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Secretary Kim – Synopsis > Written by Uche Lawrence


👠💻 Secretary
Kim 💎👑

Written by Uche Lawrence✍️

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Kimberly White got a job in one of the biggest company in Germany after she ran away from her stepfather and stepbrother who made life miserable for her.

She was to be the secretary of a strange CEO who left his seat vacant for almost a year and half.
When the staffs have a problem, they take it to his mansion to sort it out.
Some of the new staffs haven’t seen his face before.

Damien Anton is the CEO of the company, no one knows why he decided not to come to his company.
But at last, he came back looking more cold and inhuman all of a sudden. He needed a new secretary and eventually employed Kimberly because he met her few hours to her interview.
It was a very bad meeting.

Damien made life difficult for her but Kimberly being a no-nonsense girl would sometimes talk to him back not caring about loosing her job.

Kimberly knew something was wrong when she found out Damien many weakness. Darkness has been surrounding him.
She decided to find out what happened to him and will do her very best to bring him out of darkness?
Will she succeed?

Here’s our new story.😊 After this novel, we will continue with Best Friend’s Lust.
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Story by Uche Lawrence.
Love y’all.