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Secretary Kim – Chapter Two | Written by Uche Lawrence


👠💻 Secretary
Kim 💎👑
Written by Uche Lawrence✍️
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Chapter Two
“Don’t back out when it gets tough.” He warned, pointing a pen to her. “You’re hired”

“Thank you, Sir. I promise to do what you ask me to do.” She smiled and grabbed her bag.
“See you on Monday, Sir” She got ready to go.

“I didn’t ask you to leave my office, Miss Kim.” The CEO said. “And, I didn’t say you will start work on Monday. You’re starting today.”

“B-But today is friday. I don’t even think I can work with this ruined dress.”

“You don’t know me, do you? Well, I’m Damien and no one, I repeat, no one disobeys me. Do you want this job or not? If you still want, your desk is outside this office waiting for you right now. You know what I mean.”

“Yes. It means get to work.” Kimberly replied and sighed.
She was planning on going home after getting the job. She’d celebrate alone and get ready to be a secretary on Monday.

“You’d see few blue files on the table. Sort them out.” Damien instructed.

“How do I sort them out?”

“Secretary Kim, I guess I have to give you some rules. First, don’t make me talk too much. Once you ask a question and I don’t reply you, don’t repeat it.” His eyes went to her fingers but he tried to ignore it. Probably, fashion.

Kimberly became uncomfortable but answered with a nod.
“Yes, sir.”

“Secondly, you must bring me coffee every two hours. Black coffee.” He said again and sat upright. “I will tell you the remaining rules when it’s time. Get back to work.” Said Damien as he faced his laptop and began operating it.

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“Sir, where do I get the coffee? I don’t know anywhere here.”
As she expected, he didn’t answer her. She won’t repeat the question so her job won’t fly away from her hands.

She left the office and met others outside though three are no where to be found but two are still here.

“Did you get the job, Miss?” One of the two asked.

“She can’t. Who would even work with that man? He’s a lion!” A guy answered instead of Kimberly.

“Shut up. I thought you said you needed the job badly. Miss, did you get the job or he yelled at you to leave his office? You know he’s kind of weird. He behaves like a wounded lion.” The girl chuckled with a shrug.

“His fiancee probably left him a day to their wedding.” The guy said and they all laughed till they forgot that someone was watching them. Damien.
He kept nodding his head as he watched his so called new secretary laugh with the two fools.
To let them notice is presence, he knocked on the door he was leaning on and cleared his throat.

The trio stopped laughing immediately. Kimberly looked like she was bitten by something and without telling her what to do, she ran off without looking back.

“I’m going to be in trouble someday.” She mumbled.

She got to the empty desk and sat down, looking at the files scattered in front of her.

“What am I suppose to do with these files?” She asked herself.

“Take them back to the boss. He needs to review and sign some documents. Those files are from Dante Enterprises.” Kimberly turned to see the man he met earlier when she came late ad wished them good luck.

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“Thanks.” She appreciated.

“I can’t believe you got the job.” The man groaned before stretching out his hand to Kimberly. “Nice meeting you. I’m Mr Ben, the managing director here. I’m still single.” He winked and licked his lower lip.

“I’m Secretary Kimberly. Secretary Kim for short. I’m engaged and will be getting married in a few weeks time.” Kimberly showed off her engagement ring in front of Mr Ben. “Don’t try to flirt with me. You’re old enough to birth me.” Kimberly gave him one last look before packing the files and head to the lion’s den.

She opened the door and walked to his seat but he wasn’t there. He was under the table.
Doing what?
She decided to bend down and found out that he was trying to pull a book out.

“Sir, can I help?” She asked him but he gave no response , so she kept quiet.

“Pull it out from there.” He ordered almost like a Major in the army.

“Yes sir.”
In a second, she drew the book out and placed it on the table.
It was written ‘Life goes on’

“What do you want?”

“I bought the files for you to sign sir. Mr Ben told me that I should bring it to you.” She explained.

His face was expressionless. Unreadable.
“Take the files and follow me. We are leaving for Canada today.” He stuck his left hand into his pocket and grabbed his phone and laptop at once.
“Sir!?” Kimbeek gasped. “I..I just started work….f*ck! I should be happy I’m traveling out of te country for the first time. I didn’t hear about this and I’m not with anything.”

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“We are having a meeting there with the Canadians.” He further explained. “We are going today and arriving today. No worries. Take the taxi, I don’t want your stained cloth in my car ” He admitted sternly and walked away.

“He’s so f*cking rude! How i wish he isn’t my boss. That rude son!” She cussed.

The sky suddenly turned dark. It was about to rain. The wind blew hard. Kimberly packed her hair while he followed the sudden strange Damien.
He’s beginning to act strange.
The rain suddenly poured which made others ran inside except for Damien and Kimberly. He stopped and stood in the rain shaking till he knelt down immediately.

Worriedly, Kimberly ran to him since she hadn’t gone far from him.

“Sir, sir! Are you okay? Let’s leave! The rain is pouring hard on us.” Kimberly kept shaking him. The two of them were totally wet.

Damien with his eyes half closed, said, “Mama! Papa! Emily!” He stretched out his hand like he was reaching for someone. He fell into Kimberly’s arms and stared at the sky then Kimberly.
“Call the ambulance.” He ordered strictly even in that situation. And soon, he passed out.

Story by Uche Lawrence.