interview ended or not.

Minutes later, she got down from the cab and walked gingerly into the big company with her slippers.

“Good morning ma’am. Is the interview still going on?” She asked the receptionist with a wiry smile.

“Oh yes! It hasn’t started yet. Go to the sixth floor, you will see the others there.” The young lady replied and went busy again.

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They’ve not started yet? What happened? Are they waiting for someone? Maybe she.

‘Don’t be silly, Kim.” She cautioned herself.

She used the elevator and got to the sixth floor, she met others who look exhausted while some look energetic like she is.
They were five in the hallway, plus her will make six.

“Is the boss not yet here? I’ve been here for a hour and half now.” One of them complained as she tapped her feet on the floor impatiently.

Immediately, a middle aged man appeared with a very big smile on his face.
“The boss Is here. Y’all can go in according to your number.” The man instructed and looked directly at Kimberly.
“You’re the last to come?” He asked and she nodded. “Okay, just know you’re the last. What did I say?”

“You’re the last, Sir.” Kimberly replied him.

“No, I said you’re the last. I mean you’re the last person to come. That’s what I mean.” He explained further.

“I understand. The last to come but first to get the job.” She replied with confidence.

“Whatever! You all should do your best. He’s kind of selective. Good luck!” He wished them before leaving.

The first one went inside and few minutes later, the four outside heard a noise from the CEO’s office.
“Get out!!” The voice was fierce and cold.
It made others flinch and murmur about what’s going to be their encounter with him.

Turn by turn, each human came out of the Lion’s den with a sad face.
It was Kimberly’s turn. She wore her shoes and walked boldly into the office.

At first, she wondered if the office itself is another mansion. The office was very big and it was painted with white and gray color.

It took Kimberly almost three minutes to walk and search for where the boss is. His picture hung on the wall made Kimberly stop and scan the picture well.

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“Ah!” The word dropped from her mouth.
She moved further with sweaty hands. She was suddenly nervous.

“Welcome.” The voice from him alone made her shiver.
She finally got to him though he was backing him with the swivel chair.

“Y-yes, sir.” She stuttered as she looked at the CEO’s suit.
‘ It’s the same with the guy’s own.’
‘Maybe the wore the same suit. But the picture.’

“Your name?” He asked calmly.

“Hmm……” Has she forgotten her name all of a sudden?
“K-kimberly White, Sir ” she answered obediently.

“Okay, what will you do if you become my secretary?” He question and this time, he faced her with a smile.

Kimberly’s little property dropped. Her bag.
“Good morning, Sir. Maybe I should be going back. I’ve lost the job already.” She bent down to greet him.

Then, she remembered how much she needed the job.
“We meet again, huh?” He grinned like a devil as he stared at her information in front of him.

“No Sir, maybe you saw my twin sister. It wasn’t me. I mean, I collected her……no, I..I actually…what will I even say? Sir, forgive me. It was the devil that actually used me and you.” She pleaded.

“Seriously?” He responded coldly.

“I didn’t know you’d be my boss. I’ve trespassed, please forgive me. I don’t want to lose this job, please.” She knelt down this time.

How much does she need that job?
Oh she needed it so badly. So so badly.

“Will you pay for what you did to me this morning?”
The CEO asked her.

Kimberly thought twice before replying him.
“I will pay. I just need the job.”

“Don’t back out when it gets tough.” He warned, pointing a pen to her. “You’re hired”